Some Opinions concerning Further Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors

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ZF No. (2004)8

In order to deeply implement the spirit of the 16th Party Congress, adapt to the requirements of new circumstances and new tasks, completely raise the ideological and moral quality of minors, hereby, the following opinions on further strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors are put forward.

I, Strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors is a major and urgent strategic task.

(1) Minors are the builders of the motherland’s future, and are the successors of the cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. At present, there are about 367 million minors under the age of 18 in our country. How their ideological and moral situation is, directly relates to the overall quality of the Chinese nation, and relates to the prospects of the country and the fate of the nation. Giving high regard to the education and fostering of the next generation, and striving to raise the ideological and moral quality of minors, is a fine tradition of our Party, and is an important guarantee that there will be no lack of successors for the cause of the Party and the State. Since the 4th Plenum of the 13nd Party Congress, the third generation of collective Central leaders with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core has persisted in the strategic principle of “grasping with both hands, both hands must be strong”, adopted a series of major measures, to realistically strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors within completely moving Socialist spiritual civilization construction forward. Since the 16th Party Congress, the Party Centre with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary has, from the height of completely constructing a relatively well-off society, put forward clear requirements concerning further strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors in a new century and a new phase, and made new important deployments. All regions and all departments earnestly implement Central requirements, persist in guiding the ideological and moral construction of minors with Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought, deeply conduct patriotic, collectivist, Socialist and Chinese national spirit education, forcefully strengthen citizens’ moral education, realistically improve moral education work in schools, broadly launch spiritual civilization creation activities and social practice of moral practice activities in diverse ways, vigorously create a good public opinion atmosphere and social environment benefiting the healthy growing up of minors, incessantly raising the comprehensive quality of the broad minors. Warmly loving the motherlands, being vigorous and upward, united and friendly, civilized and polite is the mainstream of the present Chinese minors’ spiritual world.

(2) Facing the deep changes in the international and domestic situations, minors’ ideological and moral construction both faces new opportunities and faces grave challenges. Our country’s further broadening of its opening up to the outside world, has created even more beneficial conditions for the broad minors to understand the world, increase knowledge and broaden their horizons. At the same time, international hostile powers’ struggle with us for successors is also becoming more acute and complex every day, they use all sorts of channels to intensify their ideological and cultural infiltration of our minors, the influence of some degenerate and declining life methods on our minors cannot be underestimated. Our country’s Socialist market economy’s deep development, the daily increasing diversity of social and economic components, organizational methods, employment methods, relations of interest and methods of distribution have created a broader space for the complete development of minors, and new thinking and new viewpoints that are in step with social progress are enriching the spiritual world of minors. At the same time, in some areas, activities without of moral standards, that lack of sincerity, are fake or shoddy, cheating or swindling, are somewhat sprawling; in some areas, feudal superstition, heresy, porn, gambling, drugs and other social evils are gaining the upper hand, and becoming social and public nuisances; some minors’ value systems are distorted, Mammonism, hedonism and extreme individualism are thriving, the abuse of power for private gain and other negative corruption phenomena can’t be stopped despite repeated bans, etc., etc., bringing a negative influence on the growing up of minors that cannot be overlooked. The rapid development of the Internet and other new media has opened new channels for minors’ study and entertainment. At the same time, corrupt and backward culture and harmful information are also disseminated through the network, corroding the souls of minors. Under this sort of negative influence, a small number of minors’ spirits have become void, their acts have no standards, and some even walk the wrong road of law-breaking and crime. The emergence of these new situations and new problems has brought about that ideological and moral construction of minors faces a series of new themes.

