Self-Regulation Convention for the Chinese Newspaper Sector

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Article 1: General Provisions

In order to safeguard the good social image and common interest of our country’s Socialist newspaper sector, ensure that newspapers persist in the correct public opinion orientation, persist in the principle of “serving the people and serving Socialism”, persist in the lawful operation of the newspaper sector under the presupposition of guaranteeing the social interest, stimulate and protect fair, just and orderly competition inside the newspaper sector, oppose and resist unfair competition, stimulate the sustained, stable and healthy development of our country’s newspaper sector, all member work units have voluntarily signed this Convention, and undertake the duty of implementing all agreements made in this Convention.

Article 2: Self-discipline clauses

Clause 1: Strictly obey all State management regulations on news activities, faithfully implement the social responsibilities of newspapers, do not make reporting any content that damages social or national interests, has vulgar style or has not been verified into a method of newspapers to participate in market competition.

Clause 2: During any propaganda or promotion activity in which newspapers engage, publish distribution quantities and advertising effects according to the facts, do not engage in false or misleading propaganda. Newspaper sheets or websites or any other method may not be used to engage in self-flaunting that does not conform to reality, work units in the same sector may not be openly criticized, slandered or attacked in any way. Distribution quantities should be reported according to the facts to the organ appointed through this Convention, and accept supervision and inspection of this organ.

Clause 3: Do not in any way confuse advertising content with news reporting content, do not confuse newsgathering activities with distribution, advertising and other commercial activities.

Clause 4: Strictly launch advertising business activities according to the law, strive to raise advertising service quality and levels, resist false advertising and advertising with unhealthy content, do not conduct dumping of advertising space or combined sales in any way.

Clause 5: Strictly launch distribution activities according to the law. Do not conduct distribution market competition through providing high commissions or large sums of money to distribution agency organs and individuals or other unsuitable methods, rationally determine newspaper prices. Distribution agency organs or individuals who are not operated by newspaper publishers themselves, may not be coerced with terminating the agency relationship, they may also not be refused the agency of the distribution business of a certain newspaper.

Newspaper publishers using self-run distribution networks are not to act as agent for the distribution foreign newspapers that have not been approved or any sort of internal publication, and must especially resist the distribution of illegal publication.

Clause 6: Do not adopt improper means to dig out any kind of commercial backbone or newspaper-running backbone from other contracting work units. If it falls under necessary personnel exchange, both sides should negotiate a settlement. In principle, the side hiring personnel should provide the necessary and reasonable economic compensation to the side losing personnel.

Clause 7: In purchasing newsprint or other important materials in the newspaper sector, do not drive up prices, do not hoard, corner or monopolize the supply of goods.

Clause 8: Launch many kinds of commercial activities according to the laws, conduct fair competition in every relevant sector and with every work unit in the same sector, do not utilize the social prestige and influence of the newspaper sector to seek improper gain.

Article 3: The rights of the contracting work units

Clause 1: The China Newspaper Association is the sponsoring work unit of this Convention, and will, together with relevant sector organization, list all the contracting work unit into a newspaper media advertising quality accreditation list, and recommend them with priority to domestic and foreign advertising customers and advertising agency organs.

Clause 2: Contracting work units may require the Convention organization to timely conduct distribution quality inspections, and publish verified distribution data.

Clause 3: Contracting work units may require the Convention organization to conduct investigation of other contracting work units’ acts violating the Convention and other unfair competition acts of other newspapers.

Clause 4: Contracting work units may require the revision of all clauses of this Convention, but must obtain the agreement of two thirds of the contracting work unit.

Article 4: The implementation and supervision of the Convention and the sanctions for acts violating the Convention

Clause 1: The China Newspaper Association has the authority to, on the basis of this Convention organize or appoint special organs to implement inspection and supervision over the contracting work units’ situation of implementing this Convention

Clause 2: Contracting work units shall unconditionally accept that the Convention organization and its appointed organs conduct inspection over their situation of implementing this Convention, and bear the corresponding expenses. The expenses for distribution quantity inspection are borne by the examined work unit, the expenses for investigating acts violating this Convention generally are paid in advance by the side requiring the investigation, if the acts violating the Convention are established, they will be borne by the side violating the Convention

Clause 3: Contracting work units where acts violating this Convention occur which are established through investigation shall, taking the gravity of the circumstances in regard, be subject to punishments of warning, public notification up to cancellation of membership from the China Newspaper Association on the basis of the “China Newspaper Association Constitution”.

