Month: December 1990

National People’s Congress Standing Committee Decision on the Punishment of Criminal Smuggling, Production, Sale or Dissemination of Obscene Goods

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(Passed at the 17th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National People’s Congress on 28 December 1990, Promulgated as People’s Republic of China Presidential Decree No. 39 on 28 December 1990, taking effect on 28 December 1990)

In order to punish criminals who smuggle, produce, sell or disseminate obscene books and periodicals, films, video tapes, audio tapes, pictures or other obscene goods, maintain social security and public order, strengthen the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization and stem the corrosive influence of the bourgeois ideology, the following is decided:

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Provisional Newspaper Management Regulations

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25 December 1990, Administration of Press and Publications

Chapter 1: General provisions

Article 1: In order to stimulate the flourishing and healthy development of our country’s newspaper undertaking, strengthen the administrative management of newspapers, ensure that newspapers serve Socialism and serve the people even better, these Regulations are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »