Notice concerning Issues Relating to the Work of Deeply Launching a Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming under Control

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Ministry of Culture, State Commission for Economics and Trade, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Industry and Commerce

WSF No. (2000)42

Since the videophone conference on strengthening management over entertainment service venues and  the special campaign to bring electronic gaming venues nationwide under control, all provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committees and governments have, from the height of stressing politics, rapidly convened conferences, earnestly transmitted the spirit of the videophone conference, and established leading small groups to coordinate the special campaign work; all localities’ culture, trade and economics, public security, foreign trade and economics, information industry, Customs, industry and commerce and other functional departments have all performed their own functions, vigorously formulated special campaign work plans and re-examination and verification standards, organized large-scale propaganda, public opinion, investigation of the real situation and concentrated law enforcement work, a batch of business venues breaking laws and regulations have been strictly punished according to the law; news public opinion organs’ great propaganda momentum and the broad popular masses’ vigorous support has ensured that the special campaign work to bring electronic gaming under control has gained phase-type results, a good environment in which the whole society supervises and resists unlawful electronic gaming is being formed.

But a number of problems have also been revealed in the special campaign work: the phenomena of unlicensed or incompletely licenced business is still relatively widespread, apart from statutory State holidays and festivals, the problem that electronic gaming businesses admit minors is still relatively grave, and the situation that electronic gaming business activities are conducted illegally under the name of “computer training”, “Internet cafés”, etc., has not been fully brought under control. At the same time as expanding control strength against urban illegal electronic gaming business venues, harmful tendencies of businesses moving their unlawful machines and tools underground, to the suburbs and to the countryside have emerged as well, illegal electronic gaming business venues have become even more concealed and scattered. Some localities still insufficiently recognize the harm of illegal electronic gaming, coordination between departments is insufficiently smooth, which influenced the effect of the special campaign work.

In order to further promote the deep launching of the special campaign to bring electronic gaming business venues under control, realistically resolve the prominent problems existing at present, and firmly do the next stage of work well,  relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

I, Unifying thoughts, relentlessly grasping implementation, strictly enforcing the law, seeking substantial results

All localities and all departments must further study and understand the spirit of document GBF No. (2000)44 and the videophone conference of 30 June, fully understand the harm of illegal electronic gaming business activities, maintain high consistency with the Party Centre in thinking and action, accelerate the progress of work, expand law enforcement strength, guarantee that the special campaign to bring electronic gaming business venues under control obtains the expected results.

(I) Strictly and relentlessly implement matters according to the provisions of document GBF No. (2000)44. From now on, all examination and approval of new electronic gaming business venues is to be stopped without exception, and all unlicensed or incompletely licenced electronic gaming business venues are to be banned without exception; strictly punish business activities violating laws and regulations according to the law, those violating the provisions of Article 3 of document GBF NO. 2000(44) must be firmly closed and stopped, the phenomena of replacing closure or stopping with fines cannot occur; strictly formulate re-examination and verification standards and realistically implement them, it is not permitted to examine and approve the addition or renewal of electronic gaming equipment of any kind in exiting electronic gaming business venues, they can also not return en masse to the market for business under the name of raising scales or inferior quality, or any other sort of name; firmly cease production and sales activities of electronic gaming equipment, spare parts and accessories aimed at domestic markets; reduce electronic gaming business venue quantities to the largest possible extent, in order to thoroughly resolve the issue of the harm of electronic gaming.

(II) Continue to strengthen public opinion supervision and propaganda mobilization work with protecting the healthy growing up of minors as the main theme, further indicate government departments’ confidence and determination in firmly bringing illegal electronic gaming business activities under control. Propagate the harm of electronic gaming with clear colours flying, win the trust and support of the broad popular masses, guide primary and secondary students in consciously remaining at a distance from electronic gaming business venues and resist illegal electronic gaming business activities. Frighten unlawful operators through organizing open destruction of gambling machines and tools, propagating campaign results, model cases and other means, thereby shaping a strong propaganda and public opinion offensive.

