Implementation Regulations concerning Implementing the “Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform”

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The Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat have transmitted the CCP Central Propaganda Department, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and General Administration of Press and Publications Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Sector Reform” (hereafter simply named “Some Opinions”). At present, the nationwide press and publications sector is deeply studying the important “July 1st” speech of General Secretary Jiang Zemin, and bearing in mind the larger picture of press and publications work and the requirements of the “Three Represents”, deepening press and publications sector reform, and earnestly studying and implementing the “Some Opinions”, which is of importance in guaranteeing that reform persists in the correct orientation and obtaining even quicker development. On the basis of the requirements of the Centre, hereby, the implementation regulations for implementing the “Some Opinions” in the press and publications sector are formulated.

I, Persisting in the correct guiding ideology, policies and principles

Deepening reform must raise high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory, have the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, persist in the basic Party line, persist in liberating thoughts, seeking truth from facts and everything starting from reality. Reform must fully consider our country’s national circumstances, fully consider the requirements for constructing the spiritual civilization, follow the Socialist market economy rules and the inherent requirements of press and publications sector development, learn from successful reform experiences in the economic sphere and foreign beneficial methods, benefit fully giving rein to the vigour of press and publications workers, benefit the stimulation of the flourishing and healthy development of undertakings, benefit satisfying the popular masses’ daily increasing spiritual culture needs, even better serving the people, serving Socialism, and serving the larger picture of the work of the entire Party and the entire country.

Deepening reform must have development at the core, structural adjustment as the main line, further expand actual strength, strengthen vitality and raise competitiveness. It is necessary to vigorously take the initiative, expand strength, innovate deeply, and steadily move forward. Persisting in putting social interest first, realizing the integration of economic interest with social interest; persisting in stimulating structural adjustment and market integration and stimulating industrial optimization and upgrading and the expansion of benefits of scale with deepening reform. Transforming from a planned economic system to an economic system adapted to the Socialist market economy system, from fragmented operation to scale operation, from mainly quantitative expansion to mainly raising quality, marching on a path of press and publications sector development of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Deepening press and publications reform must persist in the principle of the Party spirit, and closely grasp the correct orientation. The press and publications sector both has common industry properties, and has ideological properties, it is both mass media and is the propaganda and ideological battlefield of the Party, it relates to national security and political stability, and carries an important social responsibility. Regardless of under whatever circumstances, its nature as the mouthpiece of the Party and the people cannot change, the fact that the Party manages the media cannot change, the fact that the Party manages cadres cannot change, and the correct public opinion orientation cannot change. It is necessary to guarantee the leadership of the Party over the press and publications sector, guarantee the macro-level control strength of the Party over the press and publications sector, persist in arming people with scientific theory, guiding people with correct public opinion, moulding people with noble spirits and inspiring people with excellent works.

II, Correctly grasping the overall requirements and basic structure of reform.

It is necessary to, through deepening reform, explore the establishment of macro-level management systems that guarantee Party leadership under new circumstances, with appropriate regulation and control and ordered operation, that stimulate development, achieve two levels of control at the central and provincial, autonomous region or municipal levels, united Party Committee leadership, that administrative press and publications department implement administrative management according to the law and realistically implement social supervision and management functions, that administrative management and social supervision and management cooperate with sector management, administrative management department functions are clarified, press and publications work units’ controlling and sponsoring departments’ duties are clear. Exploring the establishment of micro-level operational mechanisms guaranteeing the correct orientation, that are rich in management vitality, completing leadership systems integrating Party Committee leadership with legal person governance structures, organizational structures with independent editorial business and operational business, and operations management models suited to market requirements and powerful in regulation and control. Exploring the establishment of legal and regulatory systems reflecting the characteristics of the press and publication sector and adapted to the general requirements of legal system construction and relevant international rules, completing law enforcement supervision mechanisms, strengthening law enforcement teams, raising law enforcement levels, where there is a law, it must be relied upon, law enforcement must be strict and violations of law must be investigated. Exploring the establishment of market environments disseminating healthy spiritual culture products, stimulating optimal resource allocation, with competition and order, adjusting market structures, completing market systems, standardizing market order, stimulating interconnection and interaction, shaping effective mechanisms that are fair and competitive, ensure the survival of the fittest, that benefit excellent spiritual cultural products to occupy the market. Exploring the establishment of open structures attracting foreign excellent culture and advanced technology, resisting degenerate culture, using both markets and both sorts of resources well, persisting in broadly opening up by giving the first place to ourselves, taking what we can use, determining quantities and distribution, in a purposeful, measured and selective manner.

