Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Programme Product Business Organ Management

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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

15 March 2005

SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Programme Product Business Organ Management”, the Notice says that, since the “Radio and Television Production Business Management Regulations” (SARFT Decree No. 34) took effect, all localities earnestly implemented management duties, strictly examined and approved radio and television programme production business organs, making the national production business activities more standardized every day, programme quantities are steadily increasing, programme quality is clearly raised, programme production industry development structures are beginning to take shape. But there are still a few localities where problems such as examination and approval gate keeping not being strict, daily management is inadequate, etc., still exist in management work. According to the spirit of the important directions of the central leading comrades, hereby, the following matters concerning further strengthening management over radio and television programme production business organs are notified:

I, It is necessary to according to the provisions of the “Radio and Television Programme Production Business Organs Management Regulations (SARFT Decree NO. 34), strictly guarding the sector access gate. Decree No. 34 Article 6 provides clear provisions on production enterprise access conditions, all provincial management entities shall strictly grasp access conditions, earnestly implement examination and approval duties, and in line with the principle of guaranteeing quality, controlling quantity”, may without exception not approve and issue a “Radio and Television Programme Business Permit” to organs not conforming to application conditions. SARFT shall integrate the examination and verification work over the work achievements of production organs in the year 2004, conduct examination and approval over all localities’ production organ examination and approval situation, and enjoin the original permit-issuing organ to cancel the permit of organs violating regulations.

II, It is necessary to strengthen production organ daily supervision and management work. It is necessary to realistically reverse the present problem of “only examining and approving, not supervising and managing” widely existing in radio and television programme production business organ management. In order to guarantee the correct orientation, all provincial-level entities must establish examination organs for production organs’ produced and distributed programme content, perfect programme examination standards, strengthen gate keeping over production organs’ produced and distributed programme content quality. All those producing or distributing programmes or columns having harmful content, must be timely and determinedly stopped and rectified, and production organs where problems exist in the content orientation must be strictly punished according to relevant regulations; where grave harmful social effect is created, their programme production qualifications must be cancelled. All provincial-level management entities must complete and perfect production organ work files and databases, timely grasp the production organs’ personnel, programme orientation, production content, financial affairs, assets and business situation, and conduct standardized management.

III, It is necessary to strengthen production organ sector self-regulation, vigorously guide production organs to raise creative capacity, production levels and programme quality. Production organs must persist in the correct orientation, and organically unify ideology, artistry and enjoyability; persist in putting social interest first, strive to realize the unification of social interest and economic interest; persist in serving the People and serving socialism, achieving that they stick close to reality, stick close to life, stick close to the masses, guarantee the healthy and upward content of programmes, satisfy the popular masses’ spiritual culture needs.

IV, It is necessary to supervise and urge all levels’ broadcast organs to conduct earnest examination and gate keeping over programme and column content and resources not produced by that station. All levels’ management entities must supervise broadcasting organs on the basis of the provisions of the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, regularly file the situation concerning programmes bought from outside to the local administrative radio and television entity, and at the same time strictly examine content of all sorts of programmes and columns not produced by that station and the resources of the providing organ, broadcast of already purchased programmes produced or provided by an organ not having obtained a “Radio and Television Programme Production Business Permit” must be immediately stopped. Determinedly achieving that from now on, programmes provided by this sort of organs are no longer purchased and broadcast. All provincial-level management entities must expand supervision strength, where problems of regulation violations are discovered, they must be determinedly investigated and prosecuted, guaranteeing correct orientation and broadcast safety.

V, It is necessary to strengthen production organ personnel policy and legal education and professional training. All provincial-level management entities must make training of production organ main management personnel and production personnel into a system and implement it, to be organized regularly every year. Training shall be conducted of legal representatives and production business management-level personnel of local newly-established production organs or who have not attended provincial-level or higher management entity-organized professional training for two years, in order to strengthen professional personnel’s political sense, sense of responsibility, sense of the larger picture and the concept of doing business according to the law. At the same time, the situation of all organs’ personnel receiving training is brought into the work achievement examination content of that year, and evaluation is conducted, to those not attending training without cause, in view of the situation, a warning shall be issued, or a temporary or permanent cancellation of production permits will be imposed.

Please timely transmit this notice to all corresponding organs in the administrative area, and earnestly implement it.




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