Notice Concerning Strengthening Local Television Channel Rebroadcasting Foreign Television Drama Management

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GFSZ No. [1999]489

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television offices (bureaus):

Recently, a number of local television stations have been planning to arrange rebroadcast of a batch of foreign television dramas imported in the past. In order to strengthen rebroadcast of foreign television drama management work, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, As from this date, all foreign television drama programmes permitted to be rebroadcast on local television stations (including cable) will be selected and published at regular times by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

II, Rebroadcast dramas included in the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television-published list, where rebroadcast is planned on wireless stations, the original importing work unit in principle extends contracts and distributes, where the original importing work units does not intend to extend the contract, the China International Television Company may act to extend contracts and distribute them; where rebroadcast is planned on cable networks, the China International Television Company uniformly extends contracts with the copyright holder and distributes them.

Contract-renewing work units shall before distribution  of the relevant television dramas, report all contract renewal materials to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Social Management Department for Filing.

III, All localities shall earnestly persist in the rebroadcast re-examination system. Foreign television dramas included in the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television rebroadcast drama list, before arranging rebroadcast, must be reported to the local provincial-level radio, film and television office (bureau) for re-examination, and only after approval may they be rebroadcast. Foreign television dramas not listed in the rebroadcast drama list, may not have contracts extended, be distributed, examined or broadcast by any work unit.

IV, All television dramas must abide by the relevant provisions of the “Copyright Law”, television dramas for which that station has not obtained lawful broadcasting rights may not be broadcast without exception.

V, Except from classic and famous works, all broadcast foreign television dramas may not be arranged for broadcast in the first programme set of that local television station, and may also not be broadcast on other programme channels during the golden hours between 18:00 and 22:00.

Wireless television stations and cable radio and television stations must strictly abide by the relevant regulations concerning the broadcast proportion of imported television dramas, among those, dramas with acrobatic fighting themes may not be arranged for concentrated broadcast.

VI, All levels’ education television channels must strictly implement relevant regulations that they may not broadcast television programmes that have no relationship with education content, where those are already being broadcast, this must immediately cease.

VII, All provincial (regions, municipalities) radio, film and television offices (bureaus) must adopt realistic measures to strengthen management over all sorts of television stations in their jurisdiction, and impose serious investigation and prosecution against broadcast of foreign television dramas in violation of discipline according to regulations such as the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, etc.

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television




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