(3) Facing new circumstances and tasks, many unadapted places and weak links that urgently need strengthening still exist in the work of minor’s ideological and moral construction. Some leaders of localities and departments have an insufficient understanding of this work, give it insufficient regard, and do not truly bear their leading responsibility; an atmosphere in which the entire society is concerned for and supports minors’ ideological and moral construction has not yet completely formed, and all kinds of social environments and negative factors that are not beneficial to the healthy growing up of minors still exist; the phenomenon that schools stress intellectual development and neglect moral education, stress classroom teaching and neglect social practice, still exists as before, the task to move quality education forward is huge, teachers’ professional moral construction remains to be further strengthened, following the increase of personnel mobility, some households have slackened education of their sons and daughters, mistaken areas exist with some household heads in viewpoints and methods of educating sons and daughters, and especially single sons and daughters, bringing new problems for minors’ education; where minors’ ideological and moral construction is not adapted to the requirements in the time in many places, including structures and mechanisms, ideological concepts, content formation, methods and means, team construction, funding input, policy measures and other areas. these problems should attract sufficient attention, and effective means should be adopted to resolve them.

(4) Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, requires the unwavering efforts of generation after generation. Grasping matters from minors, fostering and creative millions of builders and successors who have noble ideological sentiments, fine moral cultivation and meet standards, are both long-term strategic tasks, and are urgent real tasks. We must, from the strategic height of guaranteeing that there are successors for the cause of the Party and that the Socialist cause flourishes and grows, from the overall height of completely constructing a relatively well-off society and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and from the height of implementing the scientific development view, persisting in putting people first and governing for the people, fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction, adapt to the requirements of new circumstances and new tasks, vigorously respond to challenges, strengthen weak links, and on the basis of consolidating existing results, adopt solid measures, and strive to create a new picture of minors’ ideological and moral construction work.

II, Guiding ideology, basic principles and main tasks in strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction

(5) In the present and future periods, the guiding ideology for strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction is: persisting in taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the spirit of the 16th Party Congress, completely implementing the “Patriotic Education Implementation Outline” and the “Citizen Morality Construction Implementation Outline”, closely integrating the reality of completely constructing a relatively well-off society, aiming at the characteristics of the physical and mental upbringing of minors, vigorously exploring the rules of minors’ ideological and moral construction in a new century and a new phase. persisting in putting people first, educating and guiding minors to establish a conviction in the ideals of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and a correct worldview, view of life and value system, foster noble ideological qualities and fine moral sentiments, striving to foster builders and successors of the cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics that have ideals, morals, culture and discipline, that are fully developed in terms of virtue, wisdom, body and beauty.

(6) Strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors must abide in the following principles: (1) persist in the principles of maintaining consistency with the objective of fostering new people with the “four haves”, adapting to the Socialist market economy, coordinating with Socialist laws and norms, and linking up with the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. It is both necessary to reflect fine traditions, and to reflect the characteristics of the times, maintain vigour and vivacity from beginning to end. (2) Persist in the principles of sticking close to reality, sticking close to life and sticking close to minors. It is both necessary to abide by the universal laws of ideological and moral construction, and to adapt to the characteristics and reception capacity of minors’ physical and mental upbringing, start from their ideological reality and life reality, explain the profound in simple terms, incorporate teaching into play, proceed step by stem. Use more fresh and lively popular language, use more lively model examples, use more forms they love to see and hear, use more persuasive methods, participatory methods and discussion methods, further strengthen the focus and effectiveness of work, strengthen attractiveness and infectiousness. (3) Persist in the principle of unifying knowledge and action. It is necessary to give high regard to classroom education, but even more attention must be paid to practical education, learning through experience, education in decorum and regulations, attention must be paid to conscious practice, autonomous participation, and at the same time as guiding minors in studying moral understanding, consciously abiding by moral standards. (4) Persist in the principle of integrating education and management. Incessantly perfect operational mechanisms in which ideological and moral education and social management, self-discipline and discipline of others are mutually supplementing and stimulating, comprehensively utilize education, law, administration, public opinion and other methods, to even more effectively guide the thoughts of minors, and standardize their actions.

