Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Imported Books
Administration of Press and Publications

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(97)XCT No. 826

In the past few years, following the fact that our country’s publishing circles’ foreign exchange becomes more dynamic every day, a large batch of foreign, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau books have been imported for publication, which substantiated and enriched book markets, stimulated the flourishing of the publishing undertaking, and satisfied the multi-level demands of readers. But since some time, because some publishers have only paid attention to economic effect in copyright import work and the timely effect of books, the necessary political sensitivity was lacking, in addition, in editing and processing, proofreading and gatekeeping of the content of imported books was not strict, resulting in the occurrence of many grave political issues among imported books, creating a very bad influence on society. Problems are reflected relatively concentratedly in imported computer-category, encyclopedia-category and foreign language reading material-category books. They mainly manifest themselves as: reactionary language clearly appears in some books, the content of some books violates our country’s foreign policy; the content of some books violates our Taiwan policy; the drawing of maps in some books does not conform to State standards, leading to boundary disputes; the content of some books does not conform to China’s national circumstances, propagates Western degenerate views of life and views of value, and they do not benefit the physical and mental health of minors. 
In order to strengthen management over the publication of imported books, realistically guarantee the quality of imported books, stimulate imported book publication work to develop healthily and orderly, the following opinions are hereby put forward:

1. Following the daily increase of book copyright trade, all publishers must earnestly study relevant policies, regulations and documents, strengthen a political sensitivity, and must strictly keep the political gate concerning imported books. They must not neglect or even abandon examination and gatekeeping work concerning book content and quality for any reason.

2. In the future, when publishing any imported book (publication of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau books is to be implemented according to original provisions), publishers must earnestly argue theme selection, earnestly examine the manuscript, and report the topic selection and manuscript especially to the higher-level controlling department (local publishers report to the local press and publications bureau) for examination and approval.

3. All publishers must, after receiving this text, conduct a one-time complete proofreading and inspection of the imported books they published over the last two years, and timely correct problems they discover. They are also to report the proofreading and inspection situation to their controlling department in writing, the controlling department writes comments and signs this, and it is to be reported to the Administration of Press and Publications for filing.





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Administration of Press and Publications

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Administration of Press and Public… (1997) […]

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