Month: December 1998

Notice concerning Strictly Implementing Relevant Rules on Editing and Publishing Speech Anthologies and Research Works on Major Party and State Leading Comrades

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Recently, relevant departments have successively requested instructions with the Central Committee with regard to editing and publishing anthologies of major Party and State leading comrades’ speeches, as well as on editing and publishing works of major Party and State leading comrades’ thoughts and lives. Editing and publishing this sort of anthologies and research works is an extremely solemn work, the “CCP Central Committee Approval of the Central Propaganda Department and Central Documentary Research Institute ‘Instruction Report concerning Publishing, Issuing and Examination Rules for Works by Mao, Zhou, Liu, Zhu and Incumbent Central Standing Committee Members'” (ZF No. [1982]33) and other such documents have made clear provisions concerning this. These provisions still have effect and must be continuously implemented strictly. In order to guarantee the authority and gravity of the editing and publishing of speech anthologies of major Party and State leading comrades, and works researching their thoughts and lives, with the agreement of the Central leading comrades, the following demands are reiterated and put forward: Read the rest of this entry »


Supreme People’s Court Interpretation of Some Questions Concerning the Concretely Applicable Law in Hearing Criminal Cases Involving Illegal Publications

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(Passed at the 1032nd meeting of the Supreme People’s Court Trial Committee, promulgated on 17 December 1998, implemented on 23 December 1998)

In order to punish illegal publications criminal activities, according to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, some questions concerning the concretely applicable law when hearing criminal cases involving illegal publications are interpreted as follows:

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