Month: February 1991

Notice concerning Establishing Cooperative Relationships with Foreign Radio and Television Stations.

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GFWZ No. [1991]133

In recent years, many provincial (regional) and municipal radio and television stations have established programme exchange, personnel exchange and other such professional cooperative relationships with foreign radio stations and television stations through different channels, some even signed letters of intent, cooperation agreements, etc., this expanded our foreign propaganda and influence, and had a relatively good effect. But questions have also emerged concerning our local radio and television stations having established cooperation with foreign radio stations or television stations, and many of our stations engaging in many areas of foreign cooperation with the same foreign station. In order to ensure that this sort of activity develops healthily, hereby, the following principle-type provisions are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »


Decision concerning Strengthening Comprehensive Public Order Governance

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(19 February 1991)

Ten years ago, the Centre put forward a policy on comprehensive public order governance. This policy has been reiterated many times afterwards in Centre documents and State Council documents. In ten years, all localities have done large amounts of highly effective work in the area of comprehensive public order governance, creating not a little experience and obtaining great achievements, this has had an important function in safeguarding public order and social stability. But, when looking at the present situation, comprehensive public order governance work in all localities has developed without balance, not a few regions have not implemented it in all departments and grass roots work units, this situation is far from suitable to the requirements of the circumstances for development. At present, our country’s public order circumstances are still severe, crime and other public order problems increase steadily, and popular masses in many places lack a sense of security. In order to implement the spirit of the 7th Plenum of the 13th Party Congress, safeguard a long period of peace and order for the country, guarantee the smooth progression of Socialist modernization, reform and opening up, comprehensive public order governance work must be further strengthened forcefully on a nationwide level. To this end, the following is hereby decided. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice Concerning Compression and Rectification of Audiovisual Work Units

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Central Committee General Office, State Council General Office

(CPS No. (1991)2, 11 February 1991)

In recent years, our country’s audio and video publishing sector has seen great development. This new form of publishing sector, using modern science and technology as dissemination means, already is in the spiritual and cultural life of the masses of our country, and in areas such as propagating Party lines, guidelines and policies, stimulating the prospering of art, spreading scientific knowledge, developing foreign-related exchange, etc., has developed an ever larger function. Read the rest of this entry »