Implementation Regulations Concerning Accelerating Effective Integration of Cable Radio and Television Network (Trial)

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SSO No. (2001)1458

According to the Central Committee Secretariat, State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Transmission of the ‘Central Propaganda Department, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and General Administration of Press and Publication Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Press and Publications and Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform”(NDC No. (2000)17) and the “State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Printing and Distribution the ‘Ministry of Information Industry and State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Opinions Concerning Strengthening Radio and Television Cable Network Establishment and Management'” (SCS No. (1999)82), hereby, the following implementation regulations concerning effective integration of radio, film and television networks are formulated.

I, It is necessary to adopt many kinds of methods such as economic, technology, professional, administrative methods, etc., to accelerate effective integration of radio and television networks nationwide, establishing a new radio and television network operation setup with capital as link, with present network assets as basis, with programmes as the beginning point, with science and technology innovation as driver, linking up the entire country, linking high and low, shaping a new grouped management setup with uniform management, uniform operation, uniform professionalism and uniform standards, further stimulating network optimization and upgrade, and scale benefit expansion, further expanding effective central and provincial-level radio and television programme coverage, guaranteeing the safe broadcast and safe transmission of radio and television programmes, guaranteeing the sound of the Party and State to enter thousand families and ten thousand households.

II, Cable radio and television network integration, must persist in radio and television mouthpiece functions and public interest characteristics, persist in starting from the larger picture, starting from reality, suiting measures to local conditions, fixing eyes upon development, reasonably adjusting radio and television network investment, accumulation and profit allocation relationships, fully transferring all levels’ radio and television entities’ vigour and activeness. In the process of integration, it is necessary to realistically guarantee State rights and interest, prevent radio and television network asset loss, and it is gravely prohibited to sell at a low price or give for free State assets to individuals through stockholding means. Network integration must be closely integrated with grouping development as well as city (prefecture) and country (town) radio and television broadcast organ function transformation work, town and village radio and television management structure reform, thought over and considered as a whole, and completely moved forward.

III, Accelerating State and provincial-level radio and television programme platform construction, establishing programme databases, accelerating nationwide radio and television programme resource integration, shaping programme application platforms with  many networks that can be used for cable networks, satellite networks, wireless networks, Internet, etc., and that also can be used for many aspects such as high-definition television broadcast, standard definition television broadcast, cable television network on-demand programmes, Internet broadcast and search, audiovisual material publishing, etc., spurring nationwide radio and television network integration, thereby promoting radio and television to take the transformation from mainly providing public services to being able to provide diversified, individualized, and specialized service orientations on the basis of guaranteeing public service, as a radio and television development change and growth point.

IV, Radio and television network integration, must take technological innovation as driver and technological standards as guarantee. It is necessary to vigorously conduct cable digital television experiments, accelerate conditions for technological experiments such as reception systems, user management systems, professional information, electronic programme guidelines, etc., vigorously exploring new cable television network operation models, promoting the development of new sectors such as data broadcast, audiovisual on-demand broadcast, high-speed Internet, etc., broadening radio and television network service scopes, satisfying the requirements at different levels of users. It is necessary to grasp conducting technological standard formulation for cable television networks, data broadcast, etc., and perfect nationwide radio and television network standard setups. During the process of optimizing, upgrading and two-way creation of transmission networks and user networks, it is necessary to plan uniformly, and standardize uniformly, guaranteeing nationwide network technology system unity, linking of high and low, and smooth operation.

V, For radio and television network integration, it is necessary to break through in focus points, and implement in different steps. First, it is necessary to complete State and provincial network company establishment. Second, it is necessary to implement reorganization and integration, and professional connection of the State radio and television network and all provincial network assets, taking State network companies as the beginning point, with participation of all provincial network companies. Second, it is necessary to according to the requirements of the “Company Law”, accelerate integration of prefecture (city) and county networks allocated by provinces, prefecture (cities) and lower may establish provincial network company branch companies or subsidiary companies, through asset and professional linking realize the connection of the three levels of province, prefecture (city) and county, and uniform operation.

VI, For radio and television network integration, many kinds of methods such as absorbing, merger and purchasing may be adopted, but mainly use absorbing and merger. State network companies must vigorously support and promote provincial network company integration with prefecture (city) and county networks, and provide technical, professional and consultancy services, etc., they may select a part of the province (region) to conduct integration trials,  providing experience for establishing nationwide network companies. Provincial network companies must, according to methods such as “constant storage, incremental division”, etc., accelerate integration of prefecture (city) and county networks, shape radio and television transmission network companies with the province as unit.

VII, In all cases of radio and television network involving asset reorganization, it is necessary to use the “replacement cost method” to conduct asset valuation. In all cases where State-owned assets are involved, valuation must be conducted according to the provisions of the “State-Owned Asset Valuation Management Rules”, etc., the emergence of activities where asset valuation is untrue must be prevented, and State-owned asset loss must be prevented. Those whose funds have not yet been appropriately dealt with, or whose network assets have already been brought on the market, may use the method of joint operation to conduct professional integration, reasonably allocate profits, and vigorously create conditions, select correspondingly suited methods to conduct asset integration.

VIII, Radio and television transmission network companies must establish entrustment relations with radio and television broadcast organs, establish uniform account division and accounting systems conforming to radio and television network characteristics, rationalize the economic relations of account division or entrustment for sale, etc., between the network operation side and the programme content providing side, guarantee the lawful rights and interests of both sides. It is necessary to grasp formulation of expense policies conforming to the radio and television network reality.

IX, Financial problems of radio and television networks, are to be resolved according to the “Radio and Television Finance Structural Reform Implementation Rules”. The phenomenon of violation of financial regulations in the previous phase of the network process must be settled, funds already dealt with that do not conform to the requirements of regulations, will be appropriately dealt with within the radio and television system by methods such as preferential purchasing or transfer to State-owned large scale enterprise or undertaking work units.

X, Radio and television network integration must be vigorous and reliable. It is necessary to realistically strengthen leadership, straiten work discipline, with the approval of SARFT, guarantee that no problems arise in propaganda, not problems arise in transmission and no problems arise in teams, State-owned assets are not lost, and to guarantee the nationwide radio and television network integration transition to be smooth, and that it is successfully completed.

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

14 December 2001






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