Opinions concerning Further Strengthening and Improving Cultural Product and Service Export Work

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In recent years, following the progressive acceleration of the pace of the rise of our country’s comprehensive national strength and the and reform and development in the cultural sphere, ever more cultural products and services marched towards international markets, disseminating Chinese culture, expanding international influence, and stimulating cultural industry development, and have obtained desirable social effects and economic effects. But it must also be regarded that our country’s rich cultural resources and vast cultural market have not been scientifically exploited and used, cultural product and service export quantities are still relatively low, cultural market competitiveness is correspondingly weak, and the function of culture in foreign relations is to be urgently strengthened. In order to further strengthen and improve cultural product and service work, promote even more excellent cultural products and services to march towards international markets, the following Opinions are hereby put forward.


I, Stimulating cultural product and service export, strengthening the international influence and competitiveness of our country’s culture

Our country’s cultural products and services are the carriers of the culture of the Chinese nation, and mainly include cultural products produced in and cultural services provided in areas such as news, publishing, radio, film and television, culture and art, etc. Stimulating our country’s excellent cultural products and services to march towards the world benefits letting the world understand China more, promoting cultural foreign relations in larger spheres and at deeper levels, and better serving the larger picture of our foreign relations work; it benefits protecting and carrying forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, displaying contemporary cultural achievements, expanding the international influence of Chinese culture, concentrating the sons and daughters of China at home and overseas, safeguarding national security and stimulating the unification of the motherland.


To do cultural product and service work well, it is necessary to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, completely persist in putting social interest first, strive to integrate social interest and economic interest. Forcefully charring forward the nation’s spirit of the Chinese people with patriotism at the core, fully displaying the spirit of the times of the Chinese nation with reform and innovation at the core, broadly disseminating the magnificent historical culture created by the Chinese nation, vividly displaying the positive and upward, rich and varied glorious life and spiritual word of the Chinese people. Stressing to stick close to the reality of different countries and regions, respecting their religious belief and moral standards, sticking close to the requirements of peoples of all countries to Chinese culture, sticking close to foreign audiences’ enjoyment habits. Rolling out even more excellent cultural products and services having Chinese styles and Chinese airs, that foreign audiences love to see and hear, further enhancing the understanding and identification of all countries all over the world with the Chinese nation and Chinese culture, optimizing the external environment for our country’s Socialist modernization construction, raising the proportion occupied by the cultural industry in economic and social development, strengthening the value of our cultural product and service export to international cultural markets, establishing our status as a large cultural country.


II, Accelerating the pace of State-owned cultural enterprise and undertaking work unit reform, striving to foster a batch of internationally competitive cultural market subjects

State-owned cultural enterprise and undertaking work units must innovate systems, transform mechanisms, face the market and strengthen vitality, further deepening structural reform. Accelerating the pace of publishing, film and television production, performance and other commercial State-owned cultural undertaking work units’ transformation and cultural enterprise reform, perfecting legal person governance structures, establishing modern enterprise systems. Creating beneficial conditions, promoting the cultural enterprises with a relatively large development potential to optimize resource deployment, and raise production and creation capacity, expand enterprise scales, shaping a batch of large-scale cultural enterprises and enterprise groups in publishing, distribution, film and television, performance, etc., as soon as possible. According to the objectives of grouping, systematization, networking and specialization, fostering cultural retail enterprises, developing market intermediary organs, vigorously launching international market research, consulting and retail business, strengthening the strength in the circulation domain and international competitiveness of our country’s cultural products and services. State-owned cultural enterprises and enterprise groups must liberate thoughts, innovate concepts, formulate development strategies and plans for international cultural market expansion on the basis of earnestly analyzing domestic and foreign market environments and enterprises’ competition capacity, and on the basis of scientific planning, vigorously expanding into international cultural markets, establishing and completing production mechanisms and commercial mechanisms adapted to international market competition, perfecting enterprise business achievement appraisal systems, raising management levels. Encouraging cultural enterprises and enterprise groups meeting conditions to obtain cultural product and service export business qualifications according to the law, invest in and register companies abroad, vigorously launch transnational business, become cultural enterprises and enterprise groups having strong competitive capacity in international markets, and give rein to their principle force function in expanding international cultural markets and stimulating cultural product and service export.


