Notice concerning Strengthening Management over the Use of Internet Information in Publications

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, Centre and State organ newspaper and periodical management departments, and the Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau:

Following the rapid development of network technology, the Internet has become an important channel for the dissemination of information, and has had a broad and profound influence on publishing and media. The situation that newspapers, periodicals, books, audiovisual products and electronic publications use Internet information grows daily, and publications departments may increasing attention to it. On the other hand, in the process of using Internet information, not a few problems have emerged in publications as well, for example: some publications have published false online information without verifying it; some cannot strictly and earnestly examine matters and keep the gates, grave political errors have emerged; some content is vulgar in style, harmful to the physical and mental health of minors, etc. These situations directly influence the quality of newspapers, periodicals, books and other such publications, and create a harmful social influence. In order to strengthen and standardize management over the use of Internet information by publishing work units, and ensure their healthy development, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the “Publishing Management Regulations”, hereby, the following matters are notified as follows:

I, All kinds of publications using Internet information’s in the publication process must persist in the Socialist publishing orientation, guarantee the correct political orientation and respect relevant State laws and regulations, the Internet information they use may not contain content prohibited by laws and regulations. The use of Internet information in publishing content involving major State principles and policies as well as ethnic, religious, military, foreign affairs, secret-keeping and other such aspects, shall strictly abide by relevant regulations, where it is not possible to grasp matters firmly, the opinion of relevant departments must be sought. When publications use Internet information, they shall abide by and persist in the principle of putting social effect first, they may not use sexual, violent, feudal superstition or vulgar information and content. Where publishing work units’ publications use Internet information that violates laws and regulations, they must bear all legal responsibility and administrative responsibility that this engenders

II, Publications that use Internet news reports or on-the-spot reporting works shall persist in the principle of accuracy, and must establish contact with the original manuscript-issuing work unit to earnestly verify matters before despatching manuscripts. Where publications’ use of Internet information results in content inaccuracy, they shall timely and openly correct this, and adopt effective measures to remove the influence. Newspapers and periodicals may not reprint unverified Internet news information.

III, Where newspapers and periodicals use Internet information, they must clearly indicate that it is downloaded, and clearly note the URL of the downloaded document, the time of download, etc.; where books, audiovisual products and electronic publications use Internet information, they must append a list of downloaded information, the URL of the downloaded document, the time of download and other matters.

IV, Where publications use Internet information that falls into the scope provided in the “Filing Laws for Major Selected Subjects in Books, Periodicals, Audiovisual Products and Electronic Publications”, special subject filing procedures must be  must be conducted according to regulations, without filing, no publication may be made.

V, Where publications use works containing Internet information, they shall abide by the relevant provisions of copyright laws, regulations and the “Supreme People’s Court Interpretations concerning Some Questions of Applicable Law when Hearing Copyright Dispute Cases Involving Computer Networks”.

VI, The higher-level controlling departments and sponsoring work units of publishing work units must strengthen supervision and inspection of the internet information used in publications of their subordinate publishing work units, earnestly implement their management responsibility, and must strictly keep the gate of content involving major incidents in the use of Internet information. Where grave consequences result from neglect of duties, apart from the fact that the responsible persons of the publishing work units and the persons directly in charge must be subject to Party disciplinary and government disciplinary punishment, it is also necessary to investigate the responsibility of the leaders of their controlling and sponsoring work units.

VII, Publishing work units as referred to in this Notice means the scope determined in Article 8 of the “Publishing Management Regulations”, including newspaper publishers, periodical publishers, book publishers, audiovisual publishers and electronic publishers, etc.

VIII, All publishing work units that violate the provisions of this Notice are subject to administrative punishment by the administrative press and publications management organs, in view of the gravity of the circumstances and according to relevant regulations. At the same time, they may also suggest that their controlling department and sponsoring work unit impose corresponding administrative punishment on the relevant responsible persons.

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