Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Social, Cultural and Life-Type Newspaper and Periodical Management

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(XCB No. (2002)719)


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, general political and propaganda department press and publications bureau, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau:

Social, cultural and life-type newspapers and periodicals have satisfied readers’ multi-level reading requirements, and expanded the newspaper and periodical market. At the same time, a number of problems has appeared with this sort of newspapers and periodicals, which are mainly reflected in: some newspapers and periodicals deviate from correct public opinion orientations, carry false reports, make a hubbub about “social hot points”, play up human interest stories with a vulgar style, etc., creating a harmful influence on society. In order to implement the Party’s propaganda work principles and policies, stimulate the healthy development of the newspaper and periodical sector, management over this sort of newspapers and periodicals must be further strengthened. Hereby, the relevant matters are notified as follows:


I, Persisting in the correct public opinion guidance. Social, cultural and life-type newspapers and periodicals are an important propaganda, ideology and culture battleground of the Party, bear a responsibility to propagate the Party line, principles and policies, and must persist in correct public opinion guidance. They must preserve a high consistency with the Party Centre, strictly observe the Party’s press and publications principles and propaganda discipline, and strictly implement State laws, regulations and rules relating to newspaper and periodical publishing.


II, Persisting in preventing false reporting. Social, cultural and life-type newspapers and periodicals carrying relatively many human interest stories, and on-the-spot contributions, when editing and releasing drafts, must strictly keep the gate of manuscript checking. When adopting news and on-the-spot contributions from reporters, the work units involved in the report must issue proof of “verified contribution”. When reprinting content from other newspapers and periodicals, the situation of the contributions’ source must be verified in detail with the originally publishing work unit or broadcast media, determining that there are no mistakes, and only then may it be published. When newspapers and periodicals carry false reports, regardless of what the grounds are, the responsibility of the newspaper or periodical publisher must be investigated.


III, Implementing appointment certification systems. Press and publications management departments must establish and complete newspaper and periodical appointment certification standards together with relevant departments, the editor-in-chief (main editor) must conform to the provided conditions for appointment, editors and journalists as well as advertising and distribution personnel without exception must undergo training and examination, to be appointed with certification. Relevant departments must conduct education concerning Marxist viewpoints to the personnel employed in newspaper and periodical publishers without interruption, and stimulate them to incessantly raise their political and ideological quality.


IV, Implementing leadership responsibility systems. The controlling department and sponsoring work unit of social, cultural and life-type newspaper and periodicals, shall, on the basis of the “Provisional Regulations Concerning the Responsibilities of Publishing Work Units’ Sponsoring Work Units and Controlling Work Units”, firmly establish a political consciousness, a sense of responsibility and a consciousness of the larger picture, realistically strengthen leadership and management over newspaper and periodical publishers, and take responsibility for the social effects of propaganda. They must determine special persons and special organs to be responsible for newspaper and periodical management work, and timely transmit the relevant spirit of higher levels, regularly hear the reports from newspaper and periodical publishers, and earnestly grasp the orientation of newspapers and periodicals. When problems emerge in the newspapers and periodicals they manage, the leadership of controlling authorities and sponsoring work units must bear their responsibilities.


V, Strictly implementing newspaper and periodical violating warning systems. Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities where there are two or more newspapers and periodicals that are ordered to cease operations by the General Administration of Press and Publications within one year, may the next year not again approve more new newspapers and periodicals or accept newspaper and periodical matters such as name changes, etc. The registration of newspapers and periodicals gravely violating discipline and regulations will be cancelled.


VI, Continuing to adjust newspaper and periodical structures. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities must on the basis of the requirements of undertaking development and the real situation of the local newspaper and periodical market, continue to adjust structures and rationalize distribution. These social, culture and life-type newspapers and periodicals with a wrong orientation, vulgar style, low quality and small distribution numbers must be closed down.


VII, Strengthening manuscript evaluation work. All levels’ press and publications management departments must further establish and perfect manuscript examination work, organize manuscript examination organs and manuscript examination teams, and shape complete manuscript examination network systems. At present, they must take scientific theory, current affairs and politics, cultural life, literature and art, abstracts and other sorts of newspapers and periodicals as manuscript evaluation focus points. Strictly implementing major situation reporting systems, where not reporting or late reporting creates consequences, the responsibility of the relevant leaders must be investigated.


VIII, Further standardizing the newspaper and periodical market. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities must expand their investigation and prosecution strength concerning illegal publications, and at the same time conduct earnest clean up of their internal informative publications and printed advertising. For all internal  materials, they may without exception not be priced, and may not be sold on the market; all printed advertising must conform to the requirements of advertising law, and may not contain non-advertising information, and may not be published in newspaper or periodical form; without permission, newspapers and periodicals registered in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan may without exception not solicit subscriptions or be sold on the mainland. Those violating the above provisions will be banned for illegal publications without exceptions.


On the basis of the present problems existing in newspaper and periodical publishing work, concentrated control and rectification will continue to be implemented concerning small newspapers and small periodicals, fundamentally resolving the problems of prominent violations of discipline and regulations in small newspapers and small periodicals. The law must be strictly enforced and a number of small newspapers and small periodicals that gravely violate discipline and regulations cancelled; it is necessary to strictly control the total quantity of newspapers and periodicals, and apart from science and technology periodicals, no newly-organized newspapers and periodicals will be examined and approved for the time being, and no organizing of social, cultural and life-type newspapers and periodicals will be approved without exception, and integrated with restructuring, a batch of newspapers and periodicals violating discipline and violating regulations with vulgar levels  will be removed or merged; the management responsibilities of controlling and sponsoring work units towards their subordinate newspapers and periodicals must be further strengthened. Through concentration, control and rectification of small newspapers and small periodicals, giving the larger newspaper and periodical work picture a large change of appearance.















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