III, Encouraging, supporting and guiding non-publicly owned cultural enterprises to enlarge cultural product and service export, mustering forces from all sides to jointly develop cultural product and service export work

Creating fair market environments and desirable policy environments and legal environments, fully giving rein to the vigour and initiative of non-publicly owned cultural enterprises in cultural product and service export aspects. Encouraging and supporting non-publicly owned cultural enterprises meeting conditions to obtain cultural product and service export business qualifications according to the law, and engage in cultural product and service export business of books and periodicals, film, television and audiovisual products, artworks, cultural performances, etc. Supporting a batch of non-publicly owned cultural product and service export enterprises with correct development orientations, flexible business mechanisms, vas market prospects and standardized managements. Building mixed-type cultural product and service export enterprises with share participation of State-owned capital, collective capital, non-publicly owned capital, etc. Encouraging domestic cultural enterprises meeting conditions to vigorously and reliably launch cooperations and joint ventures with famous international cultural companies according to relevant regulations. Giving high regard to excavating and utilizing all sorts of cultural product and service export resources, mustering the forces of social groups and individual cultural operators. Realizing the diversification of investment subjects, progressively shaping a cultural product and service export work order with large-scale State-owned cultural enterprises and enterprise groups at the core, and vigorous participation of forces from all sides, such as non-publicly owned cultural enterprises, etc.


IV, Vigorously fostering export brands, striving to produce and provide even more cultural products and services that are marketable and in great demand

Establishing an excellent product consciousness, implementing excellent product strategies and projects, striving to create and provide cultural product and service that both represent the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and satisfy the requirements of all countries’ audiences. Departments such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, General Administration of Press and Publications, etc., research and formulate cultural product and service import and export trade development strategies, accelerate fostering of a batch of export brands with international competitiveness, giving support in aspects such as research, development and design, government procurement, foreign investment, going abroad to participate in exhibitions, advertising and propaganda, comprehensive marketing, international retail system construction, trade convenience, finance and insurance, intellectual property rights protection, public information services, etc. Cultural enterprises must establish indigenous brands, give high regard to giving rein to brand effects, shaping export cultural product and service industry chains. Firmly grasping the establishment of main art category creation and production bases in cities and regions meeting certain conditions, concentrating on production and creation of cultural products that will sell well in international markets, shaping scale and brands, fully giving rein to their leading and demonstration function. The China Literary Federation and the China Writers’ Association, etc., must guide writers and artists to create works that carry forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and display modern cultural achievements, and provide content support for cultural product and service export. Culture, radio and television, and press and publications departments must organize cultural enterprises and enterprise groups to produce film and television works and programmes suited to overseas audiences, promote high-level commercial performance programmes and cartoon or game products facing the market, do translation work of export film and television works well, grasp the publishing and translation work of large-scale foreign publishing projects such as “Cultural China”, the “Large Chinese Library”, meticulously organize and implement the “One Hundred Chinese Contemporary Excellent Literature Works Translation Project”, compose and publish excellent Mandarin teaching materials that are marketable and in great demand, encourage and support excellent newspaper and periodical product publishing work units to go abroad to publish and distribute newspapers and periodicals suited to the location.


V, Earnestly implementing “marching out” focus projects and activities, driving cultural product and service export

The Ministry of Culture must completely plan and steadily implement Chinese culture marketing strategy plans, and do Sino-Foreign mutual organization of cultural years, organization of Chinese cultural festivals, cultural weeks and cultural days abroad as well as launching multilateral cultural exchange work well, grasp “marching out” project branding programmes such as “letting China march into classrooms”, “Spring Festival Abroad”, etc, vigorously organize influential international commercial performance programmes to go to focus countries and regions for performance tours, organize cultural enterprise and undertaking work units to participate in international performance, comparison and exhibition activities. Supporting and encouraging acrobatics, xiqu, drama, quyi, music and dance, folk literature and art, etc., to go abroad to launch commercial performances and fine art, handicraft product and other commercial exhibition activities. SARFT is to completely strengthen foreign radio and television propaganda, accelerate the implementation work of CCTV-4, CCTV-9, and CCTV-E&F (Spanish and French language channels) landing overseas, and entering into hotels and guesthouses, organize the performance of Great Wall Platform construction and operation work, accelerate moving global Chinese language broadcast coordination network construction and global English, Chinese and multilingual programme broadcast network construction forward, forcefully develop foreign-related on-line radio and on-line television, enlarge overseas programme landing strength, forcefully move film “marching out” forward. The General Administration of Press and Publications and the State Council Information Office must accelerate the implementation of Chinese book marketing plans, and with internationally current means, vigorously move the overseas publication and distribution of Mandarin teaching materials forward. Relevant central departments and relevant departments in localities meeting conditions are to support cultural product and service export such as books, newspapers and periodicals, film, television and audiovisual products, electronic publications, cartoons and network games, etc,. through measures such as subsidies. The Ministry of Finance, together with relevant departments is to research policy steps to support cultural product and service export through existing budgetary channels, further expand input, and grant focus support to strategic investment programmes. All localities may utilize small and mid-size enterprise international market expansion funds to subsidize cultural enterprise work units’ going abroad to participate in exhibitions and other corresponding activities, and exempt enterprises from business tax over foreign income obtained through providing cultural services abroad; deducting income tax already paid abroad by taxpayers according to relevant existing regulations.


