Opinions concerning the Present Flourishing of Literature and Art Creation

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Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

Since more than a year, under the guidance of the Centre’s policy of “grasping rectification with one hand and grasping flourishing with one hand”, through the common efforts of all levels’ leaders and the broad literature and art workers, and new improvements have occurred on the cultural front, rectification work has obtained clear achievements, the overall cultural undertaking has had new developments, literature and art creation has also had new and heartening results.

In order to further promote and stimulate the flourishing of literature and art creation, provide literature and art products that are rich, varied, healthy and exquisite, in order to satisfy the popular masses’ incessantly developing spiritual and cultural life needs, all levels’ Party propaganda departments, culture departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art organizations, art production work units must earnestly implement the spirit of the documents, and on the basis of their own conditions, adopt effective measures, exert great efforts to thoroughly grasp literature and art creation well.

We must organize creation teams well, and strive to provide conditions to let creation flourish. All localities, all departments and all work units must start from reality, and strive for the support of all relevant sides, to create beneficial conditions for creation as much as possible; we must care for creative personnel in terms of ideology, profession and life, and fully muster their vigour and initiative to stimulate the flourishing of creation.

We must strengthen scientific management and grasp creation plans. All localities’ culture departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art troupes and art production work units must, on the basis of investigation and research, abide by the laws or art, and on the basis of requirement and possibility, complete creation planning well. Planning is divided into two categories: long-term and short-term. Long-term planning may arrange for focus creation in three to five years, clarify programmes and their implementation methods, and guarantees for completion; short term planning must revolve around the activities to celebrate 70th anniversary of the Party’s founding in 1991 and the 42nd anniversary of founding the nation. The Ministry of Radio, Film and Television organizes film exhibitions as a contributory ceremony to the 70th anniversary of the Party’s founding, CCTV shall organize the broadcast of television dramas commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Party’s foundation, the Central People’s Radio Station shall also broadcast literature and art programmes eulogising the brilliant process of the Party.

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal cultural offices (bureaus), radio and television offices (bureaus), the Chinese Cultural Federation, the Chinese Writers’ Association and all artistic associations are requested to implement these Opinions and creative plans, and respectively report this to the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

Opinions concerning the Present Flourishing of Literature and Art Creation

The flourishing of literature and art creation incessantly provides literature and art works of excellent quality and satisfactory numbers, that are varied and colourful, and is the central work of literature and art departments in order to adapt to the development of Socialist modernization construction and satisfy the popular masses’ daily increasing needs in many aspects of their spiritual and cultural lives, and is a glorious mission and sacred duty of the whole body of literature and art workers.

The flourishing of literature and art creation must persist in taking Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought as guidance, persist in the orientation of “serving the people and serving Socialism”, and the principle of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend”, persist in uniting the many sorts of functions of literature and art, persist in uniting developing diversification and giving prominence to the main melody. Our literature and art works should strive to reflect real life, express the spirit of the times, and make the required contributions to raising the people’s quality, fostering and creating a new generating of people who have ideals have morals, have culture and have discipline, and constructing a Socialist spiritual civilization; we must unite, educate and encourage the popular masses to, under the leadership of the Party, strive and struggle to stimulate Socialist modernization construction, realize the ten-year plan and the “Eighth Five-Year Plan”.

In order to muster the vigour and creativity of the broad writers and artists, and further let Socialist literature and art creation flourish, on the basis of the experience of our country’s revolutionary literature and art development and the literature and art production plan, the following opinions are put forward:

I, Organize and guide writers and artists to study Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, study the Party line, principles and policies, and study scientific and cultural knowledge

Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, and the Marxist-Leninist theory of literature and art, and Mao Zedong Thought on literature and art they contain are the guiding ideology for cultural work; the Party line, principles and policies since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress are the outcome of a high integration of Marxism-Leninism with the reality of contemporary China, and a new development of Mao Zedong Thought. Organizing and guiding writers and artists to conduct study, and ensuring that they grasp the basic viewpoints and methods of historical materialism and dialectical materialism, establish scientific worldviews, correctly understand the time, analyse society, appraise life, guide literature and art practice, and strengthen their ability to consciously resist bourgeois liberalization thinking trends and all sorts of mistaken ideologies and theories, are basic guarantees for the flourishing of Socialist literature and art. All levels’ Party propaganda departments and government cultural departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art organizations, writers and artists must fully understand the importance and urgency of studying Marxism-Leninism and strengthening ideological construction for the flourishing of literature and art creation. At present, we must first and foremost organize and guide writers and artists to link up with reality, deeply study the basic theories of scientific Socialism and the documents of the Centre concerning building Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and with a firm belief in Socialism, raise their consciousness of correctly expressing the spirit of the Socialist times. At the same time, in order to assist writers and artists in perfecting knowledge structures, and following the pace of the times and literature and art development, we must also guide them to study the necessary scientific and cultural knowledge, and strive to raise cultural self-cultivation.

