Notice Concerning Sticking a Uniform Anti-Counterfeit Symbol on Audiovisual Products

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MoCM No. (1996)70


7 August 1996


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus), administrative audiovisual product management entities:

In order to further attack illegal publications and unlawful business activities such as “making pornography”, “selling pornography”, smuggling, piracy, etc., strengthening checking and management of the audiovisual market, effectively protect intellectual property rights, the Ministry of Culture has decided to stick a uniform anti-counterfeit symbol on audiovisual products nationwide, the relevant regulations are notified as follows:


I, All lawful audiovisual products entering the circulation domain in the form of commercial products must bear a Ministry of Culture-supervised and issued “Audiovisual Product Anti-Counterfeit Symbol” (hereafter simply named anti-counterfeit symbol).


II, The anti-counterfeit symbol is a coloured round laser figure with a 2 cm  diameter, divided into an inner and outer circle, between the inner and outer circle, on two sides, there are the two characters for “audiovisual”, with horizontal and vertical strokes connected, at the upper end, there is a musical stave, at the lower end, there is the symbol’s code section.


III, The anti-counterfeit symbol shall be stuck on the upper left corner of audiovisual product covers, to facilitate recognition.


IV, Audiovisual publishing work units openly distributing audiovisual products to the market shall according to the audiovisual product distribution quantities of that work unit, apply for anti-counterfeit symbols with the Ministry of Culture.

One section comprises 50.000 anti-counterfeit symbols. When distributing audiovisual products, successive numbers are to be used for all audiovisual product varieties, and a registration list is to be drawn up and reported to the provincial, autonomous region or municipal audiovisual product management entity and the Ministry of Culture for filing, with the aim of examination and approval.


V, From the day of promulgation of this notice, audiovisual product wholesale, retail and rental work units must conduct clean-up of purchased and stored but unsold audiovisual products, all those on which the anti-counterfeit symbol has not been stuck must be listed in a registered, and after reporting to the local administrative audiovisual product management entity that checks there are no error, the original publishing work unit shall issue anti-counterfeit symbol for sticking on the products.


VI, From 1 October 1996, audiovisual publishing work units distributing audiovisual products must stick anti-counterfeit symbols.


VII, From 1 January 1997, audiovisual products offered for wholesale, retail, rental and screening on which no anti-counterfeit symbol is stuck, shall be considered as illegal audiovisual publications without exception, and may not circulate on the market in any way.


VIII, Audiovisual product anti-counterfeit symbols are produced and issued under supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, any work unit or individual may not alter, forge, sell or buy, or transfer them, offenders will be punished according to the law.


IX, All levels’ administrative audiovisual product management entities shall immediately transmit and implement the provisions of this Notice to audiovisual product publishing and distribution work units in their jurisdiction, do well audiovisual product uniform anti-counterfeit symbol sticking work, and at the same time strengthen audiovisual market checking and management, all audiovisual products not having a uniform anti-counterfeit symbol within the provided time limits are confiscated without exception, and punishment will be imposed according to the provisions of the “Audiovisual Product Management Regulations.”










防伪标识每5万枚为一个号段。 发行音像制品每个品种应使用连续号段,并登记造册报所在省、自治区、直辖市音像制品行政管理部门和文化部备案,以便查验。


六、1996年10月1日起, 音像出版单位发行音像制品必须加贴防伪标识。





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