(7) The main tasks in minors’ ideological and moral construction are: (1) Starting from strengthening patriotic emotions, carry forward and foster a magnificent national spirit with patriotism at the core. Deeply conduct education on the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and education on the Chinese revolutionary traditions, education on Chinese history and especially recent history, to guide the broad minors to understand the history and traditions of the Chinese nation, understand the grave disasters of the Chinese nation in recent times and the brave struggle conducted by the Chinese people, so that from childhood, they establish a national self-respect, self-confidence and sense of pride. (2) Starting from establishing ambitious aspirations, establish and foster correct ideals and convictions. Conduct education on the Chinese revolution, construction, reform and opening-up history and education on national circumstances, guide the broad minors to correctly understand the rules of social development, correctly understand the prospects and fate of the country, link up the process of individual growing up with the magnificent cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and with the wealth, strength and prospering of the motherland, and make preparations to shoulder the glorious mission of constructing the motherland and revitalizing China. (3) Starting from standardizing acts and habits, foster fine moral qualities and civilized acts. Forcefully disseminate the basic moral standards of “love the country and abide by the law, be refined, courteous, sincere and honest, unite and be amicable, be hard-working, thrifty and self-strengthen, and respect work and contributions, vigorously advocate collectivist spirits and the Socialist humanitarian spirit, guide the broad minors to firmly establish a conscious of having the motherland in their hearts, having the collective in their hearts, and having other people in their hearts, understand the basic way of doing things for people, gain the basic accomplishment of a civilized life, and learn how to deal with the basic relationships between people, between people and society, between people and nature, etc. (4) Starting from raising basic quality, stimulate the complete development of minors. Strive to foster a consciousness for labour, consciousness for creation, consciousness for efficiency, consciousness for the environment and a spirit of enterprise, a spirit of science as well as a concept of the democratic legal system among minors, strengthen their capacity to act, their capacity for autonomy and their ability for self-protection, guide minors to maintain a state of mind of vigorous and youthful spirits, exuberant vitality and high spirits, encourage them to study diligently, practice boldly, dare to create, and ensure that their ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality, and healthy quality is completely raised.

III, Soundly move primary and secondary ideological and moral education forward

(8) Schools are the main channel for conducting ideological and moral education towards minors, and must put moral education work in the first position in quality education, according to the Party’s education principles, and let this penetrate into all segments of education and teaching. Carrying forward and fostering a spirit of the nation must be made into an extremely important task in ideological and moral construction, and be brought into the entire process of primary and secondary education.

Accelerate the improvement and construction of ideological virtue and ideological political classes in primary and secondary schools, fully use and integrate all sorts of moral education resources, deeply research the rules and characteristics of primary and secondary students’ ideological and virtue formation, unify patriotic education revolutionary tradition education, education about Chinese traditional virtues and education about the democratic legal system organically in textbooks, and guarantee that this occupies suitable proportions, strive to build a primary and secondary school morality education class system suited to the development requirements of the 21st Century. Vigorously improve the ideological moral character of primary and secondary students, ideological and political teaching methods and forms, adopt methods that minors love to see and hear, that are vivid and vigorous to conduct teaching, integrate imparting knowledge with moulding personalities, and fostering fine acts and habits. It is necessary to vigorously explore effective mechanisms for practical teaching , social practice with student participation, and community service, and establish a scientific comprehensive assessment system for students’ ideological and moral acts. It is necessary to suit measures to local conditions, vigorously launch all sorts of extracurricular cultural and sports activities that are rich in interest, extracurricular hobby small group activities that soothe the mind and grow wisdom and public service labour within students’ abilities, to foster a sense of labour and a consciousness of innovation, and enrich life outside the classroom. It is necessary to strengthen psychological health education, and foster fine psychological characters among students. It is necessary to closely integrate ideological character education with education about the legal system, and ensure the organic integration and mutual complementation of each other. It is necessary to broadly launch “cherish life and stay far from drugs” education and education about upholding science and civilization, and opposing superstition and heresy among primary and secondary students, and firmly prevent that drugs and heresy enter schools. it is necessary to strengthen reform school construction, to correct and help minors who conducted bad deeds.

It is necessary to adopt firm measures to reform course setup, teaching materials and teaching methods, realistically reduce the schoolwork burden of primary and secondary students, and create good conditions for strengthening student’s ideological and moral construction, strengthening a spirit of innovation and practical abilities, and fostering successors of the Socialist cause who are completely developed in virtue, wisdom, body and beauty.