All work units must, on the basis of different situations, formulate realistic and feasible study plans and concrete measures. Apart from daily study, leave for training, on-the-job study and other methods may also be adopted. We must, in a planned and phased manner, organize specialist creative personnel to participate in concrete training, select a batch of specialist personnel with the correct orientation, the right approach and relatively large achievements to participate in literature and art cadre training classes organized by the Central and local Party Schools, and participate in training classes on Marxist-Leninist literature and art theory organized by art academies, universities or colleges, to pursue advanced studies. Literature and art cadre schools and universities organized by all levels’ government culture departments, radio, film and television departments and literature and art groups, as well as all sorts of training classes, study classes and research classes must put assisting creative personnel in studying Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Theory in the first important position. On-the-job training must be based on the concrete situation of different work units and different specialties, adopt flexible and varied forms, which are both studyable and have regular assessment, short-time reading classes may also be organized.

We must carry forward a study style of linking theory with practice, research new circumstances, resolve new issues, raise ideological understanding and specialist capacities, prevent that work becomes a mere formality. We must make study achievement into an important standard for observing and using cadres, and evaluating their professional position.

II, Adopt many sorts of forms, organize writers and artists to go deeply into life.

Literature and art works are the outcomes of the reflection of social life in people’s minds. Rich and varied real lives are an inexhaustible and endless source for literature and art creation. Writers and artists may gain raw material for all subjects, themes, content and forms from life, enrich their own wisdom, and derive enthusiasm and inspiration. In recent years, under the influence of some mistaken ideological trends, an umber of creative personnel have displayed some tendencies of becoming separated from the people and becoming separated from life; turning one’s back on reality and working in isolation cause creation to drift away from the popular masses. Because of this, all levels’ Party propaganda departments, government cultural departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art groups and literature and art production work units must all fully give regard to this work, and make the flourishing of literature and art creation into an indispensable and important measure. We must call for and promote the broad creative personnel to vigorously throw themselves into the living torrent of modernization construction, integrate with the masses of the new times, go deep into matters, not waver, and contribute to the atmosphere.

All work units must adapt to new life conditions and social environments, and put forward different requirements on the basis of the age, life experience and health situation of creative personnel, specialist characteristics, individual artistic personalities, thematic areas and other differences, adopt different methods, formulate plans, provide conditions, arrange and implement matters in a planned and organized manner, and prevent the simple methods of “cutting with one knife” and adjustment to uniformity. We must create all sorts of conditions to establish a basis for life for creative personnel in a planned manner, organize that they can go deeply into life at certain locations and certain times. For some, it may be arranged that they go to the grass roots for a concurrent job or an acting position, some may contact with certain localities or visit the, everything must be done to resolve the real difficulties that they meet when going to the grass roots, they are to be given the necessary economic subsidy, to guarantee the smooth conduct of this work.

Going deeply into life requires integration with creative needs, and a stress on practical results. We must as much as possible, ensure that writers and artists go to the places that are most beneficial to giving rein to their potential, go deeply into reality, and lay a foundation among the masses; at the same time, we must also strive to provide conditions to ensure that creative personnel is able to conduct visits within a relatively broad scope, in order to broaden their horizons and understand the overall picture.

III, Strengthening creative planning and leadership over focus creation.

The realization of formulating and promoting creation plans is one effective means to organize literature and art creation, and stimulating the flourishing of creation, we must give utter regard to and earnestly grasp this segment.

