Notice Concerning Strengthening Radio and Television Transmission Network Construction and Management

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GBH No. (1998)33

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Information Industry, SARFT:

In recent years, following the development of our country’s telecommunications undertaking, radio and television television network construction has also developed rapidly. But, because of all sorts of reasons, many localities have adopted method of creating a system of their own and established independent network in network construction, and problems have emerged  of duplicate cable radio and television network construction, causing waste of State resources and funds, etc. In order to realistically avoid duplicate construction, the State Council has recently convened a premier business conference, which conducted special theme research, and has made provisions on this. On the basis of the indications of the State Council leading comrades, hereby, the relevant spirit and provisions are notified as follows:

Controlling departments for radio, film and television shall determinedly implement the provisions concerning government organ reform plans passed by the 2nd Plenum of the 15th Party Congress and the 1st Meeting of the 9th National Peoples Congress and the provisions concerning “Three Fixed Quotas” approved by the State Council, being that in the management of radio and television transmission networks, government and enterprise separation shall be firmly implemented, enterprise-type radio and television transmission companies shall be established, the comprehensive planning and sector management of the controlling department for information industry shall be accepted, and controlling departments for radio, film and television may not conduct administrative intervention. In the construction of radio and television transmission networks, it is necessary to do linking and coordination with State telecommunications backbone networks and special telecommunications and newly constructed networks well, fully utilize present telecommunications networks, and realistically avoid duplicate construction. All levels’ local governments may not approve new radio and television transmission network construction programmes by themselves, and where there is a true need for new construction, it must be strictly reported to the Ministry of Information Industry according to procedure, and examined and approved by the State Council.

State Council Secretariat

26 June 1998








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