Notice concerning Strengthening Radio and Television Mass-Participation and Live Broadcast Programme Management

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GFBZ No. (1999)703

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee propaganda departments, radio, film and television offices (bureaus), Central People’s Radio Station, China International Ration Station, CCTV:

Since entering the Nineties, not a few radio stations and television stations have run some programmes in which listening and viewing audiences participates, including live programmes in which listeners and viewers participate through telephone hotlines and live programmes with participation by guests of honour in television studios. This sort of programmes are able to give rein to the characteristics and superiority of radio and television, has a strong sense of mass participation, and has a certain attraction to listeners and viewers, but the problem that they are excessive and overflowing exists. Although all levels’ radio and television organs have already adopted some measures, which have gained certain results, because the particularity this sort of programme and the fact that some management measures have not been implemented well, deviations in orientation and political accidents still occur. In order to guarantee the correct orientation, incessantly raise guidance levels and realistically safeguard social stability, hereby, the following is notified in relation to the issue of further strengthening management over radio and television mass-participation and live broadcast programmes.

I, All levels’ radio and television organs’ leading cadres, chief editors, presenters, actors, producers, technology personnel, etc., must fully understand the nature of radio and television as the mouthpiece o the Party and the people, they must firmly establish a sense of politics, a sense of the larger picture and a sense of responsibility, further strengthen political acuity and political differentiation ability, firmly grasp the propaganda initiative, realistically keep the gate well.

II, The offering of radio and television mass-participation and hotline live programmes must absolutely be strictly controlled. All talk programmes involving relatively many political or sensitive topics should not adopt live broadcast methods, programmes not meeting conditions and that have not been grasped must adopt recording methods, where offering hotline live programmes is truly necessary, it must be examined and approved by the higher-level administrative radio and television management departments.

III, All levels’ mass-participation live programmes must formulate meticulous broadcast plans in advance, programme theme selection and plans must be reported to leaders for examination and approval, content of discussions with guests of honour must be fully understood. When inviting guests of honour to the studio to participate in love programmes, the inviter must be responsible for clearly understanding the situation of the guest of honour and must solicit the opinion of the guest’s work unit.

IV, Live programmes with mass participation offered on radio and television must use a “delay device”, must set up “storage telephones”, telephone editors and programme supervision systems, response plans must be formulated for when unexpected situations occur, and these are to be implemented after approval by station leaders. During major Party and State activities, sensitive periods and periods when sudden incidents occur, station leaders must go to the scene and jointly be responsible for keeping the gate with directors, producers and presenters, in order to guarantee broadcast correctness and security.

V, Mass-participation live programme directors, producers and presenters must hold permits for their positions, and are to be fixed. Comrades who have undergone certain training, who have a strong sense of responsibility and are skilled in operations and techniques must be selected, there must be concern and support for them, relevant policies and lines of actions must be timely transferred, they must regularly conduct training, to raise their policy level and gate-keeping abilities.

VI, It is necessary to further establish and complete mass-participation live programme management rules and systems, radio and television station leaders must bear general responsibility. Hierarchical responsibility, gatekeeping at all levels, implementation towards people, and strengthening supervision and examination must be achieved. Punishment regulations for accidents through negligence must be established and completed, in cases of violations of regulations causing political accidents, the responsibility of the relevant leaders and parties must be investigated, and punishment imposed on the basis of the gravity of the circumstances, on the basis of relevant regulations.

VII, All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee propaganda departments and administrative radio and television departments must, after receiving this Notice, conduct a one-time earnest investigation of  existing relevant programmes at their subordinate radio stations and television stations, in all cases where these do not conform to the requirement of the above provisions, adjustment and perfection must be timely conducted. Implementation must occur strictly according to these Regulations, realistically strengthen management, and bring the situation of implementing this Notice into annual examination and inspection content for radio and television.




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