Notice concerning Reiterating Provisions on Publishing Works of Lu Xun

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, all relevant publishers

The publishing of the works of Lu Xun is a work with a strong policy nature. Lu Xun’s works are rich in content and touch upon many major political and cultural issues in modern Chinese history. The Party and the State have always given high regard to the publishing work of Lu Xun’s works, and have formulated relevant policies and management regulations concerning the compilation and publication of “The Collected Works of Lu Xun”, collected essays and other major categorized collections.

In the recent period, some publishing work units have violated publishing management regulations and published different versions of “The Complete Works of Lu Xun” or categorized collections without special subject reporting and approval, which created a grave influence in all of society. In order to realistically strengthen the publishing management of Lu Xun’s works, guarantee the serious nature and academic nature of the publication of Lu Xun’s works, with the agreement of leading comrades in the State Council, all localities and all departments shall continue to earnestly implement the relevant provisions of our Administration’s “Opinions concerning Publishing Works of Lu Xun” (XCT No. (1996)46), which are reiterated as follows:

I, In all matters involving the publication of complete collections, literary collections (including categorized large-scale collections) and manuscripts by Lu Xun, publications work units must undergo examination, verification and approval by their controlling departments, and report to the Administration for Press and Publications for filing and approval.

II, The editing and publishing work of “The Collected Works of Lu Xun” will be undertaken by the People’s Literature Publishing House.

III, Other publishing work units that have already arranged selected topics related to “The Collected Works of Lu Xun”, Lu Xun literary collections and large-scale categorized collections, etc., or related goods undergoing manufacture, must provisionally cease editing and publishing work, and write out a written report and file it with our Administration, our Administration will deal with this after examination.




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