Notice Concerning Compression and Rectification of Audiovisual Work Units

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Central Committee General Office, State Council General Office

(CPS No. (1991)2, 11 February 1991)

In recent years, our country’s audio and video publishing sector has seen great development. This new form of publishing sector, using modern science and technology as dissemination means, already is in the spiritual and cultural life of the masses of our country, and in areas such as propagating Party lines, guidelines and policies, stimulating the prospering of art, spreading scientific knowledge, developing foreign-related exchange, etc., has developed an ever larger function. But, because the development has been overly fast, management has not followed, the management system is not suitable, and the problems existing in the audiovisual area are exceptional, and not to be ignored. On one hand, audiovisual market management is chaotic, audiovisual product smuggling and illegal duplication of foreign obscene video tape activities are grave; in projection points, the proportion between projected domestic films and imported films is gravely unbalanced: more than 80% are foreign action, police and gangster and romantic films. On the other hand, audiovisual work units’ problems are also quite exceptional, a number of work units, because the guiding ideology was not proper, have turned establishing audiovisual work units into a means as making personal profits, and deviate from the need to establish a socialist spiritual civilization, resulting in equally many art audiovisual products that are badly manufactured, of low moral quality, with exceptional obscene and sexual content, and some also contain grave political problems, gravely influencing the bodily and mental health of the wide masses, especially the young; audiovisual publishing and duplication work units have developed overly hasty and overly fast, duplication processing capacity is already gravely superfluous; distribution procedures are chaotic, channels partitioned, circulation not smooth. The “sweeping pornography” work carried out from the second half of 1989, has conducted cleaning up and rectification of the audiovisual product market, sealed up a batch of audiovisual products, stressed attacking smuggling, duplication foreign obscene audiovisual products and illegal publishing activities, and has obtained relatively clear results. But no earnest compression and rectification of audiovisual publishing, duplication, distribution or projection work units has yet been conducted, and may problems have not been resolved from the rood. In order to consolidate the “sweeping pornography” results, guarantee the healthy development of our country’s audiovisual publication sector, with the agreement of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and simultaneous work continuously earnestly cleaning up and rectifying the audiovisual market, compression and rectification of audiovisual publication, duplication, distribution and projection work units existing in the entire country will be immediately conducted. The relevant issues are notified as follows:

Compression and rectification concerning audiovisual publication work units

This instance of compression and rectification, must cancel those audiovisual work units with improper guiding ideology, committing actions with grave errors and violating management regulations with exceptional circumstances. Towards work units not meeting criteria, especially art-related audiovisual media publishers not meeting criteria, closing down must be ordered. Simultaneously, it is necessary to consider from macro-management, to make relatively large readjustments to the current system and deployment of audiovisual publication work units.

All audiovisual publication work, where one of the following circumstances is present, must be cancelled:

(1) those  exceptionally proclaiming bourgeois liberalization standpoints or having other grave political errors;

(2) those publishing obscene or sexual audiovisual products;

(3) those publishing low moral quality audiovisual products partly containing obscene or sexual, or murder and violence content, where circumstances are grave;

(4) those selling publication numbers, binding and layout, plates and pirated products under grave circumstances, with loathsome influence.

All audiovisual publishing work units, where one of the following circumstances is present, shall be ordered to cease trading:

(1) those that, after issue of the “Notice Concerning Audio and Video Management Work Division Questions” (COC No. 1989(11) by the Central Organization Committee, have not been approved or established according to the provisions of this document;

(2) those organized by local and city level (not including Special Economic Zones, planned single cities);

(3) “colleague’s publishers”, in which the competent authority has for a long time not taken responsibility or management or not having a competent authority as a matter of fact, organized by a section of persons;

(4) those not having strong leadership ranks and editing and technological capacity meeting requirements;

(5) those lacking corresponding material production criteria, and cannot product audiovisual master tapes;

(6) those not having a fixed work location and necessary capital guarantees;

(7) those after approval of establishment, basically not having produced audiovisual products or only having imported foreign publications.

All audiovisual publishing work units, where one of the following circumstances is present, shall be merged:

(1) those overlappingly or duplicatingly set up in the same locality or under the same entity;

(2) subdivision organs established by audiovisual publishing work units;

(3) those of which the sponsoring work unit already has a book publisher, of which it is possible to merge the audiovisual publishing work with the book publisher;

(4) others of which the system or deployment are not reasonable.

