Notice concerning that Newspapers Shall Abide by the Purpose of the Newspaper and Straiten Publishing Order

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus:

In recent years, our country’s newspaper sector has developed rapidly, numbers have increased, content has been enriched, forms have become more varied, it has come closer to readers, more vivid and vigorous. But there are also some newspapers that do not abide by relevant regulations, that exceed the purpose and work division scope determined at the time of application for their establishment, they rush to social hot topics like a swarm of bees, they one-sidedly pursue “sensational effects”, they publish large amounts of contributions of a vulgar style, in order to solicit readers. It is prominent that “weekend edition”, “Sunday magazine”, “monthly edition” and other special sections and special magazines are separately established as mastheads, and that new papers are being covertly published without registration. Some even buy and sell paper numbers, to illegally publish newspapers. This sort of phenomenon seems to be spreading. In order to guarantee the healthy development of the newspaper sector, all levels’ newspaper management departments and newspaper publishers shall pay attention to abiding by the approved purpose for which the newspaper was established, and to straiten publishing order.

I, Content published by newspapers must abide by its own work division scope, must conform to the purpose for running the newspaper reported by the controlling work unit and approved by the management department, and persist in correct public opinion guidance. The gate must be strictly kept concerning things published in newspapers (including “weekend editions”, “Sunday magazines”, “monthly editions”, etc.), some must carry out approval formalities according to regulations; they must persist in stopping false reporting, it is strictly prohibited to leak Party and state secrets, it is strictly prohibited to publish content that is sexual, on famous persons’ privacy, etc. They may not use the propaganda methods to produce large amounts of forceful publishing or expose gloomy matter.

II, It is strictly prohibited to buy or sell newspaper numbers or illegally publish newspapers without registration.

III, The use of newspapers’ names must be subject to strict caution, the purpose of the newspaper must be reflected to the fullest, the size and style of the type used in the style must be basically consistent, fonts and point sizes shall be fixed, and published in a fixed manner on the masthead position. Newspapers’ national uniform periodical numbers and publication periods shall be published below the masthead in a fixed manner. Newspapers sponsored by provincial (ministerial) level and lower work units shall publish the sponsoring work unit under the masthead. Where newspapers need to change their name, they shall wait until at least one year after establishment, before the name may be changed according to regulations.

IV, The Administration of Press and Publications “Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Newspaper Publication of ‘Weekend Editions'” (XCB No. [1992]257) and “Regulations concerning Newspapers’ Temporary Increase of Editions and Increase of Numbers” (No. 90XCBZ925) are reiterated. The naming of special sections and special magazines of newspapers or the title of articles may not occupy the masthead position or replace the masthead, they may also not be larger than the masthead. Newspapers’ special editions or special sections, and provisionally added editions or numbers are a part of the newspaper, editorial departments outside the published may not be established, and they may certainly not be contracted to others; they may not be independently priced or distributed, and special editions may not be used to publish many papers under the same number.

V, For editions outside of newspaper publishing, a domestic uniform periodical number must be independently applied for and registration conducted, only after approval may they be published and distributed.

VI, All localities shall, after receiving this Notice, conduct a one-time inspection of their subordinate newspapers, in all cases where the above provisions are violated, all levels’ administrative press and publications department shall timely investigate and prosecute it.


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