Notice Concerning Enforcement of Propaganda Discipline, Preventing Dissemination Activities Violating Regulations

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In June 2002, SARFT circulated the “Notice Concerning the Good Welcoming of the Television Propaganda of the 16th Party Congress”, and in July, the “Notice Concerning Earnestly Implementing Television Drama Distribution and Broadcast Management”, which adjusted the golden hours of television drama broadcast every evening, namely the originally stipulated 19:00 – 21:30 was adjusted to 19:00-22:00. SARFT required all levels’ television broadcast organs to strictly implement this stipulation, and imported dramas and coproduced dramas may without exception, not be broadcasted in this period without SARFT agreement. If all levels’ television broadcast organs strictly implement this, and are consciously aware of observing propaganda discipline, it will further stimulate our country’s domestic television drama flourishing, further standardize television drama broadcasting order.

In order to examine the implementation situation of this stipulation, SARFT has issued the “Notice Concerning Golden Hours Television Drama Broadcasting Situation Examination”, the “Notice Concerning Reiterating Golden Hours Television Drama Broadcasting Regulations” and the “Notice Concerning Golden Hour Television Drama Broadcasting Situation Examination”, respectively in January, September and November of 2003, the absolute majority of television broadcasting organs strictly implemented this SARFT stipulation, obtaining a desirable broadcasting effect. But, at present there are still a few television broadcasting organs that have orders but do not obey them, have prohibitions but do not stop their actions, without regards for repeated State controlling authority orders, see propaganda discipline as child’s play, without authorization broadcast imported dramas and coproduced dramas in this time period without SARFT agreement. What is especially necessary to point out is that a number of non-satellite channels open a so-called “930 Theatre” without authorization, and broadcast imported dramas and coproduced dramas every evening around 21:30 without SARFT agreement, gravely violating SARFT propaganda discipline, disordering television drama’s regular broadcast order, bringing about extremely grievous social influence. Therefore, these requirements are put forward:

I, All levels’ television broadcast organs conduct speedy examination of the channels under their administration, all those conducting the above activity violating regulations must be immediately rectified, and may not delay implementation for whatever reason.

II, All levels’ television broadcast organs opening so-called “930 Theatres may not broadcast imported dramas and coproduced dramas during the golden hours from 19:00 to 22:00 without SARFT agreement.

III, All provincial-level radio and television management entities must conduct a one-time re-examination of the television broadcast organs under their authorization, of all those in which broadcast activities violating regulations are discovered, the responsible persons and responsible work units must be strictly dealt with according to radio and television management regulation.

IV, All provincial-level radio and film management entities must report to the SARFT General Editing Office before 30 March of that re-examination situation



为检查这一规定的落实情况,总局又于 2003年 1月、9月和11月先后发出《关于对黄金时段电视剧播出情况检查的通知》、《关于重申黄金时段电视剧播出规定的通知》和《关于对黄金时段电视剧播出情况检查的通报》,绝大多数电视播出机构严格执行总局的这一规定,取得了良好的播出效果。但是,目前仍有个别电视播出机构有令不行,有禁不止,无视国家主管部门的三令五申,视宣传纪律为儿戏,擅自播出未经总局批准同意在这一时段播放的引进剧或合拍剧。尤其要指出的是,一些非上星频道擅自开设所谓的“930剧场”,在每晚的21点30分左右播出未经总局批准同意播出的引进剧或合拍剧,严重违反了广播电视宣传纪律,扰乱了电视剧的正常播出秩序,带来非常恶劣的社会影响。为此,特提出如下要求:






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