Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Newspapers Publishing “Weekend Editions”

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All provincial, municipal, autonomous region and plan-listed city press and publications bureaus, all newspaper publishers:

In recent years, a considerable number of newspapers have successively started publishing “weekend editions”, “weekly magazines”, “monthly editions”, etc., this is a heartening phenomenon in the newspaper sector, but, in the publishing of a number of newspaper “weekend editions” (including “weekly magazines”, “monthly editions”, etc., similar hereafter), it has occurred that the purpose of the newspaper is deviated from, and relevant management regulations are not observed. Hereby, the following is notified in relation to the issue of strengthening management over newspapers publishing “weekend editions”:

I, Newspapers publishing “weekend editions” shall strictly implement the originally determined purpose for running the newspaper, the editing and publishing of “weekend editions” shall be consistent with the purpose of the newspaper, at the same time as strengthening the ideological nature, readability must be strengthened, pseudoscience, feudal superstition and content in vulgar taste must be stopped, vigorous, healthy and beneficial content must be used to enliven readers’ cultural lives and stimulate the construction of a Socialist spiritual society.

Newspapers publishing “weekend editions” shall obtain the agreement of the controlling department of the newspaper publishers, newspaper publisher controlling departments shall strengthen guidance over the publication of “weekend editions”.

II, The publication of “weekend editions” shall abide by the following provisions:

1. The wording “weekend edition” or other designations shall be clearly smaller than the title of the newspaper, if it is necessary that the masthead of the newspaper in question appears again on the layout of the “weekend edition”, the font shall be clearly smaller than that of the masthead on the front page, to indicate difference.

2. On the day that “weekend editions” are published, the name of the newspaper shall still be printed in the top position of every page (or the newspaper name is printed together with “weekend edition”, the top of the page may not just carry the title “weekend edition”.

3. According to the provisions of Article 2 of the “Provisional Newspaper Management Regulations”, the running of “weekend editions” shall be consistent with the daily running of the newspaper.

4. In all cases where the page number of the day that newspapers publish “weekend editions” is different from the normal daily page number (for example, normally there are four sheets, when publishing “weekend editions” there are eight sheets), “today x pages and x sheets” shall be indicated on the top of the newspaper’s front page, the sheet serial number of that day’s newspaper shall be uniformly and sequentially numbered (for example, 1, 2, …, 7, 8 sheets). The newspaper of that day shall be distributed as one whole, “weekend editions” may not have an independent price, and may not be independently distributed or sold.

III, Where newspapers use extra editions or extra numbers to publish “weekend editions”, modification procedures shall be conducted according to Article 37 of the “Provisional Newspaper Management Regulations”.












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