Regulations Concerning Reforming Feature Film Shooting Management Work

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5 January 1995

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

In order to implement the “Patriotic Education Implementation Outline”, stimulate the construction of a spiritual civilization and the development of the “One of Five Project”, further deepen film structural reform, develop film productivity, make creation flourish, our Ministry decided to, from 1 January 1995, make the following reforms to feature film shooting management work:

I, Apart from film studios originally approved by the State Council to have feature film export powers, from the day of promulgation of these Regulations, all other provincial, autonomous region and municipal original State-owned film studios may shoot and produce feature films. Before shooting, the script must be, after examination and approval by the provincial, autonomous region or municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, reported to our ministry’s Film Bureau to apply for controlled instructions (management rules, see attachment) and after approval, may be filmed.


II, All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities not having film studios and Central and State organs, ministries and commissions participating in the “One of Five Project” evaluation, that have good scripts (such as works participating in the “One of Five Project” selection, are to be reported to our ministry’s Film Bureau after examination and approval by the Party Committee Propaganda Department or relevant entities, apply for controlled instructions, and after approval, may be produced jointly with film studios having production powers.


III, Other social legal persons and organizations investing in shooting of feature films with film studios having production powers, where their investment reaches 70% or more, and that can obey relevant film art creation regulations and production management regulations, with approval of our ministry’s Film Bureau, may on the basis of the agreement concluded for that film with the film studio, jointly sign as “joint producer”, and the film will be produced by the film studio having production powers.


IV, The feature film-shooting work unit caption pattern is stipulated to be uniform as follows: the first frame of the opening titles is the film public screening permit, the second frame is the producing studio symbol; the second frame from the end during the end titles is the negative processing work unit, and copying work unit, the last frame is the film shooting work unit and film producing work unit.


V, Apart from the abovementioned regulations, other regulations relating to film captions are still implemented according to document no. (1993)531 of our ministry’s Film Bureau.


VI, All film studios must take care to prevent the duplicate construction of studio sets, recording and development equipment, etc.


Attachment: Feature film controlled instructions management rules.

The Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Film Bureau issues feature film controlled instructions, specially used to support shooting of films carrying forward the spirit of the times and stressing artistic exploration, to  balance the creation and production of feature films from the general level, complete the basic tasks of film in constructing a socialist spiritual civilization. This is an important move of the government in conducting macro-economic control over film creation and production at present, and is also a requirement for deepening film sector reform. In order to further strengthen management over issuing controlled instructions, and make them more standardized, the following Rules are formulated.


I, The standards of issuing film control instructions are: films carrying forward the spirit of the times and major revolutionary history theme, and major historical-theme films;  films stressing artistic innovation; film with new forms and domestic colour-shot films. These films must reach certain artistic and technological qualities, and only then may controlled instructions be issued.


II, Film studios and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities not having film studios and ministries and commissions participating in the “One of Five Project” selection, may apply for controlled instructions directly with our ministry’s Film Department. Other investors, if drafting an application for controlled instructions, must first report to the film studio (and CC the Film Bureau), and an application will be raised by the studio with the Film Bureau.


III, Scripts applying for controlled instructions are to be reported to the ministry’s Film Bureau Art Department in quintuplicate, and after preliminary passing by the Art Department are reported to the ministry control instruction management small group for discussion and passing, and are reported to the Film Bureau director for examination and approval.


IV, All work units applying for control instruction, must submit an application report to the ministry’s Film Bureau Production Management Department, a name list of the main creative personnel, as well as a report of the shooting funding source situation, etc.


V, Film studios, where films shot with controlled instructions are concerned, must strengthen management similarly as with films shot by themselves, and must keep the gate, and must be responsible.


VI, After issuance of controlled instructions, if films cannot be completed within the statutory time limit, that instruction automatically becomes invalid. If applying work units because of objective reasons are unable to shoot that film, it shall timely report to the ministry’s Film Bureau, and the Bureau shall recall those instructions.


VII, With all applications for controlled instructions, all films must submit 50.000 – 100.000 Yuan to the ministry’s Film Bureau for the Children’s Films Subsidy Fund.























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