To the remaining audiovisual publishing work units, it is necessary to conduct a one-time comprehensive and earnest rectification, after rectification, those meeting demands of examination and verification, and conforming to publishing conditions will be granted re-registration.

Conducting thought rectification. All audiovisual publishing work units must integrate the work reality of recent years, conduct widespread and deep education of support of the four cardinal principles and anti-bourgeois liberalization, further make clear the nature and duties of the socialist audiovisual sector, and correct publishing and business guiding ideology. On this basis, earnest analysis of the problems existing with these work units will be conducted, rectification and improvement plans put forward, and implementation strictly organized.

Conducting organization rectification. It is crucial to strengthen the establishment of leadership ranks. High-level competent authorities must towards all their subordinate audiovisual publication work units’ leadership ranks conduct a serious responsibility assessment, and must determinedly replace those not meeting standards, and on the basis of the special needs of audiovisual publishing, realistically allocate a good director (manager), chief editor and other work backbones, raise audiovisual publishing teams’ political and work quality. They must simultaneously make effort to perfect the internal management system, establish and perfect a system of personal responsibility and other necessary regulations, especially the formulation and reporting for approval system concerning selection of publication topics.

Conducting publication procedure rectification. Rectification and readjustment of the publishing scope, makes every audiovisual publication work unit make clear its specialty work division and service targets it shares with its competent authority, and within the scope of regulations develop work activities. Non-art type publishing work units are only limited to publish audiovisual publications being related with the work of their sector (entity, institute), used for audiovisual education or study purposes, and may not publish art audiovisual products.

During the rectification work, towards a number of audiovisual publication work units with relatively large problems but which have not been cancelled or ceased operation, its cessation for rectification shall be ordered. Its higher-level competent authority or the local compression and rectification of audiovisual work units office shall send personnel to organize rectification work.

Book publishers having been allowed to publish audiovisual products supplementing their books, also shall conduct earnest rectification according to the abovementioned principles, and from today onwards shall only publish audiovisual products to supplement their books, and may not on their own accord broaden their publication scope. To those with grave problems, it is necessary to cancel their audiovisual publication rights.

2, Concerning compression and rectification of audiovisual duplication, distribution and projection work units.

All duplication work units, where one of the following circumstances is present, shall be cancelled or cease operations:

(1) those violating publication management regulations, using means such as selling of publication numbers, printing numbers, etc. to publish audiovisual products with exceptional circumstances, shall be cancelled.

(2) those that privately translate and privately duplicate or undertake audiovisual duplication work for unofficial publication work units without authorization with exceptional circumstances, shall be cancelled.

(3) those that do not lack basic duplication equipment and special technical personnel or with low-quality products, shall cease operations.

Towards regions where audiovisual duplication capacity is already gravely superfluous, relevant controlling authorities must according to the principle of preserving the backbone, and compressing ordinary work units, conduct “close, stop, merge, shift” towards a part of duplication production work units, and be responsible for dealing with the aftermath work.

All audiovisual distribution work units, where one of the following circumstances is present, will be cancelled:

(1) those violating publication management regulations, using means such as selling of publication numbers, printing numbers, piracy, etc. to publish audiovisual products with exceptional circumstances;

(2) those selling illegal publications with exceptional circumstances;

(3) collective and individual videotape wholesale work units and individual audio tape wholesale work units.

All audiovisual projection work units, where one of the following circumstances is present, shall be cancelled:

(1) those projecting reactionary, obscene or sexual audiovisual products;

(2) those projecting pirated and other illegal audiovisual publications with exceptional circumstances;

(3) those individually run or contracted as well as entrusted to individuals;

(4) those violating other management regulations with exceptional circumstances.

Moreover, work units not having been approved according to regulations by the relevant entity, illegally dealing in duplication, distribution and projection shall without exception be banned.

Duplication, distribution and projection work units shall simultaneously conduct thought rectification and organization rectification, and the provincial, autonomous region of municipal compression and rectification of audiovisual work units office may organize implementation according to the needs concerning publication work units.

3, Organization and leadership concerning compression and rectification of audiovisual work units work.