Literature and art creation is a sort of creative spiritual labour, and the autonomy of writers and artists to rely on their own conditions and wishes in conducting creation under the orientation of the “two fors” must be fully respected. In terms of topics, themes, forms, methods, styles, schools and other matters, creators enjoy broad freedom. But, writers and artists are engineers of human souls, bear a sacred task in raising the cultural quality, ideological and moral level of the popular masses, and are responsible for providing healthy and beneficial spiritual products to society. Because of this, at the same time as planning creation, we must forcefully advocate and encourage writers and artists to create works that have a distinctive spirit of the Socialist times, deeply reflect real life, eulogize the new Socialist man, and are rich in ethnic characteristics. In the diversification of creative content, we must give prominence to the main melody of the times and life; in the diversification of artistic expression, we must stress the ethnic character and the mass character. Concerning the creation of this sort of works, we must give even more support and assistance, including providing guarantees in terms of material conditions. Major reality-themed and revolutionary history-themed creation, as well as the adaptation, filming or rehearsing of major classic works must be suitably planned by government culture departments, radio, film and television departments and art management departments, and this must be gradually implemented in an organized manner. All localities, all departments and al art production work unit must also, on the basis of their own condition, plan for creation in their regions, departments and work units, aimed at the characteristics of different forms and categories of art. All art production organs and art performance troupes controlled by localities’ culture departments and radio, film and television departments are responsible to organize  their subordinate creative personnel to diligently create works that reflect real life, and are rich in the spirit of the times, there must be clear requirements concerning this, and these must be listed in creation plans. Culture departments and radio, film and television departments must supervise the implementation of plans, and on the basis of the implementation situation and actual results, arrange economic subsidies and rewards. Focus works with special needs may be organized in a collective creation manner; normally, individual creation should be given first place, and matters should be completed by experienced writers and artists.

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Departments and government culture departments and radio, film and television departments must concentrate their strength to organize the production of cultural and artistic products in a planned and focused manner, just like grasping focus construction projects. Within 1991, they must bring out a high-quality books, a good play, an excellent film or television drama, one or some original and persuasive literature and art theory articles, and on this basis, formulate plans for focus creation for three to five years including all literature and art categories. For programmes that have been listed as focus programmes, hard measures must be adopted to implement then item by item, and examine them.

IV, Do secondary creation well, muster the vigour of directors, performers, conductors, instrumentalists, musicians, art designers, cameramen, recorders and all other sorts of creative personnel, joint forces to roll out high-level and high-quality art works.

Music, dance, quyi, acrobatics, drama, film, television and other comprehensive art, in terms of the completion of their creation, the realization of their art, and the rise of their overall quality, cannot do without secondary creation. Secondary creation equally is a creative spiritual labour, artists must not only deeply understand primary creation, but must also fully give rein to their specialist skills and their artistic personality, giving expression to their uniqueness. Secondary creators, apart from grasping specialist skills in a proficient manner, must raise their ideological level and cultural cultivation, understand life, be well-versed in the expressed content and targets, and ensure that creation arrives at higher planes. All levels’ culture departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art groups and relevant literature and art work units must progressively establish and complete secondary creative personnel team, pay regard to their study and training, and provide the necessary conditions for them to engage in creation.

We must deal with the relationship between secondary creation and primary creation well. Secondary creators should, as much as possible, be faithful to the original work, fully respect the original author’s artistic creation and his lawful rights and interest. When making major changes, the agreement from the original author should be sought. Primary creators must also as much as possible respect the reasonable creation of secondary creators, and as much as possible provide vigorous cooperation.

Concerning secondary creation with relatively high ideological, artistic, political and cultural value, relevant departments and work units must provide vigorous support, and create conditions for them to rehearse, produce, perform or screen creations, and strive to resolve existing difficulties in funding, humanpower, venues, etc.

V, Establish a line of immense creation teams integrating specialists and amateurs

