Notice Concerning Earnestly Completing Audiovisual Market Centralized Administration

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State Council General Office

SCS FMD No. (1996)12, 27 June 1996

In order to further implement the “Audiovisual Product Management Regulations”, rectify audiovisual market business procedures and stimulate its healthy development, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, the General Administration of Press and Publications, the National Copyright Administrations are currently organizing centralized administration of the audiovisual market in the entire country. In order to realistically complete this matter, with the agreement of the leading comrades of the State Council, the relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

1, All levels of local People’s Governments and relevant State Council administrative entities must, with the spirit of high responsibility towards the State and the People. According to the demands of strengthening the establishment of a socialist spiritual culture, grab prospering with one hand, grab management with one hand, highly attach importance to this audiovisual market centralized administration work and realistically strengthen leadership.

2, This centralized administration’s main task is to attack illegal products and unlawful business activities such as “making pornography”, “selling pornography”, smuggling, pirating, etc., rectify business procedures, stimulate healthy development of the audiovisual market. The Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publications and National Copyright Administration must earnestly organize and coordinate, and timely consult and properly resolve problems occurring in centralized administration work. Relevant entities such as public security, administrative industry and commerce management, Customs, railways, communication, post, aviation, etc., must each within its own function provide vigorous cooperation. All levels of local administrative audiovisual product management entities must, under the leadership of the People’s Government of their locality, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publications and National Copyright Administration, adopt powerful measures, to enlarge law enforcement strength, grasp the centralized administration work and make it a success.

3, It is necessary to strengthen propaganda reports concerning audiovisual market centralized administration, propagating audiovisual market policies and regulations, and results obtained by our country in aspects such as “eliminating pornography” and “striking illegality”, etc., exposing the danger of all sorts of illegal audiovisual publications and unlawful business activities, reporting the investigation and prosecution of major cases and focal regions administration work, praising reporting of unlawful business activities such as “producing pornography”, “selling pornography”, smuggling and piracy, etc. by the masses, granting commendations and awards towards meritorious reporting people.

Audiovisual market management is a long-term duty. All localities and all relevant entities must unify centralized administration and strengthen day-to-day management, strictly handle cases according to the law, timely correct activities violating regulations, and must especially attack all sorts of unlawful and criminal activities. At the same time, they must incessantly sum up their experiences, timely consult on new circumstances, solve new problems, work hard to raise management work levels.








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