Audiovisual work unit compression and rectification work, will be unifiedly guided by the National Rectification and Arranging of Books, Periodicals and the Audiovisual Market Small Work Group, and concretely organized and implemented by the National Compression and Rectification of Audiovisual Work Units Office, established by the  General Administration of Press and Publications. The leading members of the office will be composed by the leading cadres of relevant work units such as the Central Propaganda Department, the General Administration of Press and Publications, the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, etc. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committees and People’s Governments, must strengthen leadership, and perfect administrative bodies.

All localities and all entities must, according to the demands of this Notice, put forward a list of names of the compressed audiovisual publication and duplication work units of that locality or that entity, and before the end of March 1993 report it to the National Rectification and Arranging of Books, Periodicals and the Audiovisual Market Small Work Group, and after approval, organize implementation; concerning distribution and projection work units’ compression work, all localities’ compression and rectification of audiovisual work units office will put forward a programme, and organize implementation. All audiovisual publication, duplication, distribution and projection work units, after rectification, must again conduct registration, the concrete demands, conditions and formalities will be formulated by the General Administration of Press and Publications. All work units that have been cancelled, made to cease operations or refused registration, may without exception not continue to engage in publication, duplication, distribution of projection activities, violators will be punished under illegal publication and trading.

Compression and rectification of audiovisual work units work has complex circumstances, strenuous duties, and strong policy, all localities and all entities must attach high importance to it, exercise leadership and responsibility, organize forces, earnestly fulfil the compression and rectification duties, and do the aftermath work well.

Compression of audiovisual work units work shall be basically finished by the end of June 1991. Before the end of July, all localities, all entities must write up a special report concerning the compression situation for the Central Committee and the State Council.

4, During compression and rectification, rationalizing management systems, strengthening and concentrating unified management.

In order to adapt to the new shape of audiovisual sector development, the Central Organization Committee has formulated three fixed quotas and the “Notice Concerning Audio and Video Management Work Division Questions” (COC No. (1989)11). After more than a year of practice, it is clear that provisions on implementation of specialized management of the audiovisual sector the abovementioned document is correct and necessary, but some aspects still need further perfecting. In order to guarantee the rational conduct of compression and rectification of audiovisual work units work and benefiting the constancy of audiovisual sector management, it is necessary to further rationalize the audiovisual management system, strengthen an concentrate unified leadership, make clear and strengthen the specialized management function of the General Administration of Press and Publications concerning the audiovisual publication sector The General Administration of Press and Publication’s specialized management of the audiovisual sector duties are mainly: unify examination and approval of audiovisual production, duplication and distribution work unit establishment, unify management of audiovisual product import and export work, formulate audiovisual product import and export management planning, being responsible for formulating import planning and target allotment of audiovisual products used for publication, unify issue of import permits and conduct supervision of the implementation situation of all localities and all work units; manage the selected topic planning of audiovisual publications, formulate a preliminary hearing system for audiovisual products; manage the audiovisual market, guide the daily work of all localities’ and all entities’ audiovisual management organs. Audiovisual products’ copyright management is falls to the National Copyright Administration, copyright contracts shall be reported to the National Copyright Administration for unified examination and registration. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities must according to the real situation of each, have the Party Committee and the People’s Government consult on determining the audiovisual work controlling authority of that locality, but regardless of which entity is determined to control audiovisual work, they all must explicitly be under the supervision responsibility of the Press and Publication Bureau. All relevant entities must consider the situation as a whole, work in concert, according to unified needs and deployment, and adopt a determined attitude and resolute measures, to do well the compression and rectification of audiovisual work units and audiovisual management work.

5, Energetic grasping of the prospering of the audiovisual publication sector.

Compression and rectification of audiovisual work units, cleaning up and reorganizing the audiovisual market, transforming the situation of excessive audiovisual work units, is meant to better organize and develop audiovisual production capacity, persist in the correct direction, stimulate audiovisual publishing’s development and prospering. Whether or not it is possible to stimulate prospering through compression and rectification, is and important symbol of the testing whether or not compression and rectification is successful. All localities and all relevant work units must, according to the Centre’s “rectify with one hand, let flourish with one hand” spirit, in the compression and rectification process, realistically grasp prospering,  and create conditions for the long-term development of the audiovisual publication sector.