Establishing a line of immense creation teams with a high level of cultural cultivation and a high sense of Socialist mission, is the key to letting literature and art creation flourish. Specialist writers and artists are the backbone of literature and art creation teams, and must fully muster their vigour and creativity, to give rein to their core function. At the same time as providing necessary conditions for creation to them, their sense of responsibility and sense of mission must be strengthened in relation to the creation orientation and social effect. Communist Party members among them should firmly establish the concept that they are Communist Party members first and foremost, and are literature and art workers afterwards, they must, according to the requirements of the Communist Party nature, consciously reflect the guidance of the Marxist concept of literature and art and the Mao Zedong Thought on literature and art in their creation, implement the Party’s literature and art policies in an exemplary manner, and use their actual creative achievements to promote the development and flourishing of Socialist literature and art. As for writers and artists who undertake administrative or organizational work in government culture departments, radio, film and television departments of literature and art group, they must be given certain time to make it convenient for them to go deeply into life and engage in creation. Existing specialist writer and artist management structures must, on the basis of investigation and research, be vigorously and reliably reformed. The specialist writer creation contract system and creation leave system that has been implemented in a number of localities, benefits overcoming of some malpractices concerning specialist writers, experiences must be earnestly summarized, management perfected, and matters improved and raised. All levels’ mass art museums and cultural centres found everywhere in the entire country possess large amounts of creative personnel, they are both creators and the core and knot to launch mass-type creation activities. The work units in which they are employed and higher-level relevant departments must provide necessary care and concern in areas of ideology, profession, life and job description, fully muster their vigour, and ensure that they give rein to and even greater function.

The broad amateur creators are a line of forces that should not be ignored in literature and art creation teams. They live among the masses, place themselves into fervent struggle, and have special superiorities. In recent years, new literature and art people have incessantly emerged in great numbers, reflecting the strong creative potential hidden among the masses. Creative amateur talents that burst into the limelight, must be given special attention and support. First, attract them in a planned manner to participate in all levels’ specialist training classes, to raise their ideological and theoretical levels, cultural cultivation and writing ability; second, under conditions where there are reliable creation ideas and preparations for creation, they are to be given creation leave, and time guarantees are to be provided. Concern must also be given to their creative ideology, artistic work style and work quality, and there must be some requirements.

We must pay full regard to unity in the literature and art circles, and under the presupposition of consistency with the general orientation, must unite all writers and artists that can be united to strive jointly for the flourishing of Socialist literature and art creation.

VI, Strengthen literature and art work dissemination method management.

The publication of literature and art books, periodicals and audiovisual products, the performance, broadcast and exhibition of literature and art works, etc., are the dissemination means for literature and art, and are the media for literature and art creation to build links with the popular masses. Literature and art works can only give rein to a social function when disseminated through these means, and realize literature and art flourishing. In order to perfect dissemination means and let dissemination channels flow smoothly, we must pay attention to and strengthen the construction of editing teams, performance management teams, film and video distribution and screening teams and art exhibition and management teams, raise the political and cultural quality of employees, their literature and art theory cultivation, and a conscience to implement literature and art policies and principles, strengthen a sense of social responsibility, in order to do publishing, distribution, performance, screening, exhibition, sales and other work well. Culture departments, radio, film and television departments, publishing departments and literature and art organizations must on the one hand assist their subordinate publishing work units, audiovisual, film and television production organs, literature and art newspapers and periodicals, performance companies, theatres, cinemas, bookstores, exhibition halls, etc., to rectify professional orientations, clarify their policies and tasks, and correctly deal with the relationship between social effect and economic effect; and must on the other hand help them to strengthen management, establish and complete clear reward and punishment work regulations, and inspect supervision and management structures. We must realistically reflect the spirit of the times, have characteristics of the nation, benefit the physical and mental health of people, and push excellent works with a relatively high artistic value towards society.

In order to guarantee the production and dissemination of excellent works that require national levels of civilization and give prominence to the main melody, we must adopt economically suitable protection measures, and be somewhat biased in policy. We must implement low prices, low taxes or tax exemption for the publishing, distribution, performance, screening, exhibition and sales of literary and artistic works (including theoretical treatises) that have relatively high academic or artistic value, are serious and healthy, there must be reliable financial subsidies for the losses they incur. Art varieties that require urgent protection and development must be given more creation support. At the same time, high tax rates must be implemented for literature and art products that lack cultural and artistic value and sell well, and commercial performances with high income, and the taxation gained is to be used to develop literature and art creation.

VII, Strengthening and improving comment on literature and art creation.