III, Concerning grouping construction

Group construction must deal well with the relationship between points and surfaces, and completely let our country’s press and publications sector flourish. Nationwide trial groups (hereafter simply named “trial groups”) must stand on system innovation and mechanism innovation, strive to raise the core competitiveness of groups, and must use all sorts of beneficial conditions to expand and strengthen, in order to provide beneficial experiences for deepening reform and mustering the sector to move forward overall; other publishing work unit must according to the reality of each, explore reform and development paths suited to the characteristics of each.

The General Administration of Press and Publications and relevant provincial and municipal press and publications bureaus must assist Party Committee propaganda departments in promoting further deepening reform of already approved newspaper sector groups. It is necessary to, on the basis of deepening investigation and research and scientific elaboration, again approve the establishment of some newspaper groups. Newspaper groups belong to the undertaking nature, and implement a publishing committee (editorial committee) responsibility system under the leadership of Party Committees (Party Groups), where the Party Committee (Party Group) secretary concurrently acts as director. Newspaper groups shall earnestly conduct management system reform and operational mechanism transformation; strengthen public opinion influence and comprehensive competitiveness.

Strengthening macro-level guidance and policy support to the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Group, the Shanghai Century Publishing Group, the Beijing Publishing Group, the Liaoning Publishing Group, the China Science Publishing Group and the Shandong Publishing Group, in order to provide fair and necessary conditions for them to raise their competitiveness. After the formation of local groups, it is necessary to implement separation of government and undertaking, and press and publications management departments implement administrative supervision and management tasks. Publishing groups must have capital and business as links, and on the basis of clear demarcations of property rights, clarify asset operation responsibilities, and strive to conduct management system and operational mechanism innovation. Publishing groups belong to the undertaking nature, and implement a management board responsibility system under the leadership of Party Committees (Party Organizations), where Party Committee (Party Organization) secretary also chair the board of management. Selecting and vigorously fostering and supporting more than ten famous publishers and large publishers to become trial points for marching an intensive development path. Encouraging, guiding and helping these publishers to further optimize publishing structures, rationally allocate resources, give rein to their brand superiority, vigorously conduct scale expansion, and expand and strengthen as quickly as possible.

On the basis of continuing to grasp trial work in the Jiangsu New China Publishing Group, the Guangdong New China Publishing Group, the Sichuan New China Publishing Group and the Shanghai New China publishing Group, again approving the formation of some distribution groups in the near future, beginning to shape a nationwide publications sales system with competition between the East, the West, the South, the North, and the Centre, that is mutually stimulating, and conform to market operation rules. Distribution groups belong to the enterprise nature, and shall conduct formation according to modern enterprise systems, perfect legal person governance structures, establish scientific policymaking procedures, clarify property rights, have clear responsibilities, and guarantee the value maintenance and increase of assets. After systemic transformation, the post of publishing group board chair is to be concurrently held by the Party Committee chairman. Distribution groups must have book publishing as their core business, concurrently engage in distribution business of other publications, forcefully move cross-regional operation forward, as quickly as possible become regional and national publications sales centres, and may enjoy export operation powers with approval.

It is necessary to strengthen guidance over the reform of the China Audiovisual Publishing House, the China International Television General Company, the Shanghai Audiovisual Publishing House, the Pacific Audiovisual Company and the Beijing Hope Electronic Publishing House, and assist them in accelerating operational management transformation, raising the exploitation capacity and market share of originally-created programmes and products with indigenous intellectual property rights, strengthening the comprehensive operation capacity of many kinds of media, work units meeting conditions may cooperate and operate jointly with State-owned large-scale audiovisual product hardware enterprises in many ways, those with mature conditions may conduct merging or reorganization into some audiovisual groups with permission.