At present, it is necessary to pay attention to grasping well the production of art audiovisual products. The masses’ demand towards art audiovisual products is very large, and the focus should be to as soon as possible produce a batch of outstanding or relatively outstanding art audiovisual products, including a number of film-to-video film tapes to provide to the market. In order to satisfy the masses’ daily growing multi-level needs concerning videotapes, it is necessary to make effort to open up a broader market than video tape projection points, mediate distribution channels, vigorously and in a planned fashion develop the video tape rental business. Art audiovisual products production must be of high quality, extol the socialist main melody, pay attention to theme, style and gene diversification, raiser ideology and artistry, incorporate teaching into play, make effort to gain a large audience for healthy and beneficial audiovisual products that the masses love to see and hear, and monopolize the field. All localities and all relevant entities must especially pay attention to grasping well selected topics, grasping well planning, grasping well creation, and as soon as possible fix a number of focal films It is necessary to fully develop backbone audiovisual film work units’ faction, to as soon as possible publish a batch of excellent audiovisual products.

Education and science audiovisual publication work has an important position in the audiovisual publication sector. All levels’ education and science controlling authorities must pay attention to filly use these modernized audio and video broadcast means, realistically adopt vigorous methods, strengthen management, organize that subordinate audiovisual publication work nuts produce many high-quality audiovisual products, and even more effectively disseminate and communicate the most recent science and culture result, to satisfy the broad masses’ needs in all aspects and on all levels, to satisfy our country’s development of production power and science and culture needs.

Audiovisual products have a strong influence, and are easy to duplicate and broadcast, are extensively disseminated, ad have an unobtrusive but important influence on view of life, the value system of the broad masses, especially the young. Arranging the audiovisual publication sector, has an utterly important significance to strengthening thought and political work, promoting the establishment of a socialist spiritual civilization, disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge, enrich the health and beneficial cultural life of the broad masses. All level’s party and government entities must highly value this work, and simultaneous with earnestly grasping compression and rectification of audiovisual work units, vigorously grasp the prospering work of audiovisual publications, and grant necessary support to backbone audiovisual publication work units and excellent audiovisual products’ publication on economic and policy level, in order to stimulate our country’s audiovisual sector’s healthy development.

中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅关于压缩整顿音像单位的 通知

近几年来,我国录音录像出版事业有很大发展。这一以现代科学技术 为传播手段的新型出版事业,已在我国人民群众的精神文化生活中,在宣 传党的路线、方针、政策,促进文艺繁荣,普及科技知识,开展对外交流 等方面,发挥着越来越大的作用。但是,由于发展过快,管理没有跟上, 管理体制不顺,音像领域存在的问题也非常突出,不容忽视。一方面,音 像市场管理混乱,音像制品走私和非法翻录海外淫秽录像片的活动严重; 放映点放映的国产片和引进片比例严重失调,80%以上是境外的武打、 警匪、言情片。另一方面,音像单位的问题也很突出,一些单位由于指导 思想不端正,把创办音像单位当作牟利的手段,背离了社会主义精神文明 建设的要求,致使相当多的文艺音像制品粗制滥造,格调低下,淫秽色情 内容突出,有的还有严重政治问题,严重影响了广大群众特别是青少年的 身心健康;音像出版、复录单位发展过急过快,复录加工能力已严重过剩 ;发行秩序混乱,渠道分割,流通不畅。从1989年下半年以来开展的 “扫黄”工作,对音像市场进行了清理整顿,查封了一批音像制品,着重 打击了走私、翻录海外淫秽音像制品和非法出版活动,取得了比较明显的 成效。但对音像出版、复录、发行、放映单位尚未认真进行压缩整顿,许 多问题还没有从根本上解决。为巩固“扫黄”成果,保证我国的音像出版 事业健康发展,经党中央、国务院同意,在继续认真清理整顿音像市场的 同时,立即对全国现有的音像出版、复录、发行、放映单位进行压缩和整 顿。现就有关问题通知如下:


此次压缩工作,对那些指导思想不端正,犯有严重错误和违反管理规 定情节突出的音像出版单位,要予以撤销。对不具备条件的单位,特别是 不具备条件的文艺类音像出版社,要责令其停办。同时,要从宏观管理考 虑,对现有音像出版单位的结构和布局作较大调整。