(9) It is necessary to, on the basis of the characteristics of students at different ages, to grasp the revision and perfection of the “Rules” for primary and secondary students and standards for daily acts. The focus with primary students is to standardize their basic words and deeds and foster fine habits. The focus with secondary students is an education to strengthen their love of the Motherland, love of the people, love of labour, love of science and love of Socialism, guiding them to establish correct ideals, concepts, worldviews, views of life and value systems. Formulating and practicing behavioural norms must have stimulating students’ complete development as starting point and stopover point, reflect the requirements of the times and social progress, embody respect and trust in students and guide students to consciously observe discipline and abide by the law.

(10) Realistically strengthen teachers’ professional moral construction. The whole body of schools’ teaching and administrative staff must establish an ideology of putting educating people first, earnestly implement the “Education Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Teachers’ Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Professional Moral Standards for Primary and Secondary School Teachers”, warmly love students, teach by personal example as well as instruction, be worthy of the name of teacher, impart knowledge and educate people, and guide students to comprehensively develop in virtue, wisdom, body and beauty with noble sentiments. Administrative education departments and schools must formulate and perfect relevant regulatory structures, and muster the work vigour and sense of responsibility of the whole body of teachers, fully give rein to the principal force function of the broad teachers in completely moving the quality education process forward. It is necessary to perfect schools’ class responsibility system, give high regard to class responsibility work, and assign excellent teachers with good ideological qualities, high professional levels and a strong spirit of contribution to be class teachers. All management work and service work in schools must also clearly teach people about duty, and achieve that management educates people and service educates people.

IV, Fully giving rein to the important function of the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers in ideological and moral construction of minors

(11) Strengthen secondary school Youth League organization construction, bring secondary school Communist Youth League work into comprehensive deployments for schools’ quality education, recommend excellent young teachers to do League work. It is necessary to organize after-hours League schools for secondary students, cooperate with schools’ Party organization to organize after-hours Party schools for upper-middle students, under the presupposition of guaranteeing quality and form standards, do the work of selecting the best upper-middle students, fostering and developing them into Party members well.

(12) Bring Young Pioneer work into education development plans, bring guidance, inspection and assessment of Young Pioneer work into supervision and evaluation categories of administrative education departments. The relevant responsible comrades in all levels’ Communist Youth League organizations and administrative education departments must participate in the work of the Young Pioneer Work Committee of the same level. Primary and secondary school Party organizations and administrative departments must vigorously support Young Pioneers in launching activities, and select excellent young teachers to become Young Pioneer tutors, bring Young Pioneer tutor training into teacher training structures. It is necessary to establish and perfect after-school activity counsellor systems, select and appoint persons who are enthusiastic about Young Pioneer work, have a sense of responsibility, have abilities and have experience to become after-school volunteer tutors. Young Pioneer small cadres must implement democratic elections, and regularly rotate duties. Communist Youth League organizations and education, civil affairs and other departments must closely coordinate and vigorously move community Young Pioneer Work Committee construction forward, and broaden the coverage of Young Pioneer work.

V, Giving regard to and developing household education

(13) Household education has an especially important function in the ideological and moral construction of minors. It is necessary to closely integrate household education with social education, and school education. All levels’ Women’s Federation organizations, administrative education departments and primary and secondary schools must realistically take up the tasks of guiding and moving forward household education. It is necessary to cooperate closely with communities, run household head schools and household education and guidance centres well, and vigorously utilize news media and the Internet, broadly launch household education propaganda to society, disseminate household education knowledge, disseminate successful experiences of household education, help and guide household heads to establish correct household education concepts, grasp scientific household education methods, and raise their capacity to scientifically educate their sons and daughters. Fully give rein to the function of all sorts of household head education academic groups, vigorously launch scientific research concerning prominent problems existing in household education, and provide theoretical support and policy bases for guiding household education work.

(14) Party and government organs, enterprise and undertaking work units, communities, towns, villages and other urban and rural grass-roots work units must be concerned about the issue of household education of their workers and staff, or residents, educate and guide workers and residents to pay high regard to the ideological enlightenment and moral quality fostering of their sons and daughters, and especially preschool children, support their sons and daughters to participate in moral practice activities. Pay attention to strengthening ideological and moral education of minors, guide household heads in being an example for their children of fine ideological and moral self-cultivation. It is necessary to make the situation of household education into an important content of selecting civilized staff members and civilized households. It is especially necessary to be concerned about the education of underage sons and daughters in single-parent families, families in difficulties and the households of the floating population, and provide support and assistance for them.

