Month: March 2004

CCP Central Committee Opinion concerning Further Letting Philosophy and Social Sciences Flourish and Develop

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ZF No. [2004]3

In the historical process of completely constructing a relatively well-off society, initiating a new dimension in the cause of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and realizing the grand rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, philosophy and social science has an irreplaceable function. The understanding of the importance of philosophy and social science must be further raised, to forcefully let philosophy and social science flourish. To this end, the following opinions are put forward. Read the rest of this entry »


Film Digitalization Development Outline

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According to the general requirements concerning cultural construction and cultural structural reform put forward by the 16th Party Congress, adapting to the large tendencies of technological progress and perfecting a socialist market economy system, fully utilizing digitalized, networked, and informative means, accelerating the stimulation of our country’s film digitalization progress, providing strong and solid scientific support for film industry development, according to the SARFT-issued “Some Opinions Concerning Accelerating Film Industry Development”, “Radio, Film and Television Dial Development Year Work Points” and the “Radio, Film and Television Technology “11th Five-Year Plan” and Long-Term Plan for 2010″, integrating the status quo of domestic and foreign film digital technology development, the “Film Digitalization Development Outline” is formulated. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning that Mass-Participation Live Radio and Television Programmes Must Be Broadcast with Delay

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus (offices), the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Radio and Television Bureau, the three central stations:

In order to guarantee the public opinion orientation and broadcast security of radio and television, and further strengthen management over mass-participation live radio and television programmes, hereby, the  relevant issues are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

Notice Concerning Enforcement of Propaganda Discipline, Preventing Dissemination Activities Violating Regulations

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In June 2002, SARFT circulated the “Notice Concerning the Good Welcoming of the Television Propaganda of the 16th Party Congress”, and in July, the “Notice Concerning Earnestly Implementing Television Drama Distribution and Broadcast Management”, which adjusted the golden hours of television drama broadcast every evening, namely the originally stipulated 19:00 – 21:30 was adjusted to 19:00-22:00. SARFT required all levels’ television broadcast organs to strictly implement this stipulation, and imported dramas and coproduced dramas may without exception, not be broadcasted in this period without SARFT agreement. If all levels’ television broadcast organs strictly implement this, and are consciously aware of observing propaganda discipline, it will further stimulate our country’s domestic television drama flourishing, further standardize television drama broadcasting order.

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