Month: March 1991

Urgent Notice concerning Strictly Controlling Imported Culture and Art Audiovisual Products

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XCYZ No. [1991]230

The “Central Committee Secretariat, State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Compression and Rectification of Audiovisual Work Units” (ZBF No. (1991)2) provides: The Administration of Press and Publications “uniformly manages audiovisual product import and export work, formulates audiovisual product import and export management regulations, is responsible for formulating import plans and quota allocations for audiovisual products used in publishing, uniformly issues import permits, and conducts supervision over the implementation situation in all localities and all departments”. On the basis of the spirit of this Notice and the instructions of the Centre concerning strictly controlling audiovisual product impost, the following matters are urgently notified: Read the rest of this entry »


Opinions concerning the Present Flourishing of Literature and Art Creation

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Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

Since more than a year, under the guidance of the Centre’s policy of “grasping rectification with one hand and grasping flourishing with one hand”, through the common efforts of all levels’ leaders and the broad literature and art workers, and new improvements have occurred on the cultural front, rectification work has obtained clear achievements, the overall cultural undertaking has had new developments, literature and art creation has also had new and heartening results.

In order to further promote and stimulate the flourishing of literature and art creation, provide literature and art products that are rich, varied, healthy and exquisite, in order to satisfy the popular masses’ incessantly developing spiritual and cultural life needs, all levels’ Party propaganda departments, culture departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art organizations, art production work units must earnestly implement the spirit of the documents, and on the basis of their own conditions, adopt effective measures, exert great efforts to thoroughly grasp literature and art creation well. Read the rest of this entry »