It is necessary to pay high attention to the issue of compulsory education of sons and daughters in households of the floating population. The governments of regions where peasants who went to cities for work and employment flow to must establish and perfect work systems and mechanisms to guarantee that the sons and daughters of peasants who went to cities for work and employment receive compulsory education. Governments of localities with outflow must vigorously coordinate in doing this service work well. Civil affairs departments and their subordinate child welfare organs and street children aid and protection organs must, according to the requirements of the “Minors’ Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant laws and regulations, do protection work of orphan or disabled children’s lawful rights and interests and aid and protection work of street children well.

VI, Broadly and deeply launch minors’ moral practice activities. It is necessary to, according to the requirements of educating people with practice, and with learning through experience as basic channel, and differentiating different levels of minors, meticulously design and organize the launching of moral practice activities with fresh and vivid content, novel forms and strong attractiveness. All sorts of moral practice activities must have prominent ideological content, strengthen moral requirements, and be integrated with rich and varied hobby activities, cultural and sports activities, pay attention to incorporate teaching into play, satisfy interests and hobbies, ensure that minors gain positive influence in their thoughts and feelings from conscious participation, their spiritual life is substantiated and their moral planes are raised to a higher level.

Activities launched for primary and secondary students must be coordinated and deployed by administrative education departments or schools’ Party and Youth League teams and organizations, students’ security and social effect are to be put first. It is necessary to adopt many sorts of methods to support Central and Western regions and the countryside to launch moral practice activities for minors.

(16) All sorts of legal holidays, traditional holidays, the birthdays and remembrance days of revolutionary leaders, national heroes, outstanding famous persons and other historical characters, the commemoration day of the founding of the Party, commemoration days of the Red Army’s Long March, the Xinhai Revolution and other major historical events, national humiliation commemoration days for the “18 September Incident”, the “Nanjing Massacre”, etc., as well as minors’ entering school, entering the Pioneers, joining the League, taking the Adult Oath and other important days with special significance, all contain precious resources for ideological and moral education. It is necessary to grasp opportune moments, integrate resources, and launch concentrated ideological and moral-themed propaganda and education activities. It is necessary to organize varied themed class meetings, Pioneer meetings and League meetings, organize all sorts of celebration and commemoration activities and necessary ceremonies, guide minors in carrying forward the spirit of the nation, enhance patriotic feelings, and raise their moral quality. On every year’s “Citizen Morality Propaganda Day”, at the same time as launching moral education activities for the social masses, attention must be paid to organizing propaganda and education activities aimed at minors well. It is necessary to enrich the ideological and moral content of visits and touristic activities of minors during holiday periods, meticulously organize summer camps, winter camps, tours to sacred places of the Revolution, red tourism, green tourism as well as all sorts of visits, pilgrimages, observation visits and other activities, merge deep education content into vivid and interesting extracurricular activities, use the excellent scenery of the Motherland, the long history of the nation, the excellent traditions of the revolution and the achievements of modernization construction to educate minors.

It is necessary to utilize all sorts of methods to propagate and introduce outstanding characters, moral examples and advanced models from the past and the present, China and abroad to minors, encourage them to respect advance and learn to advance. Through selecting “three-goods” students, excellent League members and Young Pioneer members, advanced collectives and other activities, establish models for minors of kindliness, trustworthiness, respectability and learnability, let them gain inspiration and derive strength from the moving deeds and excellent characters of models.

VII, Strengthening the construction, use and management of activity venues for minors with patriotic education bases as focus point

(17) Fully give rein to the educational function of patriotic education bases in the education of minors. All sorts of museums, commemoration halls, exhibition halls, revolutionary martyr cemeteries and other patriotic education basis must create conditions to open up to the whole society, and must ensure free passes for collective visits by primary and secondary students without exception, half-price tickets may be implemented for individual student visits. Methods such as inviting specialist talents, recruiting volunteers, etc., must be adopted to establish tutoring teams integrating full-time and part-time work, to launch visit activity services for minors.

