Film Digitalization Development Outline

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According to the general requirements concerning cultural construction and cultural structural reform put forward by the 16th Party Congress, adapting to the large tendencies of technological progress and perfecting a socialist market economy system, fully utilizing digitalized, networked, and informative means, accelerating the stimulation of our country’s film digitalization progress, providing strong and solid scientific support for film industry development, according to the SARFT-issued “Some Opinions Concerning Accelerating Film Industry Development”, “Radio, Film and Television Dial Development Year Work Points” and the “Radio, Film and Television Technology “11th Five-Year Plan” and Long-Term Plan for 2010″, integrating the status quo of domestic and foreign film digital technology development, the “Film Digitalization Development Outline” is formulated.

I, Film digitalization development guiding ideology and general objectives

Film industry development and film digitalization are important channels for realizing leapfrogging development in film, film digitalization has represented the present film development tendencies, has broad development prospects, and is an important symbol of accelerating film development. Stimulating film digitalization development, must take Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, persist in liberating thoughts, seeking truths from facts, move forward with the times, expand and innovate. It is necessary to based on the basic thinking line of importing and absorbing, innovating and developing, fix eyes upon the forward position of international film digitalization development, fix eyes upon the real needs of our country’s film development, fix eyes upon the general objective of film industry development. It is necessary to through film digitalization’s’ incessant development and progress, serve the expansion and enrichment of the film content industry, serve fast and extensive film information dissemination, serve film coverage strength expansion and strengthening. Through formulating film digitalization development policies, mustering all social forces, jointly establishing many kinds of technological transmission and screening structures, and service operation systems facing the market, vigorously expanding films’ social interest and economic interest, realizing the rapid development of the film sector.

By 2010, our country’s general film digitalization development objectives are: establishing the strategic position digital film in the film industry; establishing large-scale digital production basis having advanced world technology; striving to raise digital film and film digitalization product quantity and quality, satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual culture life needs; completing the construction of the “film digital programme integrated service management platform”, establishing scaled-up digital film programme distribution companies’ constructing a batch of digital screening rooms with uniform standards, and many kinds of forms; taking digital programme content as link, vigorously opening up film screening markets and film multimedia and new media markets, expanding market share and comprehensive interests, comprehensively moving forward film digitalization to walk a healthy, orderly, up-scaled and sustainable development path.

II, Forcefully moving film production digitalization forward

1, Raising film special effect production levels. Fully understanding the important function of digital technology in raising film production levels, fully understanding the daily increasing value and contribution of digital special effects in the present film production, encouraging all film studios to vigorously utilize technological means, raising film production levels and technological content, through the broad application of digital special effects in film production, strengthening the organic integration with traditional special effects, stimulating film production levels’ qualitative leaps, strive to make our country’s film production level to maintain the same pace as advanced world levels.

2, Accelerating digital production base construction. It is necessary to fully utilize the two digital film production bases of China Film Group and Shanghai Media Group, and at the same time as incessantly accelerating base construction, fully utilize presently already exiting software and hardware facilities that are relatively complete and advanced digital film processing and special effects conditions, through structural and mechanism innovation, strengthen enterprises’ vitality in facing the market, vigorously participate in film art creation and production with increasingly innovative and incessantly enriched creation methods, fully giving rein to the starting function of bases in film digitalization progress. It is necessary to guide and muster social resources to jointly participate in digital film programme creation and production, realize mutual resource sharing, and complementary superiorities.

3, Forcefully moving forward digital stereo sound application. Acceleration the transformation from analogue sound to digital stereo sound in film production, raising domestic digital stereo sound film programme quantity, striving to within three years having the quantity of domestic digital stereo sound films reach more than 50%.

4, Fully utilizing tape digitalization technology. Fully giving rein to the film tape programme quantity and technological quality superiority, encouraging adopting of tape digitalization technology, providing high-quality digital film programmes to the market, adapted to the film product multimedia dissemination requirements, providing modernized and effective methods for storage, exchange, copyright protection, etc.

5, Moving forward digital film scale development. Adopting modernized digital film shooting cameras to shoot film products, is an important resource of film programmes, it is necessary to as early as possible grasp key technology on the present basis, strive to raise production levels, incessantly summarize experiences, incessantly expanding scope, strengthening cinema market digital programme quantities, satisfying digital film screening requirements, providing more than 50 digital film programmes with a great artistic level and superior technological quantity to digital cinemas annually by the year 2006.

III, Establishing and completing digital film programme distribution networks, strengthening market service.

Established and perfected distribution networks, are one of the key aspects of digital film. It is necessary to according to the thinking line for industry development, take programmes as the starting point, through all kinds of value-added service shape complete industry segments. Establishing and standardizing digital film distribution and business subjects, establishing digital film programme distribution and screening management mechanisms. Fully utilizing radio and television network recourses, through transmission methods such as satellite, optical cables, mobile database storage media, etc., distribute and deliver content such as digital films, digital high-definition television programmes and corresponding film trailers, cinema advertisements, etc., to cinemas, realizing digitalized and networked distribution. It is necessary to utilize modern information technology to establish management systems for digital film programme distribution, data statistics, electronic accounting, information feedback, etc.

