Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards (Trial)

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Notice concerning Issuing the “Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards” (Trial)

13 June 1995, Administration of Press and Publications

All Central Committee and State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate work units; the Liberation Army General Political Department; all democratic parties; people’s organizations; all provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus:

In order to stimulate the healthy and flourishing our country’s journal publishing undertaking, further perfect the administrative management system for journals, and guarantee the quality of social science journal publication, our Administration formulated the “Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards” (Trial), these are hereby issued to you, when you conduct journal management, quality evaluation and other such work in your department or your region, please implement matters with reference to them.

In order to coordinate the implementation of the “Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards” (Trial), our Department has formulated complementary “quality standards” and “quality evaluation rules” for seven categories or journals; “academic theory journals”, “work guidance journals”, “current affairs and politics journals”, “literature and art journals”, “comprehensive cultural life journals”, “education and tutorial journals” and “information digest journals”, these will be published in No. 1995(7) of the “China Periodical Monthly”, sponsored by our Administration’s Information Centre, our Administration will not transmit documents separately. All departments and all localities are requested to timely report situations or issues encountered when implementing the “Standards” and the “Rules” to our Administration

Social Science Journal Quality Management Standards (Trial)

Chapter I: General Provisions

Article 1: In order to stimulate the healthy and flourishing development of our country’s journal undertaking, further perfect the administrative management structure for journals, and guarantee the quality of social science journals, these quality management standards are formulated.

Article 2: These quality management standards apply to official journals in the social science category that have been listed with a domestic uniform periodical number.

Article 3: Social science journal publishing must take Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, the constructing of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Party’s basic line as guidance, persist in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism, implement the “Two Hundreds” policy, carry the Socialist main melody forward, arm the people with scientific theory, guide the people with correct public opinion, mould people with noble spirits, encourage people with excellent works, and correctly propagate the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party and the State.

Article 4: Content printed in social science journals must respect the Constitution and the law, may not violate the basic principles determined in the Constitution, and the publishing of journals and other related activities must be conducted according to the “Provisional Periodical Management Regulations” and other such regulations.

Article 5: During the process of publishing, social science journal content must conform to the publishing purpose and special work scope of the journal in question, publishing activities must be conducted within the journal’s special work scope.

Chapter II, Professional standards

Article 6: The content published in social science journals must be true, correct and timely, in manuscript selection and use, all social science and culture knowledge that is beneficial to economic development and social progress should be vigorously disseminated and accumulated, to enrich people’s spiritual lives, benefit carrying the culture of the nation forward and stimulate international cultural exchange.

(1) academic theory journals: being able to reflect domestic academics levels, having clear arguments that are fully grounded, being innovative, exploratory and having relatively high academic value.

(2) work guidance journals: topic selection shall be aimed at the sector or the system, information dissemination is to be timely, viewpoints that are put forward are to have a strong focus, and a strong guiding nature.

(3) Current affairs and political journals: they must correctly propagate the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party and our country’s government, reporting content must be true, accurate and timely, they must pay attention to propaganda effects, and fuse ideology, knowledge and readability together.

(4) Literature and art journals: they should vigorously carry the main melody forward, ensure diversification of topics, reflect the spirit of the times, inherit and carry forward the excellent culture of the nation, draw in an learn from excellent global culture, have a healthy style and a noble bearing, have relatively high artistic levels, and be able to satisfy the people’s aesthetic needs in many areas.

(5) Comprehensive cultural life journals: content should be healthy and upward, the ideological nature strong, the knowledge coverage broad, they should have a relatively strong scientific nature and readability, novel contribution themes, be rich in original creation, contain true and accurate reports, and correctly guide the people’s life views and moral views.

(6) Education and tutorial journals: articles that are used should be scientifically pure, correct and without mistakes, be suited to the target readers of the journal,  have a focused, educational and practical nature, benefit the learning and grasping of scientific and cultural knowledge, expanding fields of vision, and fostering creative forces.

(7) Information digest journals: printed information should be true, timeliness strong and information amounts large, they should benefit social development and benefit the dissemination and accumulation of scientific and cultural knowledge.