VI, Utilizing many kinds of method to strengthen export channels and international retail network construction

With America, Europe and our neighbouring countries as focus point, pushing cultural products and services towards international markets through many channels and on many levels. Utilizing all sorts of international cultural exhibitions, cultural product trade fairs and commercial negotiation activities, vigorously and actively promoting the sale of our excellent cultural products abroad. Organizing radio and television enterprise and undertaking work units to participate in relatively large and influential international film and television festivals (exhibitions), organizing Chinese film and television festivals (exhibitions) in focus countries and regions, vigorously launching radio, film and television programme trade. Earnestly organizing publishing enterprises’ participation in publications exhibition and sales activities abroad, adopting effective measures to promote the sale of our excellent publications. Encouraging cultural enterprises meeting conditions to cooperate with famous international cultural production, management and retail organs according to regulations, fully utilizing the finances, technology and sale channels for foreign cooperating side, producing export cultural products and services with high science and technology content and concentrated funding, launching international retail, and pushing cultural products and services with relatively good domestic market repercussions to international markets. Cultural exhibition and performance companies must establish broad professional relationships with foreign exhibition and performance management companies and exhibition and performance venues, progressively enlarge target client resources, shape corresponding fixed client groups, and when meeting conditions, establishing performance branch organs abroad. Radio, film and television work units must establish the necessary organs abroad or utilize already established organs to vigorously launch film and television programme retail business, adopt purchasing of foreign media broadcasting time slots and purchasing of radio and television networks or organizing of radio and television channels and frequencies, etc., to establish programme propaganda and broadcasting channels. Giving high regard to organize international cultural product exhibition and trade activities at home, supporting characteristic folk culture and art activities, further expanding international influence, attracting even more foreign organs to purchase our cultural products and services. Forcefully marketing foreign-aimed Mandarin learning, expanding international education markets, encouraging foreign school running, exporting educational products in learning branches with Chinese characteristics and superior learning branches. Culture, radio and television, and press and publications departments are to cooperate with tourism departments, and stimulate foreign-aimed cultural products and services to enter into tourism markets, and directly face foreign tourism. Local governments must open up export channels for folk culture and art products through organizing international folk culture festivals and tourism trading activities. All levels’ financial departments may support small and mid-size cultural enterprises to conduct market expansion activities such as international market research, etc., through methods such as financial discounts that support bank lending or utilizing small and mid-size enterprise international market expansion funds, etc.


VII, Giving rein to the superiority of all sides, introducing our country’s cultural products and services on many levels and through many channels

Vigorously drawing support from platforms such as regional cultural cooperation, multilateral cultural conferences, all sorts of art festival, etc., forcefully introducing our cultural products and services. News work units such as Xinhua, the Central People’s Radio Station, China International Radio, China Central Television, radio and television organs in border areas meeting conditions, the foreign edition of the People’s Daily, China Daily, China News Agency, Beijing Weekly, etc., must extensively propagate our excellent cultural products and services overseas through many kinds of methods, and disseminate Chinese cultural knowledge. Comprehensive websites or specialized cultural websites such as Xinhuanet, People’s Net, International Online, China Broadcasting Net, China net, China Daily Net, CCTV International, China Economy Net and China Cultural Net must utilize many languages to open up special theme pages on Chinese cultural products and services, and timely and correctly publish information on our cultural products and services. The Ministry of Culture, SARFT, the General Administration of Press and Publications, the National Tourism Administration and the China Journalist Association are responsible to organize  foreign important media personalities to come to China and conduct special theme cultural interviews, organize foreign journalists living in China to participate in all sorts of cultural activities we organize domestically, and actively providing materials and interview convenience, making them vigorously propagate our excellent cultural products and services to their own countries. Foreign cultural enterprise and undertaking work units are to vigorously utilize foreign media to carry advertising, introducing our cultural products and services. Our embassies and consulates abroad, and Chinese cultural centres must vigorously organize cultural product, film and television product introduction and screening activities.