Launching comment on literature and art creation is an important means of strengthening and improving Party leadership over literature and art, persisting in the Socialist orientation, and raising literature and art creation ideology and artistic quality. All levels’ Party propaganda departments and government culture departments, radio, film and television departments and literature and art groups must make literature and art comment into an important work for letting literature and art flourish. We must pay attention to the construction of literature and art comment teams; we must organize and assist literature and art commentators to study Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought, study Marxist-Leninist literary theory, Mao Zedong’s treatises on literature and art and “Deng Xiaoping on Literature and Art”, which is the inheritance and development of Mao Zedong Thought on literature and art under new historical conditions, study relevant theory, principles and policies, go deeply into reality, timely understand the situation of literature and art, raise ideological, theoretical and professional levels. Apart from specialist literature and art comment, attention must also be paid to launching mass-type literature and art comment. Especially where concrete literature and art phenomenon, writers and works are concerned, the opinions of the popular masses must be broadly hear, and a virtuous circle of dissemination and feedback realized.

Literature and art comment must be close to life, and must forcefully launch comment and research on our country’s existing literature and art works, creative ideologies and creative tendencies, timely carry forward results, rectify mistakes and promote propaganda. Attention should be paid to the creative experience of excellent writers and artists, and advanced literature and art work units, these are to be summarized and propagated.

Literature and art comment must raise its fighting strength. We must fully affirm and forcefully comment on excellent works reflecting real life, which are rich in the spirit of the times and carry forward national cultural traditions, and give rein to the social function they should have. Praise must seek truth from facts, respect science, and overcome the harmful tendencies of unprincipled flattery. We must launch persuasive criticism against bourgeois liberalization and all sorts of mistaken tendencies reflected in creation and theory, effect radical reforms, in order to guarantee that literature and art develops along a healthy track, and the same time, raise the masses’ aesthetic emotions and appreciation ability through literature and art criticism, and guide the masses cultural consumption.

Launching literature and art comment must implement the “Double Hundred” policy, and advocate the discussion and contention of different opinions. We must enliven the academic sphere, create a situation of both persisting in principles, and uniting in harmony, to create a good cultural environment for the flourishing of literature and art creation and the development of literature and art comment.

VIII, Strengthening foreign propaganda and recommendation of literature and art, and Sino-foreign cooperative creation management.

Following the expansion of Sino-foreign cultural exchange, propaganda and recommendation or our country’s excellent ethnic culture and literature and art creation achievements to the outside world, has become more pressing every day. This is a glorious duty of literature and art workers, and is an important aspect in letting literature and art creation flourish. In recent years, in music, dance, theatre, film, television, acrobatics, fine art, photography, literature and a mass of other international competitions, contexts, exhibitions and performance activities, our country’s participating candidates have acquitted themselves very well, our country’s literature and art creations have gained heartening achievements, and received the praise of international public opinion, which symbolizes the actual achievements of our country’s literature and art marching towards the world. All levels’ Party propaganda departments, cultural departments, and radio, film and television departments must give full regard to this work, vigorously support it, strengthen management, and stimulate its healthy development.

Concerning propaganda and recommendation of literature and art works, including participation in exhibitions, competitions and other programmes, regardless of whether it concerns intergovernmental cultural exchange, or all sorts of international cultural activities organized by all sorts of popular literature and art organizations, we must implement the principle of putting ourselves in first place, select and recommend truly excellent works, and vigorously strengthen propaganda and introduction in a focused manner, to make it convenient for foreign persons to understand and comprehend them. Works that win prizes in international competitions or award activities, must be somewhat differentiated in terms of domestic propaganda and recommendation, and the good must be chosen for action. We must respect and earnestly understand all sorts of international opinions and reflections concerning our literature and art works, and propagate their useful opinions, including critical discourse; but some prejudices based on political or ideological grounds should not be disseminated domestically without analysis or selection. Regardless of whether it concerns foreign recommendation or domestic propaganda, full attention must be paid to the orientation of literature and art, strive to correctly understand and implement the Party’s literature and art policies and foreign propaganda policies.

A vigorous and cautious attitude must be adopted for Sino-foreign cooperative art creation and rehearsal, including the cooperative production of film and television programmes. We must respect our country’s relevant laws, regulations and rules, build mutual respect, and can absolutely not abandon political and ideological principles. Where matters concern historical topics, history must be respected. Important content in cooperative creation must be fully talked over, and signed into a contract afterwards, matters are to be implemented according to agreement.

Foreign recommendations and Sino-foreign cooperative creation should take place on the basis of investigation and research, management rules are formulated as soon as possible, and this is to be brought into scientific management.

