Implementation Regulations Concerning the Radio, Film and Television “Marching Out Project” (Trial)

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According to the “Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Transmitting the ‘Central Propaganda Department, SARFT, and General Administration of Press and Publications Some Opinions concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform'” (GBF No. (2001)17), the following implementation regulations concerning the radio, film and television “Marching Out Project” are formulated.

I, The objectives and tasks of the radio, film and television “Marching Out Project” are to bring the voice of China to all places of the world. Through implementing the “Marching Out Project”, within five years, our radio, film and television programmes’ landing abroad, distribution and screening must have a relatively large progress and breakthrough, making audiences in all countries of the world, and especially in main countries of North America and Western Europe understand a true China, and understand our position, attitude and viewpoint in major international problems; within ten years, or radio, film and television is to be able to have competitiveness abroad that is equal to that of large Western media, and especially CCTV television channels are to realize multilingual and regionalized broadcast, striving to achieve that in all places where there are voices and images of large Western media, there are our voices and images, making our radio, film and television programmes’ produce a major international influence, and clearly improve the situation of “Western strength and our weakness” in the international radio, film and television sphere.

II, The radio, film and television “Marching Out Project” must be scientifically planned, comprehensively coordinated, rationally distributed, shaped with joint forces and entirely moved forward, shaping a structure with the Centre at the core, the localities as auxiliary, and radio, television, film, etc., to land in and exchange with all directions outside the country (borders)

Focusing on grasping the landing outside the country (borders) of foreign-oriented programmes of the three central stations, and especially the programmes of CCTV-4 and CCTV-9. Television must enter into cable networks, focus restaurants, broadband networks and live broadcast satellite systems outside the country (borders) with entire channels, radio must enter medium wave, FM, live broadcast satellite systems and cable networks outside the country (border), and mirror sites are established outside the borders, to raise the speed ad which overseas masses can call on our radio networks.

Giving priority to completing landing work for CCTV-4 and CCTV-9 in ten focus countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Thailand and India, in the year 2002, striving to realize complete channels’ landing in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries, and progressively expanding it. Vigorously adopting many kinds of methods to move our radio, film and television programme landing work forward towards Europe, North America, other neighbouring countries and regions, as well as South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, parts of Latin America and Africa. For some countries and radios, radio programme landing are to be given first place.

III, Broadening channels, adopting many kinds of methods to “march out”. Vigorously adopting all sorts of methods and means such as satellite, cable, wireless, Internet, renting equipment, mutual transmission, renting channels, renting time slots, establishing stations, organizing stations, etc., to move our the landing abroad of country’s radio, film and television programmes forward effectively. Selecting famous foreign media groups, network operators, hotel management companies having standardized management, advanced technology, that are credit-worthy, have a solid strength and are friendly to use and cooperating with them, in a reciprocal and mutually beneficial way, to stimulate making our radio, film and television programmes enter their cable networks and hotels or jointly organizing channels (frequencies), columns and programmes. Local stations may make cooperative programme production and programme exchange into the main method of cooperation with media companies outside the country (borders).

Vigorously launching foreign-oriented radio, film and television cooperation and exchange, forcefully moving forward that focus work units and cities such as the China Radio, Film and Television Group, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc,. vigorously launch many forms of cooperation and exchange, and establish fine cooperation and exchange mechanisms. Organizing Chinese film and television exhibitions (festivals) outside the country (borders), participating in international radio, film and television festivals (exhibitions), strengthening the overseas sales of film and television dramas as well as radio and television programmes, organizing large-scale foreign-related radio, film and television exchange and cultural performance activities. Strengthening exchange and cooperation with partner country media, conducting programme exchange, bilateral or unilateral sending production units and newsgathering units for partner countries’ production programmes, co-producing or group-producing television dramas, etc. In a planned manner inviting famous and influential international radio, film and television media responsible persons or famous journalists, presenters, editors, and film producers to visit China, strengthen understanding, stimulate cooperation and broaden propaganda of China.

IV, Integrating the overseas organ of the China Radio, Film and Television Group, forming overseas radio, film and television sales teams and organs, striving to form overseas sales teams with a certain strength and scale, that integrate landing and sales, within two years. Drawing support from forces on all sides to start new multi-channel sales methods, integrating moving forward our radio and television channels’ (frequencies’) landing and sales of radio and television programmes, and films.

