Internet News Information Service Self-Discipline Convention

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(December 2003, Beijing)

In order to strengthen sector self-discipline, further standardize Internet news information service activities, safeguard a good Internet development environment, stimulate the rapid and healthy development of our country’s Internet, and serve Socialist modernization construction even better, this Convention is formulated. Internet news information service work units acceding to this convention will achieve that:

I, They abide by the basic principles of patriotism, abiding the law, fairness and honesty, start from the height of safeguarding the interest of the country and the entire sector, consciously abide relevant State laws, regulations and policies, forcefully promote moral construction in the Internet sector, and vigorously move sector self-discipline forward.

II, They hold high the banner of patriotism from beginning to end, forcefully carry forward the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese nation and Socialist morality, and become an important battlefield for the dissemination of advanced culture.

III, They do not produce or disseminate information that endangers national security or social stability, violates laws or regulations, is obscene, sexual or superstitious, and other such harmful information, persist in resisting information and content that is opposed to the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese nation and moral norms.

IV, They engage in news information service business on the basis of lawful qualifications obtained according to relevant State laws and regulations, they shall respect and protect intellectual property rights; provided new information will have a correct orientation, will be objective and accurate, and its sources lawful, other provided services are to be civilized and healthy.

V, They strengthen management, consciously safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the broad users, guide the broad users to use the network in a civilized manner, strengthen a sense of network morality, and consciously resist the dissemination of harmful information.

VI, They consciously accept government management and public supervision, strengthen management and education of their employees and personnel, and raise the professional and moral levels of employees and personnel.

VII, They launch business activities on the basis of the principles of sincerity, trust and fair competition, oppose improper competitive activities, propose unity and cooperation, and realize common development.

VIII, They consciously abide by the self-discipline requirements of this Convention, shape strict and standardized self-discipline mechanisms within the sector, and promote the implementation of this Convention.

IX, They consciously abide by the self-discipline norms formulated on the basis of the principles of this Convention.

X, They agree that the Internet Society of China Internet News Information Service Work Committee supervises and inspects the implementation of this Convention.

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(2003年12月 北京)
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