(3)出版夹杂淫秽色情、凶杀暴力内容、格调低下的音像制品,情 节严重的;



(1)自国家机构编制委员会于1989年6月15日发出《关于录 音录像管理分工问题的通知》(国机中编〔1989〕11号)后,未按 此文件规定批准设置的;


(3)主管部门长期放任不管或实际上没有主管部门,由部分人所办 的“同人出版社”;




(7)自批准成立以来,基本上没有制作过音像制品或只出版过海外 引进版的。




(3)主办单位已有图书出版社,可将其音像出版业务并入图书出版 社的;


对保留下来的音像出版单位,要进行一次全面、认真的整顿,整顿后 ,经审核达到要求,符合办社条件的予以重新登记。

进行思想整顿。各音像出版单位要结合近年来的工作实际,普遍深入 地进行坚持四项基本原则、反对资产阶级自由化的教育,进一步明确社会 主义音像出版事业的性质、任务,端正出版和经营的指导思想。在此基础 上,针对本单位存在的问题,作出认真分析,提出整改方案,严格组织实 施。

进行组织整顿。关键是加强领导班子的建设。上级主管部门要对所属 的各音像出版单位的领导班子进行严肃负责的考核,对不合格的要坚决撤 换,并根据音像出版的特殊要求,切实配备好社长(经理)、总编辑和其 他业务骨干,提高音像出版队伍的政治、业务素质。同时要努力完善内部 管理机制,建立和健全岗位责任制及其它必要的规章制度,特别是出版选 题的制定和报批制度。

进行出版秩序整顿。通过整顿,调整出版范围,使各音像出版单位明 确其与主管部门业务相一致的专业分工和服务对象,在规定的范围内开展 业务活动。非文艺类出版单位只限于出版与本行业(部门、院校)业务有 关的,用于电化教育、教学观摩的音像制品,不得出版文艺音像制品。

在整顿工作中,对一些问题比较严重但尚不属于撤销、停办的音像出 版单位,应责令其停业整顿。由其上级主管部门或当地压缩整顿音像单位 办公室派人组织整顿工作。

经批准允许配合本版图书出版音像制品的图书出版社,亦应按照上述 原则进行认真的整顿,并在今后严格配合本版图书出版音像制品,不得随 意扩大出版范围。对问题严重的,要撤销其音像出版权。



(1)违反出版管理规定,利用买版号、挂版等形式出版音像制品情 节突出的,应予撤销;

(2)私翻私录或未经批准承接非正式出版单位音像复录业务情节严 重的,应予撤销;

(3)缺乏基本复录设备和专业技术人员或产品质量低劣的,应予停 办。

对于复录生产能力已经严重过剩的地区,有关主管部门要按照保留骨 干、压缩一般单位的原则,对部分复录生产单位进行“关停并转”,并负 责做好善后工作。


(1)违反出版管理规定,利用买版号、挂版、盗版等形式出版音像 制品情节突出的;








此外,对未按规定经有关部门批准的非法经营复录、发行、放映的单 位应一律取缔。

复录、发行、放映单位应同时进行思想整顿和组织整顿,可参照对出 版单位的要求,由各省、自治区、直辖市压缩整顿音像单位办公室组织实 施。


音像单位的压缩整顿工作,由全国整顿清理书报刊和音像市场工作小 组统一领导,在新闻出版署设置全国压缩整顿音像单位办公室,具体组织 实施。办公室领导成员由中宣部、新闻出版署、广播电影电视部、文化部 、公安部、工商行政管理局等有关单位的负责人共同组成。各省、自治区 、直辖市党委和人民政府,要加强领导,健全办事机构。

各地区、各部门要按照本通知的要求,提出本地区、本部门压缩音像 出版、复录单位的名单,于1991年3月底前报全国整顿清理书报刊和 音像市场工作小组批准后组织实施;发行、放映单位的压缩工作,由各地 区压缩整顿音像单位办公室提出方案并组织实施。所有音像出版、复录、 发行、放映单位,经整顿后都需重新进行登记注册,具体要求、条件和手 续由新闻出版署制订。凡属撤销、停办和不予登记的单位,一律不得继续 从事出版、复录、发行、放映活动,违者以非法出版、经营查处。

