Notice Concerning Continuing to Launch Activities Attacking Smuggled and Pirated Films

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MoCM No. (2001)10

In 1999, the Ministry of Culture and SARFT launched a national-scale activity attacking smuggling and piracy of films, causing the tendency of overflowing of smuggling and piracy to be effectively restrained, and the film market environment has a certain change of appearance. Film is a sort of cultural consumer good, that is more and more welcomed by widespread consumers, especially distribution and projection income of domestically produced films in recent years has increased in different levels. But a number of offenders and criminals, driven by profit, produce pirate audiovisual film products on a large scale, especially pirated audiovisual products of domestic films cause grave effects on the film market. In order to attack smuggling and piracy of films, safeguard the regular order of our country’s film market, protect intellectual property rights, the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have decided in 2001, to launch national scale activities to attack smuggled and pirated films. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, All levels’ administrative culture entities and administrative film and audiovisual management entities must continue to implement the spirit of the “Notice Concerning Launching Activities Attacking Smuggled and Pirated Films” (MoCM No. (1999)3) promulgated jointly by the Ministry of Culture and SARFT, earnestly deploy and arrange attack on smuggled films work of this year. Realistically integrating attacking smuggled and attacking pirated films, focussing on attacking pirated domestic films’ illegal audiovisual products.

II, All levels’ administrative culture entities and administrative film management entities must strengthen film market management work. To regions where the smuggled and pirated films situation is grave, it is necessary to formulate  practical and feasible concrete schemes. The complete distribution and projection of domestic films, especially projection of specially recommended domestic excellent films, will be coordinated, it is necessary to strengthen market cleansing, and determinedly attack unlawful business activities.

III, Film distribution and projection work units must vigorously initiate cooperation with all levels’ administrative culture and film management entities’ work, culture market inspection teams must see this work as an important work and grasp it, and must probe to the bottom of discovered important clues, and go to the bone. The Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department and SARFT Film Bureau shall choose suitable times to carry out inspection of all localities’ activities attacking smuggled and pirated films.

IV, All provinces are requested to recommend a name list of advanced groups and individual attacking smuggling films, according to the relevant provisions of the “Rules Concerning Attacking Smuggled Films Rewards) (MR No (1999)75), and the “Notice Concerning Matters Relevant To Commending and Rewarding Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals Attacking Smuggled Films” (MR No. (1999)332.

The basis for selecting advanced collectives and individuals attacking smuggled films: whether or not they vigorously deployed activities attacking pirated films’ audiovisual products, whether or not the market order has visibly changed appearance, whether or not pirated films’ audiovisual products have been effectively restrained; whether or not illegal sale of pirated audiovisual products during the screening period of a film has been powerfully attacked, whether or not the film distribution and projection entities are satisfied, etc. Towards those uncovering big cases and important cases, investigating and prosecuting wholesale and retail nests, capturing large amounts of pirated audiovisual products, a handsome reward is granted.

V, The Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department and SARFT Film Bureau, will grant commendation and rewards to advanced collectives and individuals emerged from launching activities attacking smuggled and pirated films from 2000 to 2001 at the end of this year. All localities are requested to submit a name list recommended advanced collectives and individuals and achievement materials before the end of November, to the Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department.











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