Examination Standards Concerning Imported Foreign Television Dramas

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Article 1: In order to learn from excellent foreign culture, stimulate Sino-foreign cultural exchange, enrich our country’s television screens, enhance the audiences’ understanding of the world, further serve the construction of a socialist spiritual culture and material culture, these examination standards are formulated.

Article 2: Under all the following circumstances, broadcast may be permitted:

(1) having vigorous and solemn subjects, and with advanced thoughts,

(2) giving first place to entertainments, and are able to shape the audiences’ sentiments, and have aesthetic appeal, and conform to the moral standards of our country, and have a certain educational significance;

(3) disseminating scientific knowledge, enlightening people’s intelligence;

(4) realistically re-enacting history, and reveal the inexorable laws of social development;

(5) beneficial to the youth’s healthy growing up in the aspects of virtue, knowledge, body and beauty, etc.;

(6) of which the theme thought can be accepted, and have a relatively high artistic value, and are able to provide exquisite art appreciation and learning to the audience.

Article 3: All those falling under the circumstances listed in Article 2, but having the following content in specific plot details, may be broadcasted after deletion or revision:

(1) male-female kissing and fondling scenes of relatively long duration not having a close connection with the story plot;

(2) scenes directly showing male or female genitals and sexual activities’

(3) scenes with frontal exposure of female body below the breasts (including the breasts) not having a close connection with the story plot;

(4) scenes meticulously explaining criminal activities;

(5) strongly stimulating scenes of acrobatic fighting, murder, violent activities with excessive bloodiness and brutality;

(6) scenes propagating superstition, supernatural beings, and horror;

(7) scenes inserting product advertisement in the whole programme;

(8) other scenes that my lead to social harmful effects.

Article 4: Under all the following circumstances, broadcast is prohibited:

(1) opposing the socialist system, opposing communism and China, dividing China, defaming and discriminating the Chinese;

(2) those having themes of propagating bourgeois values of “human rights” “democracy”, “liberty”, “equality”.

(3) embellishing capitalist oppression, plundering of backward ethnicities and the rise of nations;

(4) embellishing superpower choking the independence of the peoples of the Third World and interference in domestic political affairs;

(5) propagating ethnic, sexual and geographic discrimination;

(6) propagating obscenity and pornography, falling under the content listed in the “Provisional Regulations Concerning Establishment of Obscene and Sexual Publications” promulgated by our country’s press and publications administration.

(7) playing up criminal acts such as murder, brutality, drug use, gambling, visiting of prostitutes, prostitution, etc.,

(8) publicizing youth criminality;

(9) publicizing superstition and calamities;

(10) publicizing and advocating religious supremacism;

(11) displaying destruction of the natural world and the ecological balance, ravaging, catching and killing of valuable and rare wildlife and overdeforestation;

(12) having mediocre themes and crude art;

(13) possibly leading to international, ethnic or religious controversies;

(14) violating our country’s Constitution, laws and regulations.

Article 5: In view of the change in the world situation, according to the needs of the struggle, although ideological content and art level are all acceptable, broadcast of a number of or a certain country’s television dramas for a specific duration shall be provisionally stopped.

Article 6: Interpretation of these Regulations shall be the responsibility of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television.

Article 7: These Regulations take effect on the day of promulgation.



第一条 为借鉴海外优秀文化,促进中外文化交流,丰富我国的电视荧屏,增进观众对世界的了解,进而为社会主义精神文明和物质文明建设服务,特制定本审查标准。
第二条 凡属下列情况,可同意播出:
第三条 凡属第二条情况,但在个别细节上有下述内容的,可删节修改后播出:
第四条 凡属下列情况,禁止播出:
第五条 鉴于国际形势的变化,根据斗争的需要,在一定时期内对某些或某个国家电视剧,虽然思想性和艺术性都能接受,也应暂停播出。
第六条 本标准由广播电影电视部负责解释。
第七条 本标准自公布之日起施行。


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