Constructing the “China Periodical Matrix”, expanding the construction strength of branded periodicals. It is necessary to foster a batch of periodicals that have a demonstration function in correcting grasp public opinion, shaping scientific effective management mechanisms and operational mechanisms, strengthening periodical team construction, strictly observing propaganda publishing discipline, having a well-rounded social interest and economic interest, etc., Through constructing the “China Periodical Matrix”, raising our country’s periodicals’ overall publishing level, creating branded periodicals having global influence. It is necessary to earnestly perform trial work of periodical groups with famous periodicals and large periodicals as “leaders”. At present, famous periodicals and large meeting conditions that apply to form periodical groups must conduct vigorous inspection.

Publishing work units outside of trials group may conduct cooperation and joint operation; those with mature conditions may conduct merger and reorganization with approval.

IV, Concerning concurrent multimedia operations

Trial newspaper groups, publishing groups, periodical groups and audiovisual groups, as well as intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers, may concurrently operate business in newspapers, periodicals, books, audiovisual products, electronic publications and network publications. To implement concurrent multimedia operations, the integration of stored resources shall be stressed, and chaotic setups avoided. Standards for the adjustment of publishing enterprises that have been cancelled or closed down because of not conforming to conditions in curing fragmentation and curing overflow, are mainly used to support the multimedia operation of relevant trial groups and trial work units. Vigorously supporting focus groups and focus work units to merge, reorganize or jointly operate with other media operation work units across different media. Reports of  mergers, reorganization, joint operation and applications for establishment of new media operation work units, are to be reported to the Central Propaganda Department and the General Administration of Press and Publications for approval after examination and verification by the provincial-level press and publications bureau of that locality and the agreement of the local Party Committee and government of that locality.

V, Concerning cross-regional operations

Vigorously encouraging trial publishing groups, periodical groups, audiovisual groups, distribution groups and intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers to conduct cross-regional business, central and provincial-level newspaper groups meeting conditions may implement cross-regional operations with approval. Cross-region operation shall be mainly realized through methods of merging and reorganization and joint operation. All organs requiring the establishment of brand offices, must undergo examination and verification by the provincial-level press and publications bureau of their locality and report to the Central Propaganda Department and the General Administration of Press and Publications. Branch organs established across regions must all accept the localized management of the press and publications bureau of their locality, trial groups must realistically bear management responsibility over the publication content and operation orientation of their subordinate work units. All levels’ press and publications management organs must provide good environments and conditions for cross-regional operation and may not in any way erect regional barriers.

VI, Concerning expanding financial channels

The editorial business and operational business of trial newspaper groups, publishing groups, periodical groups, audiovisual and electronic publication groups and intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers shall be separated through structural setup, editorial departments are to undergo agreement of the controlling department of the group and report to the Central Propaganda Department and General Administration of Press and Publications for approval, and may be funded through the press and publications system. Trial publishing groups, audiovisual groups, electronic publication groups and intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers undergo agreement from the provincial-level press and publications management department, and report to the General Administration of Press and Publications for approval, and are permitted to attract capital from State-owned enterprise and undertaking work unit through programme cooperation methods, but must strictly limit this to only conduct this within approved programme, investors may not enter into editorial business.

The editorial departments of trial newspaper groups, publishing groups, periodical groups, audiovisual groups, electronic publishing groups and intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers, with General Administration of Press and Publications approval, may be set up as limited liability companies or stock-holding limited companies according to the principle of modern enterprise systems, and attract capital from State-owned enterprise and undertaking work units, groups and related publishing work units’ State-owned capital shall not be lower than 51%.

With Central Propaganda Department and General Administration of Press and Publications approval, trial distribution groups may attract State-owned capital, non State-owned capital and foreign capital, groups’ State-owned capital shall not be lower than 51%.

Printing groups attracting foreign capital must report to the General Administration of Press and Publications for approval.

At the same time as attracting capital and setting up limited liability companies or stock-holding limited companies, it is necessary to earnestly perform asset appraisal work according to relevant State regulations, realistically guarantee the national interest, and it is strictly prohibited to sell State-owned assets at low price or allocate them without compensation to individuals through methods such as contracting, shareholding, etc.

Other press and publications work unit are to execute the present regulations without exceptions.

