Notice on Preventing and Attacking Unlawful Audiovisual Products Pirating “Hero”, Etc.

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The domestic film “Hero” will be screened nationwide in the near future. VCD and DVD copyright of this film for our country’s Mainland region has been obtained for the sum of 17,8 million Yuan by Guangdong Weijia Audiovisual Products Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Feishi Film Co. Ltd, this is a vigorous exploration for our country’s film market operation. Because audiovisual “Hero” product publishing and distribution will follow after cinema screening, it will be easily pirated by domestic and foreign lawless pirates. Our Ministry’s Market Department has already made prevention and attacking of pirated audiovisual products of domestic and foreign films such as “Hero”, etc. a focal work point for the near future, and on 29 November, primary arrangements for this work matter have been made (see “Investigation and Confiscation Catalogue” on “China Audiovisual Film Net” Hereby, relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, VCDs and DVDs of the film “Hero” will be jointly distributed by Guangdong Weijia Audiovisual Products Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Feishi Film Co. Ltd. Our Ministry’s Market Department will timely publish the authentic “Hero” audiovisual product characteristics in the bulletin board on “China Audiovisual Film Net”.

II, Wherever audiovisual products copying “Hero” or posing as “Hero” are discovered, confiscation must be speedily organized, strict punishments imposed according to the law.

It is both necessary to pay close attention to mobile vendors and retail market trends, and necessary to use vigorous energy in conducting hard and thorough searches, attacking illegal production sources and underground warehouses. Where the business volume reaches the “Regulations Concerning Economic Crime Case Prosecution Standards” of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security, timely transfer for filing to the public security entities is necessary.

III, Prevention and strongly attacking pirated audiovisual products of “Hero” and other films in screening, is a focal point for New Year and Spring Festival period cultural market supervision. All localities must hold this in high regards, deploy earnestly, realistically safeguard normal film audiovisual market order, protect intellectual property rights and ethnic cultural industry development.

IV, For preventing and attacking pirated “Hero” audiovisual products, it is necessary to change passive confiscation to prevention and taking the initiative in attacking in advance, change the separated actions of government and enterprise into shaping joint coordinated battles, where piracy is encountered, it must be attacked, attacks most be strict, obtaining a complete victory for authentic “Hero” copies in resisting piracy.

In order to coordinate the participation of the wide masses in attacking piracy, Guangdong Weijia Audiovisual Products Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Feishi Film Co. Ltd have reported reward measures. All localities must publish reporting telephone numbers, and timely deal with reports by the masses.

Our Ministry’s Cultural Market Department reporting telephone numbers: 010-65551899, 65551010; e-mail:











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