Urgent Notice Concerning Launching the Audiovisual Market Administration Winter Campaign to Severely Attack DVD Condensed Discs

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Recently, a sort if illegal audiovisual product named DVD Condensed Disc has seriously affected the audiovisual market on a large scale, leading the sales of legal audiovisual products, especially television dramas and films to drop rapidly, gravely damaging the copyright holders’ lawful rights and interest, throwing the audiovisual market order into disorder, damaging the Chinese government’s intellectual property right protection system.

DVD compressed discs, also named universal DVD, HDVD or marked as DVD-9, DVD-ROM, PC-DVD, can contain 10 television series items or 8 feature films, and can be played on DVD players and computer DVD readers. DVD compressed disc capacity is large, price low, compatibility strong, and they are sold mainly through computer malls, electronic malls, software markets and mobile vending stalls, if they are not speedily controlled, they will create grave damage to our country’s audiovisual industry.

In order to persistently attack unlawful audiovisual DVD compressed disc products, protect intellectual property rights, safeguard the ethnicities’ audiovisual industry’s basic rights and interests, according to the demands of the “State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Printing and Distributing the Intellectual Property Right Protection Special Operation Scheme”, the Ministry of Culture decides to launch an audiovisual market cleaning up winter campaign, from now until 28 February 2005, to severely attack all sorts of unlawful audiovisual products, such as DVD compressed discs, etc. Relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

I, It is necessary to highly attach importance to the gravity of the danger DVD compressed discs pose to our country’s audiovisual market and the ethnicities’ culture industry. All levels’ culture market inspection organs must, during the winter operation, make attacking DVD compressed discs into the main task of their present inspection and management work, urgently mobilize personnel, concentrate forces, operate speedily, persist in restraining the overflowing situation of DVD compressed discs

II, Immediately conduct complete inspection of the audiovisual wholesale, retail and rental business work units in the jurisdiction, the level of inspection may not be lower than 80%. As soon as dealing in unlawful audiovisual products such as DVD compressed discs is discovered, it must be strictly dealt with according to the law, to discovered clues, timely communication must be made, and they must be searched thoroughly and hardly, to attack the sources. It is prohibited for DVD compressed discs to flow into audiovisual retail shops and rental shops.

III, Entities such as industry and commerce, public security, press and publications, city management, etc, will vigorously cooperate and coordinate, to form resource pools, and severely attack unlawful business activities such as selling DVD compressed discs, etc., in computer malls, electronic malls, software markets as well as unlicensed vending stalls, mobile peddlers, to maximize limit and lower DVD compressed discs to flow into the market.

IV, To meet the case filing and investigation standard conditions, all levels’ cultural market inspection and management entities mist timely transfer to the public security organs, to investigate criminal liability of persons suspected of criminal activities according to the law, and pirates will be transferred to the Courts.

V, The Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department dispatches inspection groups united with relevant entities, to increase supervision and inspection strength over focal areas and focal cases. Where market supervision and management  is performed perfunctorily, and creates market order chaos, and overflow of DVD compressed discs, liability must be investigated according to the law, and criticism will be briefed.

VI, All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture halls (bureaus), Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Culture Bureau, Beijing Municipal Press and Publications Bureau must every half month report the situation relating to attacking unlawful audiovisual products such as DVD compressed discs, etc., (including law enforcement man-hours, inspection work units, investigation and confiscation numbers, cases transferred, etc.), to the Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department.

All localities’ work progress situation shall be published on the China Cultural Market website “www.ccm.gov.cn” audiovisual and film channel and cultural market inspection channel special topic “Attacking DVD compressed discs Winter Operation”. Tel.:010-65551896/7; 010-65552132/3; fax: 010-65551899/6; 010-65551010; e-mail address: lijian@ccm.gov.cn; epic.lee@163.com; jcjb@ccm.gov.cn.

It is hereby notified

Ministry of Culture

4 December 2004














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