VIII Concerning completing market systems

Utilizing modern market organization forms and operational models, accelerating the integration of the publications market, shaping a nationwide unified, open, competitive and orderly publications market system. Between distribution groups, it is necessary to build nationwide and multi-level publications sales networks according to modern enterprise system requirements, with capital as link, with interaction and communication in aspects of distribution business. It is necessary to use the spirit of reform to expand nationwide book market innovation strength, and let it give rein to an even larger function in letting publications markets flourish. Fully giving rein to the backbone function of the Xinhua bookstores, encouraging other State-owned channels and circulation enterprises to operate publications businesses, shaping fair and effective competition between State-owned circulation channels, strengthening State-owned assets’ control force over the publications market. Guiding and standardizing non-State-owned capital to enter the publications market, operate according to the law and participate in competition. Exploring the establishment of regional and nationwide copyright markets, advertising markets, information markets, science and technology markets, talent markets, etc. Perfecting market rules, standardizing market activities, strengthening market supervision and management.

Vigorously exploring chain operation models adapted to the development requirements of our country’s publishing sector’s development requirements, shaping multi-level and multi-model publications chain sales operation networks. Giving rein to the good brand effect of the Xinhua bookstores and the network superiority of being found all over towns and the country, smoothen property rights relationships, integrating stored assets, first and foremost realizing Xinhua bookstore chain operation in large cities and provincial capital cities, and progressively radiating and extending them into small cities, through special permission, pooling and other methods, attracting other economic elements’ bookshops meeting conditions to participate. Striving to achieve in about two years’ time, to establish large-scale publications chain retail operations headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, and other cities. Further expanding chain operation network point functions, with sales as basis, at the same time launching rental, consulting and other businesses, raising service levels and service quality.

VIII, Concerning primary and secondary education textbook publishing and distribution reform

Conducting primary and secondary education textbook publishing and distribution reform, is a requirement for implementing the strategy to “rejuvenate the country with science and education”, and raising the quality of citizens, and is also an important measure for deepening publications structural reform, adjusting product structures and realizing sustainable development. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications management departments must, under the leadership of provincial autonomous region and municipal governments, together with education, industry and commerce, pricing and other departments, introduce competition mechanisms, and earnestly do primary and secondary education textbook publishing and distribution tendering trials and overall dissemination work well. All provincial autonomous region and municipal administrative education management departments shall, on the basis of the provisions of the “Publications Management Regulations”, timely provide primary and secondary education textbook catalogues and authorized textbooks. All levels’ press and publications departments and related publishing, printing and distribution work units must, with an earnest attitude, participate in primary and secondary education textbook publishing and distribution reform, and on the basis of the book catalogue and authorized textbooks determined by the administrative education management department, make meticulous arrangements, and realistically do publishing, printing and distribution work well, guaranteeing that “books arrive before class, and no-one is without a copy”.

IX, Concerning implementing the “marching out” strategy

During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, it is necessary to expand foreign-oriented focus publications publishing strength, a batch of foreign-oriented focus publishing projects must be purposefully arranged for all sorts of publications’ focus publishing planning in the “10th Five-Year Plan”, and it is especially necessary to purposefully arrange a batch of foreign-language publications and publications contrasting Chinese and foreign languages aimed at the demands of foreign readers. Relevant publishing management departments and publishing work units’ controlling departments shall give high regard to foreign-oriented focus projects listed in the national focus publications planning, and grant the necessary financial support.

With the approval of the Central Propaganda Department and the General Administration of Press and Publications, a small number of newspaper groups, publishing groups and periodical groups is selected to enter into cooperation with famous foreign media groups with standardized management, advanced technology, that are creditworthy and friendly to us.

It is necessary to adopt many kinds of methods such as cooperative publishing with foreign publishing and distribution organs, regional agencies or copyright trade, etc., to make our country’s excellent publications march towards the world in larger numbers and more quickly. It is necessary to support publishing work units meeting conditions to go abroad to set up publishing companies, encourage publishing and distribution work units meeting conditions to establish bookstores abroad, encourage branded periodical to adopt many kinds of methods to go abroad to set up periodicals. Organizing the Beijing International Book Exhibition well, and making it become one of the important publishing exhibitions in the world. It is necessary to organize influential and important international publishing exhibition participation work for focus localities well, and meticulously organize excellent publications’ participation, clarify themes and raise effects. Organizing foreign experts from the publishing world to come to our country and give lectures or conduct thematic deliberation, and regularly or irregularly organizing international publications business conferences.

