Opinion concerning Strengthening Management of and Further Running Newspaper “Weekend Editions” Well

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Central Propaganda Department, Administration of Press and Publications

In recent years, our country’s newspaper sector has developed rapidly, and a considerable number of newspapers now publish “weekend editions”, “weekly magazines”, “monthly editions”, etc. (hereafter jointly named “weekend editions”). The content of the majority of newspapers’ “weekend editions” is rich, their forms are varied, they have had a positive function in broadening information amounts, strengthening educational and service functions, enriching the masses’ cultural lives and other areas. But, there are also a small number of newspapers where some problems have appeared in “weekend editions”, in terms of public opinion guidance, content style, truthfulness of news, etc. In order to strengthen management over newspaper “weekend edition”, further running newspaper “weekend editions” well, and even better giving rein to their function in the construction of a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, the following opinions are hereby put forward:

I, “Weekend editions” are a component part of newspapers, they must persist in taking Deng Xiaoping’s theory of constructing Socialism with Chinese characteristics as basic policy, persist in the Party’s basic line, persist in liberating thoughts, seeking truth from facts and grasping the correct public opinion orientation. They may not publish content that violates the Party’ line, principles and policies, and State laws and regulations.

II, “Weekend editions” have a broad readership, they are an important propaganda and ideology battlefield, they must persist in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism, and persist in the principles of unity, stability, encouragement and giving first place to positive propaganda. They must filly give rein to their superiority in sticking close to the masses, sticking close to life and sticking close to reality, incessantly enrich content and raise quality. They must put social effect first.

III, Running “weekend editions” well has an important function in constructing a Socialist spiritual civilization, attention must be paid to propaganda art, adopting vivid and vigorous methods, using elegant styles, civilized and healthy content to guide and educate the masses. The main melody must be carried forward, persisting in the main melody must be unified with diversification, patriotic, collectivist and Socialist ideology must be forcefully propagated, persisting in the correct view of life, civilized and healthy life methods under conditions of the Socialist market economy must be vigorously proposed, Mammonism, extreme individualism and degenerate life methods must be opposed. It is not permitted to publish obscene or sexual content, content playing up murder or violence and other content harming the physical and mental health of readers. They must be good at guidance concerning hot issues and difficult issues that the masses care about, and do their work well.

IV, Newspaper “weekend editions” shall persist in the purpose and the work division scope that was determined by the newspaper itself and approved by the administrative press and publications management departments, strive to bring out their own characteristics, and may not change or exceed their purpose or work division scope without authorization.

V, “Weekend editions” must persist in the principle of truthfulness of news, and resist false news in any form. They must strengthen their news nature, and prevent magazinification.

VI, “Weekend editions” must strive to propagate scientific knowledge, it is strictly prohibited to publicize feudal superstition or pseudoscience.

VII, Straiten propaganda discipline. “Weekend editions” shall abide by relevant regulations on news and propaganda, grasp propaganda lines, and must timely ask relevant leading departments for instructions on issues they are uncertain about. It is strictly prohibited to leak party and State secrets. They may not reprint news or articles from foreign media without authorization.

VIII, Straiten publishing order. The publishing of “weekend editions” shall abide by the relevant provisions of the “Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Newspaper Publication of ‘Weekend Editions'”, the “Notice concerning that Newspapers Shall Abide by the Purpose for Running the Newspaper and Straiten Publishing Order”, and other documents.

IV, Complete responsibility systems must be established. A general editorial responsibility system is implemented for “weekend editions”. Newspaper publishers’ general editors must strictly keep the gate of contributions (including advertisements) published in “weekend editions”, and may not in any way pass on the final examination power over newspapers (including inviting newspaper hawkers to go over the proofs, contracting to individuals, etc.). “Paid-for news” is strictly prohibited.

X, Where “weekend editions” violate regulations, the administrative press and publications management departments imposes punishment according to relevant regulations, including cessation of publication of the “weekend edition” for one to five numbers, cessation of publication for rectification and cessation of publication, etc.


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