Article 7: Social science journals’ editing and processing shall abide by relevant standards and relevant publishing and printing regulations promulgated by the State; page format design and spacing must be proper, pictures and text coordinated, subjects prominent and linkage page few; cover, illustration and picture design is to be novel, elegant and healthy, artistic and aesthetic, and be consistent with the purpose and content of the journal; colophon items must be complete; there should not be the situation of confusing complexity and simplicity.

Article 8: Finished social science journals shall have a clear font, ink shading should be suitable, not runny or seeping into the paper, images should be distinct, lines standardized and without bends, photos should have clear levels, and contrast moderate; binding and layout should be neat, firm and beautiful, pages should not be inserted, lacking, damaged, folded, joined or left white; publishing should take place on time, without delay.

Chapter III: Quality management

Article 9: Administrative press and publications management departments may, on the basis of these quality management standards, conduct inspection, evaluation and ranking of social science journals, and on the basis of inspection results, order rectification with a limited time for social science journals that do not conform to quality standards, and where circumstances are grave, impose the punishment of cancellation of regulation.

Article 10: All localities’ press and publications management departments may, on the basis of these standards, and in integration with the real situation in their localities, formulate concrete implementation rules, cases subject to the punishment of registration cancellation shall be verified according to the procedure provided in Article 37 of the “Provisional Periodical Management Regulations”.

Chapter IV: Supplementary provisions

Article 11: The implementation of these quality standards is organized by the Administration of Press and Publications.

Article 12: The interpretation of these quality standards is the responsibility of the Administration of Press and Publications.

Article 13: These quality standards take effect on the date of promulgation.





第一章 总 则
第一条 为促进我国期刊事业的健康、繁荣发展,进一步完善期刊的行政管理体系,保证社会科学期刊的质量,特制定本质量管理标准。
第二条 本质量管理标准适用于编入国内统一刊号的社会科学类正式期刊。
第三条 社会科学期刊出版必须以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想和建设有中国特色社会主义理论和党的基本路线为指导,坚持为人民服务、为社会主义服务的方向,贯彻“双百”方针,弘扬社会主义时代主旋律,以科学的理论武装人,以正确的舆论引导人,以高尚的精神塑造人,以优秀的作品鼓舞人,正确宣传中国共产党和国家的方针政策。
第四条 社会科学期刊所载内容必须遵守宪法和法律,不得违反宪法确定的基本原则,必须按照《期刊管理暂行规定》等法规进行期刊的出版及其他有关活动。
第五条 社会科学期刊在出版过程中,内容必须符合本刊的办刊宗旨和专业分互范围,在本刊专业分互范围内进行出版活动。

第二章 业务标准
第六条 社会科学期刊所载内容必须真实、准确、及时,稿件选用应积极传播和积累一切有益于经济发展和社会进步的科学技术和文化知识,丰富人民的精神生活,有益于弘扬民族文化,促进国际文化交流。
第七条 社会科学期刊的编辑加工,应遵守国家颁布的有关标准及出版、印刷等有关规定;版式设计疏密得当,图文协调,主题突出,转接页少;封面、插图、图片设计新颖、大方、健康,具有艺术美感,与办刊宗旨和刊物内容相一致;版本记录项目齐全;文字没有繁简混用情况。
第八条 社会科学期刊印成品应字体清晰,墨迹浓淡适宜、不浸不透,图幅清洁,线条规范,无倒转,照片层次分明,反差适度;装帧整齐、坚固、美观,无夹、缺、损、折、联、白页等;按期出版,无拖期现象。

第三章 质量管理
第九条 新闻出版行政管理部门可依据本质量管理标准对社会科学期刊进行检查、评定和分级,并根据查评结果,对不符合质量标准的社会科学期刊,限期改正,情节严重的给予撤销登记的处罚。
第十条 各地新闻出版行政管理部门可根据本标准,结合本地实际情况,制定具体实施办法,给予撤销登记处罚的应按《期刊管理暂行规定》第37条规定的程序进行核准。

第四章 附 则
第十一条 本质量标准由新闻出版署组织施行。
第十二条 本质量标准由新闻出版署负责解释。
第十三条 本质量标准自发布之日起施行。

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