(18) It is necessary to strengthen the construction and management of children’s palaces, children’s activity centres and other special activity venues for minors. Existing special activity venues for minors must persist in putting social interest first, persist in the purpose of facing minors and serving minors, vigorously launch educational, scientific, technological, cultural, artistic, sports and other activities that minors love to see and hear, merge ideological and moral construction content into these, and fully give rein to the educational and guiding function towards minors. It is necessary to deepen internal reform and strengthen self-development strength, and incessantly raise the level of social services. At the same time, all levels’ governments must bring minors’ activity venue construction into the comprehensive local plan for economic and social undertaking development. Large cities must progressively establish municipal, district and community minors’ activity venues with rational distribution, appropriate scale and supplementing functions. Small and mid-size cities must suit measures to local conditions and focus on building good city-level minors’ activity venues. Cities meeting conditions must begin to construct children’s’ theme parts. Through three to five years of efforts, it must be achieved that al counties have one comprehensive, multifunctional activity venue for minors. All levels must build a complete set of grass roots activity venues that can be opened up to minors within urban construction, renovation of old cities and building residential communities, and especially community activity centres. Relevant departments must conduct earnest clean-up and rectification of existing activity venues for minors, and those unworthy of the name must be transformed within a limited time, those that have been occupied, misappropriated and rented out must be returned within a limited time. Libraries, cultural centres (stations), sports venues (halls), science and technology halls, cinemas, theatres and other venues must also give rein to their function as educational battlefields, and vigorously and actively create conditions to launch activities for minors.

(19) Funding required for the construction and operation of after-school activity venues for minors that are public interest-type cultural undertakings must be guaranteed by all local levels of People’s Government, the Centre may use their discretion and grant certain subsidies for the construction of national focus patriotic education bases as well as activity venues for minors in the Central and Western regions, and poor regions. It is necessary to arrange a certain amount of funding from the national lottery public welfare fund to be used in the construction of minors’ activity venues. Relevant State departments and all local levels of People’s Government must formulate preferential policies, attract social funds, encourage and support social forces to initiate activity venues for minors.

VII, vigorously creating a social atmosphere benefiting minors’ ideological and moral construction

(20) All sorts of mass media must strengthen a sense of social responsibility, make promoting minors’ ideological and moral education into a duty-bound task, and create a good public opinion environment for strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction. It is necessary to give rein to the superiority of each, vigorously produce and publish public interest advertising benefiting the physical and mental health of minors, strengthen quantity, raise quality, and broaden influence. All levels’ radio stations and television stations must set up and run children’s columns or special subject programmes. The Central television station must further run children’s channels well, all localities must realistically grasp landing and coverage work of the Central television station’s children’s channels. Provinces (regions, municipalities) and vice-provincial city television stations must create conditions to progressively set up children’s channels. Children’s programmes must conform to the enjoyment interests of children, and be suited to the enjoyment requirements of minors at different ages, achieving the unification knowledge aspects, entertainment aspects, interest aspects and educational aspects. All sorts of newspapers and periodicals must enthusiastically pay close attention to the ideological and moral construction of minors, and strengthen propaganda and reporting. Newspapers and periodicals aimed at minors and other children’s reading materials, must take providing even better spiritual nourishment to minors as their sacred duty, and strive to become good teachers and helpful friends for minors to broaden their horizons and raise their quality, and a spiritual garden for moulding characters and delighting body and mind.

Strengthen the creation and production of children’s’ films and television programmes. vigorously support the creation, shooting, production and broadcast of domestically produced cartoons, progressively shape cartoon series that have the characteristics of the nation, suit the characteristics of minors and display the fine traditions of the Chinese nation. Vigorously explore new paths for children’s film distribution and screening work that correspond to the development of the Socialist market economy, shape distribution and screening chains for children’s films.

