Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Internal Newspapers and Periodicals

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20 July 1994

Central Propaganda Department, Administration of Press and Publications, Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, State Administration of Industry and Commerce

XCLZ No. (1994)6

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee propaganda departments, press and publications bureaus, post and telecommunications management bureaus, administrative industry and commerce management bureaus:

In recent years, a number of work units have openly solicited subscriptions for, peddled and sold at fixed price internal newspapers and periodicals, used internal newspapers and periodicals to engage in advertising and other commercial activities or to organize open social activities, some even sent internal newspapers and periodicals abroad, leaked out situations that should not be leaked out, creating consequences unfavourable to the country. This sort of situation must be rapidly corrected. Hereby, the following is notified concerning the problem of internal newspaper and periodical management:

I, Internal newspapers and periodicals refers to  non-commercial continuous publications that are used within a system, a sector or a work unit to guide work, exchange experience and exchange information that have a “printing permission certificate” (the registration symbol has no “domestic uniform periodical number CNxx-xxxx”, but displays the internal newspaper and periodical printing certificate number”. When publishing internal newspapers and periodicals, all provisions of the “Internal Newspaper and Periodical Management Principles” of the Administration of Press and Publications should be observed, relevant departments and especially leading cadres should highly recognize the harm of not distinguishing between inside and outside under conditions of reform and opening up, and realistically strengthen management over internal newspapers and periodicals. Press and publications work units may not carry information from or advertising for internal newspapers and periodicals, may not carry or broadcast news on internal newspapers and periodicals organizing open social activities, and may not reprint or transmit information or articles from internal newspapers and periodicals.

II, All localities’ propaganda departments and press and publications management departments should jointly keep the gate of examination, approval and registration of internal newspapers and periodicals. They may not approve newspapers and periodicals that have been registered as internal but are openly distributed in reality. Those of which registration has already been approved, should be cleaned up; those that need to be continued, shall be strictly managed according to the “Internal Newspaper and Periodical Management Principles”, their issuance and exchange scope may not exceed their sector or system, they may not be openly displayed, may not carry a fixed price, may not be openly sold, may absolutely not be disseminated abroad or to the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions and foreign-related domestic work units, and may not conduct or participate in any commercial activity (including commercial advertising) and open social activities. The registration of internal newspapers and periodicals that will conduct all sorts of open activities, will be cancelled; those entering markets, will be confiscated. Where press and publications work units continue to disseminate or reprint information and content from internal newspapers and periodicals, they will be strictly punished according to provisions relating to newspaper and periodical management.

III, All localities’ administrative industry and commerce management departments must strictly examine and verify the newspaper and periodical registration certification of any press and publications work unit applying to engage in advertising or other commercial activities, and all those falling under internal newspapers and periodicals must be refused approval without exception; “advertising commerce permits”, “provisional advertising commerce permits” and “business licences” for launching other commercial activities that have already been approved and issued to internal newspapers and periodicals, must be cleaned up promptly upon the arrival of the documents, and be cancelled. Where internal newspapers and periodicals still conduct advertising and other commercial activities after cancellation, apart from punishment according to administrative industry and commerce management regulations, the press and publications bureau of their locality should also be notified to cancel their publication registration.

IV, All localities’ post and telecommunications departments accepting newspapers and periodicals for postal distribution and retail or who print and mail newspaper and periodical catalogues and periodical subscription advertising should strictly examine the newspaper and periodical registration certification, all those falling under internal newspapers and periodicals may without exception not be accepted for distribution or retail.

V, All localities’ Party Committee propaganda departments, press and publications bureaus, administrative industry and commerce bureaus, and post and telecommunications bureaus must, under the leadership of the local Party Committee and government, earnestly take up responsibility according to each’s distribution of work, coordinate and cooperate, appropriately do internal newspaper and periodical clean-up work well, and report the clean-up results before 31 October to the Central Propaganda Department and the Administration of Press and Publications.










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