Month: December 1994

Notice Concerning Distribution of the “Trial Rules on Voluntary Registration of Works”

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The requirements of our country’s copyright law are similar to the provisions of common countries’ copyright laws and the “Berne Convention”, and do not require the performance of any form of registration formality for the implementation of automatic protection of copyright rule, and copyright is enjoyed immediately upon completing the creation of the work. But because our country’s copyright law protection commenced relatively later, the copyright consciousness of the entire society is still very low, and in the process of copyright law implementation, many authors put forward their hope for registering their own works with administrative copyright management organs, and having a formal determination of their copyright, in order to further clarify to whom the copyright belongs, and which may act as preliminary evidence when copyright disputes arise. A number of work units using works also reflected that because it is not clear to whom copyright belongs in the process of use, copyright disputes might easily occur, and if a formal work registration process can be formed, it will provide convenience when using works.

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