Clause 4: Where investigated work units dispute the result of the investigation, they may put apply for reconsideration with the China Newspaper Association Presidium and Secretariat, the China Newspaper Association Presidium and Secretariat ruling will be the final ruling.

Article 5: Supplementary provisions

Clause 1: The powers to implement this Convention belongs to the China Newspaper Association.

Clause 2: All member work units of the China Newspaper Association, accept and obey all clauses of this Convention, and may sign and accede to this Convention.

Clause 3: The China Newspaper Association may, on the basis of the requirement of work, formulate implementation rules for this Convention.

Clause 4: This Convention takes effect on the date of conclusion.



第一条 总则

第二条 自律条款
第一款 严格遵守国家各项新闻活动管理法规,忠实履行报纸的社会责任,不以任何有损社会和国家利益的、格调低下的或未经核实的报道内容作为报纸参与市场竞争的手段。
第二款 在报纸所进行的任何宣传推广活动中,如实公布发行数据和广告效果,不作虚假、误导性宣传。不得以报纸版面、网页及其他任何方式作不符合实际的自我炫耀,不得以任何方式公开贬损、诽谤、攻击同业单位。发行数据应如实向本公约所指定机构申报,并接受该机构的监督核查。
第三款 不以任何方式将广告内容与新闻报道内容相混淆,不把新闻采编活动与发行和广告等经营活动相混淆。
第四款 严格依法开展广告经营活动,努力提高广告服务质量和水平,抵制虚假广告和内容不健康的广告,不以任何方式进行广告版面的倾销和搭配销售。
第五款 严格依法开展发行活动。不以向发行代理机构和个人提供高额回扣、高额资金等不当方式进行发行市场竞争,合理确定报纸定价。对非本报社自营的发行代理机构和个人,不得以中止代理关系为要挟,要求其拒绝代理某一特定报纸的发行业务。拥有自办发行网络的报社不代理未经批准的境外报纸和各种内部出版物的发行,尤其要抵制非法出版物的发行。
第六款 不采取不正当手段从其他签约单位挖取各种经营骨干和办报骨干。如属必要的人员交流,当事双方应协商解决。原则上,进人方应向出人方提供必要而合理的经济补偿。
第七款 在新闻纸和其他报业重要物资采购中,不哄抬物价,不囤积居奇、垄断货源。
第八款 依法开展多种经营活动,在各有关行业与各类同业单位进行公平竞争,不利用报业的社会声望和影响力谋取不正当利益。

第三条 签约单位的权利
第一款 中国报业协会作为本公约的发起单位,将与有关行业组织一起,将所有签约单位列入报纸媒体广告质量认证名单,向国内外广告客户和广告代理机构优先推荐。
第二款 签约单位可以要求公约组织及时进行发行量核查,并公布经核查的发布数据。
第三款 签约单位可以要求公约组织对其他签约单位的违约行为和其他报纸的不正当竞争行为进行调查。
第四款 签约单位可以要求修改本公约的各项条款,但必须得到三分之二签约单位的同意。

第四条 公约的执行、监督及违约行为的制裁
第一款 中国报业协会有权依据本公约,组织或指定专门机构,对签约单位执行本公约的情况进行核查和监督。
第二款 签约单位应无条件接受公约组织及其指定机构对其执行公约的情况进行调查,并承担相应的费用。发行量核查的费用由被核查单位负担,违约行为调查的费用一般由要求调查一方先行垫付,如违约行为被认定,则由违约方承担。
第三款 对于发生违约行为并经调查认定的签约单位,应视其情节轻重,由中国报业协会依据《中国报业协会章程》给予警告、通报、直到取消会籍等处分。

第五条 附则

第一款 本公约解释权属于中国报业协会。
第二款 凡中国报业协会会员单位,接受并遵守本公约的各项条款,均可签署加入本公约。
第三款 中国报业协会可以根据工作需要,制定本公约实施细则。
第四款 本公约自签署之日起生效。

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