(III) Aim at prominent problems exposed during the special campaign work, all relevant functional departments must both clarify their duties and implement management department responsibility and punishment system, and must jointly do special campaign work well through pooling forces. Culture departments are the first responsible departments in this special campaign work, must vigorously and actively give rein to their function as the controlling department of electronic gaming business venues, and together with relevant functional departments, coordinate and organize joint law enforcement actions; public security departments must strengthen public order management and fire prevention inspections in electronic gaming business venues, strictly punish gambling, peddling and dissemination of obscene goods and other activities breaking laws and regulations according to the law; information industry departments must firmly investigate, prosecute and ban computer gaming activities in computer information network business venues (including “computer rooms”, “Internet cafés”, “network coffee houses” etc.); industry and commerce management departments must, together with culture and public security departments, do re-examination, verification and registration work well, firmly ban unlicensed and incompletely licenced electronic gaming business venues; other relevant functional departments must also earnestly implement their work for the special campaign to the end according to their own duties and responsibilities.

(IV) The crux and focus points of the special campaign work must be grasped in integration with the real situation, it is necessary to deal with and gain control over focus areas and focus issues, grasp strictly and grasp substantially, and grasp results. It is necessary to, at the same time as continuing to expand the special campaign strength to bring urban electronic gaming business venues under control, let one level grasp one level, and grasp implementation at all levels. it is necessary to go deeply into the grass roots, regularly conduct inspection tours, sand strengthen inspection and governance over communities, factories, mines as well as suburban districts and the countryside; all levels are to publish reporting telephones, and achieve that reports are responded to; mobilize neighbourhood and resident committees and town and village committees, and other grass roots work units, to participate in the special campaign work, assist relevant departments in implementing the special campaign work to bring electronic gaming business venues under control to the grass roots and to the end, ensure that electronic gaming business activities violating laws and regulations have no place to hide.

(V) Equally stress blocking and dredging, integrate renovation and building, vigorously research, expound and guide closed business venues to change their business programme, vigorously propose cultural entertainment activities that are suited to the broad masses’ consumption levels that are healthy and beneficial, provide rich and varied culture and entertainment programmes to all walks of society, especially the elderly and youth, create a good social culture environment.

III, Guarantee governance quality, welcome inspection and examination

(I) Means and methods of inspection and examination work.

In inspection and examination work, a method integrating self-examination and spot checks is to be adopted, one level is to grasp one level, and all levels are to grasp implementation. The Nationwide Work Office for the Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming under Control will, on the basis of all localities’ self-examination, spot checks as well as the relevant situations, conduct comprehensive assessments over all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

1. In October, Nationwide Coordinating and Leading Small Group for the Work to Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming under Control will dispatch joint inspection and assessment groups to conduct examination and assessment of the situation of the special campaign to bring electronic gaming under control. The method of examination and assessment is hearing reports, open inspections and secret visits, convene examination and assessment work forums with participation from all walks of society, and other methods to conduct comprehensive assessment. The total assessment score is 100 points: among those, hearing reports counts for 30 points, open inspection and secret vests count for 30 points, and forum assessment counts for 40 points. Those with 80 points or higher meet qualifications, 60 points or higher basically meet qualifications, and under 60 points do not meet qualifications. Inspection and assessment results will be published nationwide, those meeting qualifications will be rewarded, those not meeting conditions will be put forward for open criticism, and they will be supervised in continuing to do the special campaign work well, until they meet examination and assessment qualifications.

2. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall, by the end of September, report the self-examination and assessment situation to the Nationwide Work Office for the Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming under Control, among which including written summary reports, the situation of open inspections and secret visits, (including the quantity of examined venues, the name of venues, the situation of business, violations of law and regulations, etc.), and the relevant situation of convening an examination and assessment work forum with participation of people from all walks of society (including the general appraisal of all walks of society concerning the special campaign work, meeting minutes, name list of participants, etc.)

3. All districts and cities under provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, are to handle matters according to the above method.

