Month: August 2001

Some Opinions concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform

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(20 August 2001)

ZBF No. 2001(17)

Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, and especially since the 14th Party Congress, the press, publications, radio, film and television sectors have held high the grand banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory, have earnestly implemented the principles and policies determined by the Party Centre with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, have closely grasped the correct orientation, have vigorously reformed, boldly explored, adjusted structures, reformed mechanisms, established collectives, fostered markets, raised quality, improved efficiency, the undertaking has developed rapidly, and strengths have clearly increased. Following our country’s entry into a relatively well-off society, the rapid growth of the popular masses’ spiritual and cultural requirements, following the preliminary establishment of the Socialist market economy system and the broad application of high and new technology in the media sphere, and following our country’s entry into the World Trade Organization and the further broadening of openness to the outside world, the press, publications, radio, film and television sectors face new circumstances, must grasp the opportune moment, deepen reform, accelerate development and vigorously complete the tasks entrusted to them by the Party and the State. Read the rest of this entry »


Notice Concerning Further Rectification and Standardizing of the Culture Market Order

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NDRC No. [2001]59

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

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Notice concerning Strengthening Management over the Use of Internet Information in Publications

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, Centre and State organ newspaper and periodical management departments, and the Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau:

Following the rapid development of network technology, the Internet has become an important channel for the dissemination of information, and has had a broad and profound influence on publishing and media. The situation that newspapers, periodicals, books, audiovisual products and electronic publications use Internet information grows daily, and publications departments may increasing attention to it. On the other hand, in the process of using Internet information, not a few problems have emerged in publications as well, for example: some publications have published false online information without verifying it; some cannot strictly and earnestly examine matters and keep the gates, grave political errors have emerged; some content is vulgar in style, harmful to the physical and mental health of minors, etc. These situations directly influence the quality of newspapers, periodicals, books and other such publications, and create a harmful social influence. In order to strengthen and standardize management over the use of Internet information by publishing work units, and ensure their healthy development, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the “Publishing Management Regulations”, hereby, the following matters are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »