Month: February 1993

Supplementary Provisions concerning Issuing and Publishing Works Relating to the Work and Life Situation of Main Party and State Leaders

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15 February 1993

ZXF No. [1993]5

Correctly propagating the glorious achievements and revolutionary spirit of main Party and State leaders, has an important significance for inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditions of the Party, encouraging and inspiring the broad popular masses to vigorously through themselves into Socialist modernization construction. But, in the recent period, a number of news and publishing work units have disregarded regulations from relevant Centre departments, and without examination or approval, have issued an published unauthorized works relating to the situation of main Party and State leaders, some of the content of these has harmed the image of Party and State leaders, has exposed Party and State secrets, and has harmed the interests of Party and State. In order to realistically strengthen management, we must continue to earnestly implement the “Regulations Concerning Strengthening Management over Publications Depicting Main Party and State leaders (ZXF No. [1990]5, no. [90]XCTZ551), and at the same time, on the basis of the present situation, with the approval of the Party centre, the following supplementary provisions are made: Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning Investigation and Prosecution of Illegal Audiovisual Publications

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, culture offices (bureaus), radio and television offices (bureaus), specialized audiovisual management departments:

Since some time, a number of departments, work units and individuals, paying no attention to State laws and regulations, have adopted all kinds of manners to engage in illegal audiovisual publishing and distribution activities, the harm to the construction of a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization is very large, and this must be rapidly and firmly investigated and prosecuted, and determinedly attacked. The State Council “Notice concerning Strictly Attacking Illegal Publishing Activities” (GF No. (1987)65) clearly provides that: Apart from State-approved publishing work unit, no work unit or individual may publish books, newspapers, periodicals and audiovisual publications that are openly distributed in society, offences fall under illegal publishing activities”. The Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat “Notice concerning Rectification and Clean-up of the Book, Newspaper, Periodical and Audiovisual Markets and Severely Attacking Criminal Activities” (ZBF NO. (1989)13) also points out in clear terms that: “illegally published books, newspapers, periodicals and audiovisual products” are to be banned without exception. Read the rest of this entry »