Television, video tape, compact disc as well as film after-product markets, are an effective carrier for satisfying the audience’s diversified and individualized requirements, and are also a profit subjects for film products. It is necessary to fully give rein to film programme resources and digital carrier superiority, vigorously expand market space. It is necessary to utilize film channels, expand digital film screening markets, and provide high-quality film programmes to the public in their households through developing digital high-definition television channels. It is necessary to energetically develop network film markets, open up many kinds of service structures, satisfy society’s diversified requirements. It is necessary to research market operation rules, formulate corresponding technology plans, establish technological service teams to support network operation, explore profit models. It is necessary to vigorously promote domestic film distribution on compact disc, stimulate standardization and order of the legitimate compact disc market.

IV, Vigorously moving forward town and county digital cinema construction

Acceleration town and county digital film room construction, by the end of 2004, establishing 100 high-standard digital screening rooms, striving to construct more than 500 digital film screening rooms with uniform standards, in different forms within three to five years, realizing up-scaled operation of digital cinemas, satisfying society’s multi-level requirements, making digital cinema chains enter into the mainstream of the Chinese film screening market. Fully utilizing government special funds for supporting film digitalization development, establishing commercial operation models and profit models conforming to market economy rules, stimulating the market, roll on development, realizing a beneficial circulation and healthy development of digital cinema chain business.

V, Establishing rural and community digital film screening network points.

In order to even better implement “Project 2131”, effectively resolving problems of the countryside and towns, villages and communities’ film programme shortage, long distribution period, high distribution costs, lacking screening quality, etc., it is necessary to accelerate exploration of adopting digital technology to change present conventional distribution and screening methods, formulate system technology plans and implementation plans for rural and community digital screening technology requirements and operational characteristics. In 2004, starting rural and community digital film screening experiment work, during the first period establishing a batch of digital film mobile screening trucks or a certain number of screening demonstration points. Following the increasing progress of corresponding technology, further perfecting technology plans and operational systems, progressively expanding rural and community digital screening scope, vigorously mustering social forces to participate jointly, guaranteeing digital film screening to be broadly popularized in the countryside and the communities.

VI, Accelerating digital film-related equipment and software localization progress

At the same time as incessantly importing foreign advanced technology, it is necessary to vigorously guide and raise the localization degree of related equipment such as digital film projectors, service machines and audiovisual frequencies, etc., completely raise our country’s film industry level. Encouraging all social circles to vigorously develop related applied and management software having indigenous intellectual property rights, conforming to the Chinese national situation, utilizing modern technology to raise film enterprises’ market operation management and production technology levels.

VII, Strengthening base construction, standardizing market management

It is necessary to accelerate the basic construction of the “digital film programme integrated service management platform”, through many methods integrate film programme resources, implement uniform technological service for digital film programme storage, distribution and transmission, copyright protection, operational management, supervision and control, etc., providing technological guarantees for strengthening and expanding the film industry. it is necessary to expand film intellectual property rights protection strength, utilizing modernized technological methods, perfect digital film programme content encoding and copyright management, standardize the film market, realize digital film informatization management.

Paying close attention to international development tendencies, integrating our country’s real situation, on the basis of following footsteps, research and experimentation, incessantly perfecting China’s film digitalization technology specifications and standards, progressively establishing and completing digital film production, transmission, screening and copyright management standard systems, establishing scientific market statistics systems and supervision mechanisms. Strictly implementing State regulations relating to satellite receiving systems, standardizing Internet film on-demand broadcast business.

Vigorously utilizing presently-existing policies, broadening attracting social forces to enter into digitalized film production, distribution, screening, as well as digital cinema construction or renovation. In order to encourage film digitalization development, and stimulating tape rotation technology application, the State annually grants proper subsidies to a part of excellent domestic film digital screenings. At the same time, in order to encourage society to issue more excellent digital film products, and excellent digital film award is added to the  “China Movie Awards”, in order to stimulate digital film development and flourishing.

VIII, Accelerating and fostering digitalized talents, establishing high-level film talent teams

Taking establishing high-quality, and multi-level film digital talent teams as objective, striving to foster technical and guiding talents. Through many methods, developing continuous training of on-the-job personnel, raising sector teams’ comprehensive quality; vigorously fostering and attracting high-level talents and diverse talents having creative capacity and innovative capacity, both understanding technology and understanding artistry, adapted to the requirements of development, fully giving rein to the basic and guiding function of talent resources in film industry development.

All localities and all entities must according to the spirit of the “Film Digitalization Development Outline”, integrate reality, earnestly do research, vigorously formulate film digitalization development plans and relevant steps for their localities and entities.





























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