(21) All sorts of Internet sites must fully understand the social responsibility they bear, vigorously disseminate advanced culture and propose a civilized and healthy network atmosphere. Focus news web sites and major educational websites must give rein to their function as principal forces, set up web pages and columns for minors’ ideological and moral education, organize and launch all forms of online ideological and moral education activities. In schools and communities meeting conditions, it is necessary to construct a batch of non-commercial Internet surfing service venues in an organized manner, to provide a healthy, beneficial and green surfing space for minors. Information industry and other relevant departments must formulate corresponding policies, and vigorously move this work forward. Schools must strengthen management over schoolyard websites, standardize online content, and fully give rein to their function in ideological and moral education. It is necessary to abide by the characteristics of networks and the dissemination rules for online information, fully consider the interests and hobbies of minors, strengthen online positive propaganda, sing the main melody, beat the driving drum, and create a good network culture environment for the broad minors.

(22) It is necessary to fully consider the requirements of minors’ progress in growing up, meticulously plan selected topics, create, edit, publish and vigorously recommend a batch of books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products, electronic publications and other reading materials and audiovisual products for minors with strong knowledge, interest and scientific aspects. Relevant departments must continue to do performance, broadcast and recommendation work of excellent films, songs and books well, and ensure that minors receive influence from advanced ideology and culture in learning and entertainment. It is necessary to vigorously encourage, guide and support software development enterprises to develop and disseminate game software products that carry forward the spirit of the nation, reflect the characteristics of the times, and benefit the healthy growing up of minors. It is necessary to vigorously move nationwide cultural information resource sharing projects forward, and let healthy cultural information resources enter into schoolyards, communities, villages and household through the network, to enrich the spiritual culture lives of the broad minors.

(23) It is necessary to vigorously promote the flourishing, health and development of children’s culture and art. Strengthen children’s literature and art creation and performance teams, and stress fostering children’s literature and art backbone forces. Encourage writers and artists to bear the historical responsibility of fostering and educating the next generation, and to create more children’s works with healthy ideological content, rich in artistic infectiousness. Expand government policy support strength for children’s art performances, strengthen the development vitality of children’s performance troupes. Culture, education, Youth League, Women’s Federation, Cultural Federation, Writer’s Association and other functional departments and people’s organizations must earnestly implement their duties, Party Committee propaganda departments must strengthen guidance and coordination, and forcefully let children’s culture and art flourish.

IX, Clean up the environment in which minors grow up

(24) Unwaveringly launch the struggle to “sweep pornography” and “strike illegality”, strengthen cultural market supervision, firmly investigate and prosecute obscene, sexual, murderous, violent, feudal superstition and pseudo-scientific publications. Strictly investigate the content of game software aimed at minors, investigate and prosecute game software products that incite minors to break the law and commit crimes or with terror, cruel and other harmful content. Formulate corresponding laws and regulations, strengthen supervision over toy and ornament production and sale, firmly investigate and prosecute toys and decorations playing up sex and violence. Straiten the import standards for minors’ spiritual and cultural products, strictly keep the gate, it is necessary to both selectively introduce excellent cultural products from all countries in the world, and to prevent an invasion of foreign harmful culture.

(25) Strengthen management over Internet surfing service business venues and electronic game business venues. Strictly implement the “Internet Surfing Service Business Venue Management Regulations”, it is necessary to, according to the requirements of banning illegality, controlling quantities, strengthening supervision, perfecting self-discipline and innovating structures, realistically strengthen governance and management over Internet cafés. Earnestly implement the provision that minors may not enter into commercial Internet cafés, implement that filtering software to block sex and other unhealthy content is installed on Internet café terminal equipment, effectively attack unlawful acts. Disseminate green surfing software, provide effective technological means for household heads to supervise and manage minors’ surfing acts in the household. All relevant departments must, according to the law, bring unlawful acts of using e-mail, mobile text messages and other long-distance communications tools and mass communications to disseminate harmful information and endanger minors’ physical and mental health under control.

Strengthen management over commercial song and dance entertainment venues, electronic gaming halls, video halls and other social cultural venues. Earnestly implement the provisions of the  “Internet Surfing Service Business Venue Management Regulations” and the “Notice concerning Opinions on Launching a Special Campaign to Bring Electronic Gaming Business Venues Under Control” of the State Council Secretariat, the Ministry of Culture and other work units, further optimize the environment in the vicinity of schools, within 200m of primary and secondary schools, there may not be Internet surfing service business venues and electronic gaming business venues, no commercial entertainment venues may be opened in locations where they may interfere with school or teaching order.

