Notice Concerning Issues Related to Implementing the “Audiovisual Product Import Management Rules

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In order to even better implement the “Audiovisual Product Import Management Rules” (Ministry of Culture and General Administration of Customs Decree No. 23) that took effect on 1 June 2002, the issues relating to audiovisual product import management are notified as follows:

I, Audiovisual product master tapes (discs) imported by audiovisual publishing work units for use in publishing, specimens submitted for application and finished audiovisual products imported for use in sales by finished audiovisual product import work units, shall be allowed by Customs to pass after inspection on the basis of the “Ministry of Culture Import of Audiovisual Product Approval Note” stamped with the “Ministry of Culture Audiovisual Product Inspection Special Stamp”. The “Ministry of Culture Import of Audiovisual Product Approval Note” will be issued once per approval, it is prohibited to use it more times, the content on it may not be altered.

II, For other work units or individuals taking or mailing audiovisual products into or outside of the borders for non-commercial purposes, the relevant Customs management regulations apply






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