X, Concerning completing legal and regulatory systems

It is necessary to formulate the necessary laws, regulations and rules, revise or abolish regulations and rules that are no longer suitable, with revision and rolling out “one law and four regulations (the “Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Publications Management Regulations”, the “Printing Sector Management Regulations”, the “Audiovisual Product Management Regulations” and the “Computer Software Protection Regulations” as basis, completing press and publications legal and regulatory systems, on the basis of the characteristics of the press and publications sector and strengthening social supervision and management, and on the basis of the World Trade Organization rules and our country’s government’s commitments involving press and publications. It is necessary to further perfect laws, regulations and rules concerning entry systems, professional qualifications, sector standards and market supervision and management and other aspects, on the basis of the requirements and principles of “one law and four regulations”. Expanding administrative law enforcement strength, realistically achieving that where there is a law, it must be followed, law enforcement must be strict, legal violations must be investigated, earnestly performing press and publications law and regulation propaganda, dissemination and training work, raising the legal system consciousness of management workers and professional personnel.

XI, Concerning utilizing high and new technology

All localities, all departments and all work units must give high regard to the influence and promotion of scientific and technological progress on the press and publications sector, must earnestly formulate science and technology progress development plans, and especially for digitalization and networking, it is necessary to expand input, introduction and training of talent and other measures through strengthening organizational leadership, accelerating the digitalization and networking progress of traditional publishing resources. In press and publications work unit editing, printing and distribution business dealings as well as enterprise and undertaking work unit operation management, digital statistics and information exchange, etc., computer management must be realized as quickly as possible. It is necessary to pay attention to following the newest technology for publications carriers, introduce, digest and indigenously exploit editions and forms suitable to our country’s readers. Forcefully spreading direct printing technology, striving to expand on-demand printing markets. Incessantly exploring electronic commerce and other publications trade forms. Further perfecting in-print publications cataloguing systems, strengthening management over publications’ book numbers, periodical numbers and version numbers, as well as bar codes, progressively using two-dimensional bar codes. Establishing and competing press and publications management information network systems, establishing electronic government, raising service efficiency.

XII, Concerning publishing work units’ internal reform

Press and publications work units must liberate thoughts, expand reform strength, completely and deeply move reform forward in three systems: human resources, labour and distribution, fully entre into competition mechanisms. Publishing undertaking work units must forcefully move appointment and employment systems for all personnel forward, publishing enterprises must perfect labour contract systems according to relevant State regulations, and shape mechanisms for personnel to be able to go in and out, management personnel to go up or down, and income distribution to increase or decrease., expanding encouragement strength for management personnel and professional backbones with outstanding achievements, pulling distribution differences open, exploring many kinds of methods for income distribution systems. Internal operational mechanism reform must put forth effort to strengthen innovative capacity, forcefully move informatized management forward. Press and publication enterprise and undertaking work units must all establish asset operation responsibility systems, and bear responsibility for State-owned asset value maintenance and increase. Publishing enterprises must progressively establish and perfect legal person governance structures, perfect collective policymaking structures, and establish systems that can trace individual responsibility. It is necessary to strengthen cost accounting and cost management, completely launch quality management, and it is especially necessary so strengthen sales organs and sales personnel management. It is necessary to give high regard to the management, protection and rational use of intangible assets.

XIII, Concerning talent training and team construction

It is necessary to earnestly summarize and continue to forcefully move forward press and publication “cross-century talent project” construction, and through many kinds of methods, conducting on-the job training for excellent talents. Organizing the selection of professional backbones from the nationwide press and publications system to go abroad for observation and training, at present it is necessary to focus on fostering a batch of specialist talents that know press and publication management business very well, and grasp international trade rules. Further strengthening press and publications cadre education and training work and training base construction, perfecting press and publication on-the-job training systems, and post certification systems. Implementing specialist publishing technological personnel professional qualification systems, establishing professional qualification systems for personnel at important posts in the press and publications sector. It is necessary to realistically strengthen all levels’ press and publications management department official team construction, implement cadre competition appointment, announcement before tacking office, rotation, exchange and other systems, strengthening the fostering of reserve cadres.