压缩整顿音像单位的工作,情况复杂,任务繁重,政策性强,各地区 、各部门要高度重视,领导负责,组织力量,认真落实压缩整顿任务,并 做好善后工作。

压缩音像单位的工作应在1991年6月底基本完成。7月底前,各 地区、各部门要向党中央、国务院写出关于压缩情况的专题报告。


为适应音像事业发展的新形势,国家机构编制委员会制定了有关部门 的三定方案和《关于录音录像管理分工问题的通知》(国机中编〔198 9〕11号)。从一年多的实践看,上述文件中关于音像事业实行归口管 理的规定是正确的和必要的,但有一些方面还需要进一步完善。为保证压 缩整顿音像单位工作的顺利进行和有利于音像事业的经常性管理。需要进 一步理顺音像管理体制,加强集中统一领导,明确和加强新闻出版署对音 像出版事业的归口管理职能。新闻出版署归口管理音像出版事业的职责主 要是:统一审批音像出版、复录、发行单位的设立;统一管理音像出版物 的进出口工作,制订音像出版物的进出口管理规定,负责制订用于出版的 音像制品的进口计划和指标分配,统一颁发进口许可证,并对各地区、各 部门执行情况进行监督;管理音像出版物的选题计划;制定对音像出版物 的预审制度;管理音像市场;指导各地区、各部门音像管理机构的日常工 作。音像制品的版权管理归口国家版权局,版权合同应报国家版权局统一 审核登记。各省、自治区、直辖市要根据各自的实际情况,由党委和政府 研究确定本地区音像工作的主管部门,但不论确定哪个部门主管音像工作 ,都必须明确由新闻出版局负责监督。各有关部门要顾全大局,通力合作 ,按照统一的要求和部署,采取坚决的态度和果断的措施,做好压缩整顿 音像单位和音像管理工作。


压缩整顿音像单位,清理整顿音像市场,改变音像单位过多过滥的状 况,其目的是更好地组织和发展音像生产能力,坚持正确方向,促进音像 出版业的发展和繁荣。能不能通过压缩整顿促进繁荣,是检验压缩整顿工 作是否成功的重要标志。各地区、各有关部门要根据中央“一手抓整顿, 一手抓繁荣”的精神,在压缩整顿过程中切实抓好繁荣,并为音像出版事 业的长远发展创造条件。

当前,要特别注意抓好文艺音像制品的生产。人民群众对于文艺音像 制品的需求很大,应尽快集中出版一批优秀或比较优秀的文艺音像制品, 包括一些胶转磁的电影录像带供应市场。为了满足群众对录像带日益增长 的多层次的需求,要努力开辟比录像放映点更为宽阔的音像市场,疏通发 行渠道,积极而有计划地发展录像带出租业。文艺音像制品的生产要提高 质量,突出社会主义主旋律,注意题材、体裁、风格的多样化,提高思想 性和艺术性,寓教于乐,努力以健康、有益和群众喜闻乐见的音像出版物 赢得广大观众,占领市场。各地区、各有关部门要特别注意抓好选题,抓 好规划,抓好创作,并且尽快落实一批重点片目。要充分发挥骨干音像单 位的作用,尽快出版一批优秀的音像制品。

教育和科技音像出版工作在音像出版事业中占有重要的地位。各级教 育和科技主管部门要注意充分运用录音录像这一现代化的传播手段,切实 采取积极措施,加强管理,组织所属音像出版单位多出高质量的音像制品 ,更加有效地传播交流最新科技文化成果,满足各方面、各层次的广大群 众的需求,满足我国发展生产力和科学文化的需求。

音像制品感染力强,又易于复制和传播,普及面广,对广大群众特别 是青少年的人生观、价值观具有潜移默化的重要影响。办好音像出版事业 ,对于加强思想政治工作,促进社会主义精神文明建设,传播科学文化知 识,丰富广大群众健康有益的文化生活,都具有十分重要的意义。各级党 政部门都要高度重视这项工作,在认真抓好压缩整顿音像单位的同时,大 力抓好音像出版物的繁荣工作,对骨干音像出版单位和优秀音像制品的出 版,在经济政策上应给予必要的支持,以推动我国音像事业的健康发展。


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