(II) Standards and requirements for examination and assessment work.

1. The content of hearing reports (total points: 30, more than 24 points: meeting qualifications, 18-13 points: basically meeting qualifications)

(1) the situation of the leadership giving it high regard and division of work and cooperation between departments (3 points);

(2) the situation of formulation and implementation of operational plans for the special campaign (3 points);

(3) the situation of the formulation and implementation of re-examination and verification standards (6 points);

(4) the quantities and proportions of real reduction (6 points);

(5) the quantity, scale and effects of concentrated investigation and control operations;

(6) the situation of publishing reporting telephones and receiving reports;

(7) the propaganda of the work plan and the real implementation results (3 points);

(8) editing and releasing bulletins and the work on filling out electronic gaming business venue special campaign situation statistics forms (3 points).

2. The content of open inspections and secret visits (total points: 30, 21 points: meeting qualifications, 16-20 points: basically meeting qualifications)

(1) those without licences or with incomplete licences (4 points);

(2) those within 200m from a primary or secondary school (3 points)

(3) those admitting minors outside of statutory State holidays and vacations (4 points);

(4) those violating State fire prevention and safety regulations (4 points);

(5) those contracting business out (3 points);

(6) those engaging in computer gaming business activities under names such as “computer room”, “Internet café”, etc. (4 points);

(7) those who have installed electronic gaming machines with gambling functions that return money, return iron balls, return vouchers, with on-screen scoring and other prizewinning methods (4 points);

(8) those with unlawful electronic gaming programme content (4 points);

3. The topics and participation in the examination and assessment work forum (total points: 40, 30 points or higher: meeting qualifications, 20-29 points: basically meeting qualifications)

(1) the understanding and appraisal of the local Party Committee and relevant government departments’ regard of this special campaign work (10 points);

(2) the understanding and appraisal of the local special campaign work propaganda strength situation (5 points);

(3) the understanding and appraisal of the electronic gaming business venue situation after the special campaign (20 points);

(4) the understanding and appraisal of the investigation situation of reports accepted from the masses.

4. Relevant requirements of inspection standards.

(1) In hearing reports, the most important matter is to understand whether closure and cessation has been conducted according to the provisions of Article 3 of document GBF No. (2000)44 and whether the quantitative situation of a reduction of venues after the formulation and implementation of re-examination and verification conforms to the principle of forceful reduction. The quantity of venues that have been realistically banned and have passed through re-examination and verification work refers to the proportion of the reduction of the total quantity of business venues that originally had complete licences, business venues that originally should have been banned for being unlicensed or incompletely licenced, cannot be calculated into the proportion of real reduction.

(2) The quantity of venues openly inspected or secretly visited should be 2-5% of the quantity after reduction. If the eight listed unlawful phenomena occur together, points for them must be deducted together.

(3) The persons participating in the forum should be well versed in special campaign work, and be teachers, household heads, students, journalists, Communist Youth League representatives, neighbourhood committee representative, village committee representatives, etc., who are concerned about the upbringing of minors. All localities should also invite local People’s Congress representative and Consultative Committee members to be present at the forum for guidance.

(4) Where, among the general comprehensive assessment, a single assessment dues not meet qualifications, the general assessment also does not meet qualifications. If two single assessments meet basic qualifications, the general assessment can also only be meeting basic qualifications.

At present, the special campaign work to bring electronic gaming business venues under control has entered a crucial phase. All localities and all relevant departments must, with a high sense of political responsibility and a sense of the urgency of the times, and in line with the principles of responsibility for the people and responsibility for the next generation, firmly implement the work deployment of the Centre and the State Council, strictly enforce the law, seek real results, deeply push this special campaign work forward, truly understand the prominent questions that the popular masses are broadly concerned about, realize a basic improvement in the electronic gaming business venue situation, and make the necessary contributions to the construction of a Socialist spiritual society.

24 August 2000

文化部 国家经贸委 公安部 信息产业部 外经贸部 海关总署 国家工商行政管理局


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