XIV, Concerning forcefully supporting the press and publications undertakings in the Western regions

Press and publications work in the Western regions and especially the border and ethnic minority regions bears a special political responsibility, which relates to national security and social stability, input must be expanded, and relevant economic policies must be further perfected. Western regional and especially Western ethnic regional Party Committees and governments are suggested to further expand support strength to the ethnic press and publications sector, and on the basis of the reality of that location, guarantee that all financial inputs into that regions ethnic press and publications sector are raised relatively largely on the basis of stable increase. It is necessary to organize the nationwide press and publications system to expand mutual assistance strength, encourage cooperative publishing, reciprocal cooperation, fully giving rein to the resource superiority of ethnic minority regions and the financial, management and technological superiority of inland press and publications work units. Western and especially border ethnic minority region press and publications systems must also deepen reform, and strive to shape self-development and self-accumulation capacity. It is necessary to further enrich and perfect the use and management methods of ethnic publishing funds.

XV, Concerning continuing to eliminate fragmentation and eliminate overflow

It is necessary to deepen press and publications reform and further integrate doing well fragmentation and overflow elimination work, strictly prohibiting the purchasing and selling of book numbers, periodical numbers and edition numbers, rectifying social and cultural life-type periodicals, “sweeping away pornography”, “striking illegality” and rectifying the printing sector” and other work, according to the development plans and macro-level distribution in the “10th Five-Year Plan” period for the press and publications sector, implementing structural adjustment of the press and publications sector, using the thinking of reform to grasp putting things in order, grasp rectification, and grasp supervision and management. Determinedly and seriously investigating and punishing activities of abandoning final publication examination powers and press and publications work units operational management powers; adjusting newspaper and periodical structures, supporting science and technology-type periodical development, putting in order social and cultural life-type periodicals, it is necessary to strictly investigate and prosecute periodicals violating regulations and violating discipline. On the basis of focusing on grasping putting in order and rectifying the printing sector, further strengthening management over printing and reproduction industries, and perfecting management systems and management methods.

XVI, Concerning strengthening organizational leadership over reform

The General Administration of Press and Publications and relevant provincial-level press and publications management departments must deeply investigate and research, focus on grasping the development situation, development problems of trial newspaper groups, publishing groups, distribution groups, periodical groups, audiovisual groups, electronic publication groups and intensively developing famous publishers and large publishers, and timely guide them and timely adjust relevant policies, providing a desirable external environment to stimulate their development, expansion and strengthening.

It is necessary to fully give rein to the commercial decision-making power of trial work units. In all cases where trial work units’ reform measures break through present policies, reporting for approval formalities must be implemented according to procedure, without permission, they are not permitted to go ahead on their own accord.

Implementing trend management over trial work units. If trial work units’ operations do not achieve the requirements of reform after a period of time, or problems of violating discipline and violating regulations appear, either their trial work unit qualifications will be revoked or their preferential policies will be partially stopped with consideration of their situation.

To establish trial groups, after agreement by the local Party Committee or government, it must be reported to the Central Propaganda Department and General Administration of Press and Publications for approval.

All provincial autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus must, according to the “Some Opinions” and the spirit of these Implementation Regulations, revise and perfect reform plans, and formulate work plans to implement the “Some Opinions”. After reform plan formulation is complete, it is to be reported to the General Administration of Press and Publications.

A catalogue of eight supplementary documents to the “Implementation Regulations”

1, Some Opinions concerning Press and Publications Group Construction (XCB No. (2002)714)

2, Implementing Opinions Concerning Standardizing Press and Publications Sector Funding Activities (XCB No. (2002)715)

3, Some Opinions Concerning Press and Publications Cross-Regional Operations (XCB No. (2002)716)

4, Implementing Rules for Press and Publications Sector Leading Position Post Qualifications (XCB No. (2002)717)

5, Provisional Regulations for Specialist Publishing Technology Personnel Qualifications Management (XCB No. (2002)718)

6, Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Social, Cultural and Life-Type Newspaper and Periodical Management (XCB No. (2002)719)

7, Provisional Regulations on Printing Sector Manager Qualification Conditions (9 November 2001, People’s Republic of China General Administration of Press and Publications Decree No. 15)

8, Provisional Regulations on Establishing Foreign-Invested Printing Enterprises (29 January 2002), People’s Republic of China General Administration of Press and Publications and Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation Decree No. 16)



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