Overseas sales organs must be rationally distributed, sales teams must be meticulously selected, main managing personnel is to be sent first by the China Radio, Film and Television Group, sales personnel may be engaged from other places on the basis of requirement. With approval, overseas sales organs may use foreign capital in financial aspects.

V, Increasing input of our radio and television programmes landing outside the country (border). Our radio, film and television programmes may be provided free of charge to influential media outside the country (borders), and influential cable channels may be purchased in focus countries to broadcast CCTV-4 and CCTV-9.

VI, According to the objectives tasks and requirements of the radio, film and television “Marching Out Project”, rationally arranging the distribution of foreign-oriented television channel satellite broadcast and radio sending stations in the entire world. Earnestly implementing high-power medium-wave and short-wave foreign oriented broadcast policies, medium-wave to cover neighbouring countries and regions, short-wave to cover a region within 5000 kilometres, for coverage outside a region of 5000 kilometres, methods such as renting equipment and mutual transmission, etc,. are mainly adopted. Adapting to the requirements of radio and television digitalization development, further expanding technology and equipment inputs, accelerating the renewal and transformation of old equipment and technology, scientifically conducting frequency management, expanding transmission power, extending relay time, strengthening direct broadcast coverage.

VII, Further raising foreign-oriented radio and television programme quality. It is necessary to correctly grasp programme orientations, foreign-oriented radio and television programmes must be healthy and upward, and reflect our country’s modernization construction achievements and excellent culture. It is necessary to realistically strengthen the focalization of programmes, their viewability (listenability) and affinity, raising and strengthening watching (listening) rates and real effects of programmes after landing. On the basis of the different requirements of different countries, different regions and different nations, meticulously selecting programme content and packaging methods, at the same time on the basis of different regions, arranging different broadcasting times, channels (frequencies) time slots and content. Utilizing many kinds of method to move programme regionalization progress forward, supporting radio and television programmes using languages of focus regions and target countries (regions) to land outside the country (borders).

VIII, Further strengthening investigation and research concerning the corresponding laws, regulations and corresponding policies of relevant countries, strengthening investigation, research and forecasting of international public opinion information. It is necessary to understand the different cultural requirements and enjoyment habits of different countries and different regions, be well acquainted with the political, economical, historical and linguistic characteristics customs and habits, ways of life, value systems, historical beliefs of target countries, as well as the China-related policies of those countries’ governments and the extent of understanding of and attitude towards China of the people of those countries. Strengthening relationships with audiences, establishing special audience research teams, giving high regard to supporting and giving rein to the function of audience clubs. Establishing effect-monitoring systems for our foreign-oriented radio and television programmes that land outside the country (borders), timely grasping the real effects and programme sales situation of overseas landing.

IX, Strengthening the macro-level management of the “Marching Out Project”. Straitening foreign propaganda and foreign affairs discipline, earnestly implementing reporting and approval procedures. All important matters involving programme landing or exchange (import) outside the country (borders), organizing exhibitions, etc., must be reported to SARFT for approval. Important negotiation work with media outside the country (border) must be conducted with SARFT approval or by responsible SARFT organizations. Local stations renting or purchasing time slots, channels (frequencies), or establishing and organizing stations outside the borders, must gain agreement from the provincial (regional, municipal) Party Committee Propaganda Department and Foreign Propaganda Offices Radio and Television Bureau, and reported to SARFT for approval.

Radio, film and television programmes must persist coordinating going in and out, and according to the principles of “reciprocity and mutual benefit”, foreign satellite television channels landing within the borders, shall commit to assist our radio and television programmes landing outside the borders in an appropriate manner.

X, Realistically strengthening leadership over the nationwide radio, film and television “Marching Out Project”. SARFT establishes a radio, film and television “Marching Out Project” leading small group. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other focus provinces (cities) must also establish corresponding organs. Strengthening radio, film and television foreign propaganda strength and organs, stimulating the united foreign-oriented development of foreign-oriented radio, film, television, and Internet propaganda, implementing unified management.



















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