Opinion concerning Further Strengthening and Improving Public Opinion Supervision Work

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24 March 2005


In order to fully give rein to the vigorous function of new media public opinion supervision in unifying thoughts and concentrating forces, stimulating reform and development, and safeguarding social stability, the following opinions concerning further strengthening and improving public opinion supervision work are put forward:


I, Giving high regard to the important function of public opinion supervision work. Public opinion supervision is a requirement for social development, a responsibility for news work, an aspiration of the popular masses and a means for the Party and government to improve work. Correctly developing public opinion supervision benefits the development of Socialist democracy, completing a Socialist legal system; benefits the reflection of the popular masses’ opinions and voices, make contact of the Party and government with the popular masses closer; benefits strengthening the construction of a honest and clean Party governance style and safeguarding the good image of Party and government;  benefits carrying forward of righteousness, remonstrating present-day problems, raise morale and dissolve contradictions, safeguarding social stability. All levels’ Party Committees, governments and relevant departments must, from the height of completely implementing the important “Three Represent” thought and the spirit of the 16th Party Congress, from the height of the Party serving the public and government being for the people, from the height of persisting in the scientific development view and structuring a Socialist harmonious society, further strengthening and improving public opinion supervision work under new circumstances.


II, Persisting in the requirements of the principles of public opinion supervision. Public opinion supervision work must persist in Party principles, persist in seeking truth from facts, persist in serving the people, serving Socialism, serving the large picture of Party and State work, closely grasp the correct public opinion orientation. It is necessary to serve the larger picture, persist in the continuity of responsibilities to the Party and responsibilities to the people, fixing eyes upon improving work, grasping problems that the masses pay close attention to, the government attaches important to, that have a universal sense, stimulating reform and development, safeguarding social stability. It is necessary to make facts accurate, deeply investigate and research, hear opinions from all sides, prevent inaccurate or incomplete reporting. It is necessary to be objective and fair, persist in convincing people by reasoning, fully considering the complexity of the real situation, being good at hearing different opinions, preventing subjective assumptions, or giving way to emotions. It is necessary to stress social effect, fix eyes upon resolving real problems, track reporting of the result of resolution, guide to the positive aspects, and not to speculate maliciously. It is necessary to respect news discipline, and scrupulously abide by professional news ethics.


III, Grasping the present public opinion supervision focus point. Strengthening supervision over acts violating laws and regulations, exposing and criticizing problems of having a law that is not obeyed, law enforcement not being strict, bribery and perversion of justice, etc., moving governing the country according to the law forward. Strengthening supervision over the implementation situation of Party and government policies and plans, reflecting the popular masses’ hopes and suggestions concerning Party and government work, exposing and criticizing acts of not implementing orders, not implementing prohibitions, feigning compliance, each going his own way, etc., safeguarding the authority of the Centre, guaranteeing that government decrees do not meet with obstacles. Strengthening supervision over the implementation situation of Party discipline and government discipline, exposing and criticizing acts of neglect or dereliction of duties, abuse of power, passive corruption, etc., stimulating the construction of clean government in cadre teams. Strengthening supervision over violations of the public interest, exposing and criticizing all manifestations and acts of violation of public interest in all ways and manners, protecting the popular masses’ lawful rights and interests. Strengthening exposing and criticism of repugnant social phenomena, immoral acts and harmful atmospheres, moving citizen moral construction forward, carrying forward social righteousness.


IV, Supporting news media in correctly developing public opinion supervision. All levels’ Party Committees and governments, social organizations and their workers must give high regard to public opinion supervision work, and support news gathering activities of news media journalists, especially from provincial-level and higher Party newspapers and Party periodicals, radio stations and television stations, providing conveniences for newsgathering and reporting. Grass-roots work units may not block information, conceal facts, intervene in public opinion supervision, and may not interfere with public opinion supervision through methods such as bribes or intercession. Relevant localities and departments shall vigorously respond to public opinion supervision, and shill timely investigate and deal with problems exposed by the media, and publicize the result of the handing through the media.


V, Strengthening the social responsibility of new media in public opinion supervision. The broad media workers must establish a strong sense of social responsibility, and stress the social effect of public opinion supervision. They must earnestly verify the content of reports, accomplish truth, accuracy and reliability, and may not release information from the Internet, may not publish or broadcast contributions that have not been verified, and may not conceal news facts that should be reported because of nepotism. It is necessary to obtain news through lawful and proper channels, newsgathering and reporting may not be conducted using illegal and immoral methods. The conveniences of the post may not be used to seek personal gain, it is prohibited to use public opinion supervision as an excuse to conduct blackmail. Strictly abiding laws and regulations, politico-legal organs’ handling cases according to the law may not be disturbed or interfered with. Respecting the lawful rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. Strictly implementing relevant confidentiality regulations, taking strict precautions against divulging Party and State secrets in reports. News media must organize a reporting telephone line for society, and accept social and mass supervision consciously. Where the lawful rights and interests of other persons are violated because of inaccurate or inappropriate reporting, it shall be publicly rectified, the facts clarifies, and the harmful influence eliminated. Where discipline and regulations are violated, creating harmful influence, it must be gravely dealt with.


VI, Strengthening public opinion supervision work leadership. All levels’ Party Committees and governments must give high regard to public opinion supervision work, correctly utilize and give rein to the function of public opinion supervision. All levels’ leading cadres must correctly deal with public opinion supervision, strengthen the consciousness of accepting public opinion supervision, and be good in hearing the popular masses’ opinions and voices through public opinion supervision, discover and resolve problems, promote and improve work. It is necessary to fully give rein to the function of mainstream media such as Party newspapers and periodicals, radio stations, television stations, etc., in public opinion supervision work, realistically strengthen management over small papers and periodicals, and Internet sites. It is necessary to earnestly summarize the experience of public opinion supervision work, organically integrating public opinion supervision with internal Party supervision, legal supervision and mass supervision. All localities and all departments must earnestly research and formulate concrete rules for strengthening and improving public opinion supervision work. Party Committee Propaganda Departments must strengthen guidance over public opinion supervision work. News work units must formulate and perfect all work systems related to public opinion supervision, and the main responsible comrades must keep the gates themselves. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of newsgathering teams, earnestly implement the “Central Propaganda Department, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and General Administration of Press and Publications Regulations Concerning Newsgathering Personnel Employment Management (Trial). It is necessary to strengthen training, education and management of editors and journalist, raise their political and professional quality. News workers must realistically strengthen their political consciousness, consciousness of the larger picture, sense of responsibility and sense of discipline, correctly understand and utilize public opinion supervision power, correctly grasp methods and forms of public opinion supervision, and incessantly raise the level of public opinion supervision work.





















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