IX, Establish creative funds, improve award systems.

All levels’ culture departments and radio, film and television departments must strive to create conditions to facilitate the establishment of literature and art creation funds as soon as possible. The main sources of funding are, first, requesting special funds from all levels’ financial administration, second, arrangement from all levels’ culture, film and television funding, and third, broadly striving for support from all walks of society. The objective of establishing funds is to encourage and support the production and dissemination of excellent works, including financial assistance to writers, artists, and commentators to participate in study, conduct visits and go deeply into life, financial assistance for the writing, publishing, rehearsal, production, broadcast of focus works that have a good social effect, awards to excellent works and excellent theoretical research results, awards to creative and comment personnel having attained prominent achievements, to stimulate the flourishing of creation. All levels’ cultural departments and radio, film and television departments must establish special organs for the management of funds, formulate realistic regulations, and implement matters according to regulations.

Running all levels and all sorts of literature and art awards well, is an effective method to stimulate flourishing. The task at present is to summarize experience, overcome chaos, formulate laws and regulations and strengthen management.

All sorts of literature and art contests and competition activities must have a clear goal of letting creation flourish and promoting talent, and be organized (or co-organized) by corresponding departments who meet conditions to do so, and approval from the corresponding cultural controlling department or radio, film and television controlling department is to be obtained. Literature and art awards must fully pay attention to orientation and authoritativeness. Awards must conform to the orientation that the award advocates; there must be clear award standards and implementation rules; attention must be paid in the composition of award organs to being able to reflect the representative opinions of experts, leaders and masses. Strive for correct orientations, fair judgements and proper awards, strive to concretely reflect the Party’s literature and art principles and policies into all sorts of literature and art awards. For funds raised for literature and art contests and competitions, financial rules must be strictly observed, they are to be used to reward creation and let creation flourish, and may not be diverted to other uses. Government culture departments and radio, film and television departments must, on the basis of summarizing experience, formulate rules for performance, contests and awards for all sorts of literature and art creation as soon as possible, and spur the organized, planned and orderly development of these activities.

X, Strengthen literature and art legal system construction, stimulate literature and art creation and flourishing, guarantee the healthy development of the literature and art undertaking.

Literature and art legal system construction is a component part of our country’s Socialist democracy and legal system construction, is one important method for Socialist literature and art management, and is an indispensible condition for letting Socialist literature and art creation flourish and develop. It benefits guaranteeing the leadership of the Party over the literature and art undertaking, and benefits the guarantee of the correct orientation in Socialist literature and art creation. We must, under the presupposition of persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles, guarantee the freedom of writers, artists and other persons engaging in literature and art activities to conduct literature and art creation, and guarantee the basic cultural rights endowed by the Constitution on all citizens. We must protect the regular rights and interests of writers and artists, and the broad literature and art workers according to the law, rationally adjust the relationships of interests between authors, disseminators and the broad social masses, and protect the right to the achievements of spiritual labour. All work units must organize the broad literature and art workers to earnestly study the “Copyright Law”, and help them to master legal tools to safeguard their own lawful rights and interests. Government culture departments and radio, film and television departments must grasp the formulation of laws and regulations supplementing the “Copyright Law” and guarantee the implementation of the “Copyright Law”.

Using legal means to manage the literature and art undertaking is a new theme. All levels’ cultural departments and radio, film and television departments must raise their understanding of cultural legal system construction, establish and complete cultural legal system organs and legal system work teams, vigorously assist the State and local legislative departments to do cultural legal system construction work well, strive to create a fine legal environment for the flourishing, development of the literature and art undertaking.

At present, the cultural front must continue to implement the principle of “grasping rectification with one hand, and grasping flourishing with one hand”. At the same time as conducting the necessary organizational rectification, we must stress grasping the rectification and construction of cultural teams’ ideologies and work styles; at the same time as grasping rectification, we must sue even more energy to grasp the flourishing of culture and art. We must revolve around the objectives of strengthening unity, concentrating minds, and inspiring spirits, fully mobilizing all levels’ cultural departments, radio, film and television departments, literature and art groups and the broad literature and art workers to rapidly start an upsurge of literature and art creation, strive to roll out high-quality literature and art products that are rich and varied, healthy and upward, that the broad masses love to see and hear.








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