X, Realistically strengthening leadership over ideological and moral construction work

(26) All levels’ Party Committees and governments must make strengthening and improving minors ideological and moral construction into a strategic task related to the entire picture, bring it into overall planning for economic and social development, list it in the important matters agenda and realistically strengthen and improve leadership. It is necessary to shape leadership structures and work mechanisms with uniform leadership by Party Committees, joint grasping and shared management by Party, government and masses, organization and coordination by Civilization Committees, relevant departments all shouldering their tasks, and vigorous participation from the whole of society. All local levels’ Party Committees’ main responsible cadres must bear political tasks, regularly analyse the ideological and moral situation of minors, timely understand the work situation of minors’ ideological and moral construction, earnestly research and resolve major problems. All levels’ governments must put minors’ ideological and moral construction in an important position, and relentlessly grasp the implementation of measures; it is necessary to give the necessary financial support, and progressively expand support strength in step with the increase of financial income.

(27) The Central Spiritual Civilization Construction Guidance Committee is responsible for guiding minors’ ideological and moral construction work nationwide, supervising and inspecting the situation of all localities and all departments implementing the deployment of the Centre concerning strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction work, organizing and coordinating all relevant departments and all areas of society to jointly do minors’ ideological and moral construction work well. All localities’ Civilization Committees must, under the leadership of Party Committees at the same level, bear corresponding responsibilities. It is necessary to adopt realistic measures to substantiate and strengthen the administrative organs of all levels’ Civilization Committees, do ideological construction, organizational construction and work style construction well, ensure that they implement their functions and give rein to their function even better. All levels’ propaganda, education, culture, sports, science and technology, radio, film and television, press and publications, information industry, civil administration, public security, Customs, finance, taxation and other departments, Communist Youth League and labour unions, the Women’s’ Federation and other groups and organization bear important tasks in strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction, and mist integrate their professional work, give rein to their individual superiority, clarify tasks, closely cooperate and shape joint forces. It is necessary to strengthen and improve scientific research on minors’ ideological and moral construction, to provide a scientific basis for minors’ ideological and moral construction work. It is necessary to fully give rein the functions of democratic parties, industrial and commerce associations and non-Party personalities in ideological and moral construction.

(28) It is necessary to establish and complete minors’ ideological and moral education structures integrating schools, households and societies, ensure that there is mutual coordination and mutual stimulation between school education, household education and social education. Urban communities, rural towns and village committees, as well as all other grass-roots organizations must realistically take up the social responsibility of strengthening minors’ ideological and moral construction, integrate and use all sorts of educational resources and activity venues to launch ideological education and cultural or sports activities that are rich in attractiveness, and truly bring the work of educating and guiding minors to the grass roots. It is necessary to make creating a good social environment for minors’ healthy growing up into an important content of creating civilized cities, civilized communities, civilized towns and civilized work units. All levels’ Party Committees, governments and all social walks of life must earnestly implement the “Minors Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”, realistically safeguard the lawful rights and interests of minors. it is necessary to strive to construct good primary and secondary school and kindergarten teaching teams, all sorts of cultural market management teams, Children’s Palaces, museums, patriotic education bases and all other sorts of cultural education facility tutoring teams, and teams of the “five olds”: old cadres, old soldiers, old experts, old teachers, old models, to shape minors’ ideological and moral construction teams combining full-time and part-time, with relatively high quality, great numbers of people and broad coverage. It is necessary to give high regard and concern to the work of next-generation work committees and support them in contributing forces in strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction.

Strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction is a common task for the entire Party and the entire society. All relevant departments and all relevant areas of society must forcefully carry forward a spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, promote a wind of seeking truth and pragmatism, and, on the basis of the duties and responsibilities of each, adopt effective measures, relentlessly implement the, dare to explore and innovate, stress the effect of work, and realistically implement all work matters in strengthening and improving minors’ ideological and moral construction to the end.


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