VIII, Strengthening service and management, encouraging and supporting even more cultural products to march towards international markets

Relevant departments must change or abolish these regulations and methods that are not adapted to the development of circumstances and do not benefit cultural product and service export, and formulate corresponding policies encouraging cultural product and service export, revise laws and regulations relating to cultural product and service export, standardize foreign cultural product and service export work according to the law, strengthen culture foreign trade information platform construction, perform foreign-aimed cultural product and service export statistics work, timely provide international market information to cultural enterprises, and create fair and competitive environments and conditions for marching toward international markets for all sorts of enterprise and undertaking work units. The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Commerce, SARFT, the General Administration of Press and Publications are to grasp the formulation of a cultural product and service export guidance catalogue. The Ministry of Culture and SARFT are to join hands in establishing international commercial performance product information databases and foreign exchange of radio, film and television product and service resource databases. Foreign affairs, public security, commerce, culture, customs, radio and television, press and publications and other relevant departments are to provide support and guarantees to all sorts of “marching out” activities and projects in aspects such as programme examination and approval, border exit and entry management, etc., accomplish simple and direct convenience, and raise effectiveness. The Ministry of Commerce is to grant support to subsidy applications of cultural enterprise and undertaking work units’ cultural product and service programmes meeting conditions. All sorts of cultural enterprise import from export of radio and television programmes, television dramas, films, cartoons, audiovisual products and electronic publications is to be calculated individually, exported cultural products enjoy export tax rebate treatment according to existing regulations. Customs is to provide clearance convenience for cultural product and service export. The Ministry of Commerce is to conduct foreign trade manager filing and registration of enterprises meeting conditions according to the law. All levels’ comprehensive law enforcement organs are to earnestly perform cultural management clean-up and rectification work, attack piracy activities, and effectively curb cultural products’ illegal flowing out of our country, and entering into international markets. The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture, the General Administration of Customs, SARFT and the General Administration of Press and Publications are to strengthen management over our foreign-aimed cultural enterprise and undertaking work units, and must especially strengthen management over cultural product export that should not happen again. Cultural sector associations are to give rein to their self-discipline function, and stimulate the healthy and orderly development of cultural product and service export work.


IX, Strengthening personnel training and talent fostering, constructing a batch of cultural product and service export work teams

Culture, education, foreign propaganda and other work units must join forces in cooperation, and together with commerce departments organize all sorts and shapes of study classes, tutorial classes, research classes, etc., to raise the comprehensive quality and professional level of foreign-aimed cultural workers, making them grasp essential knowledge in aspects such as economics, commerce, culture, law and international customs, etc., and raising the corresponding foreign language abilities. To allocate cultural product and service export management departments and important State-owned foreign cultural enterprise and undertaking work unit cadres, it is necessary to break through in management level and foreign language ability assessment. Strengthening the training of teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. Selecting a number of focus schools and institutes to act as specialized cultural product and service export talent-fostering bases, expanding talent reserves. Paying attention to select specialized talents from personnel returning to the country after studying overseas, achieving that all talents are put to full use, and they fully use their talents.


X, Realistically strengthening organizational leadership, vigorously exploring new cultural product and service export work paths

All levels’ Party Committee Propaganda Departments and governments’ relevant departments must fully understand that strengthening and improving cultural product and service export work is an objective requirement for promoting foreign cultural propaganda and establishing a desirable international image of us, is a strategic task in strengthening our cultural power and international competitiveness and influence, and is an important channel for letting Socialist cultural undertakings flourish and accelerating cultural industry development, and according to the uniform central deployment, they must realistically strengthen guidance and coordination, each carrying his responsibility, with mutual cooperation. the Central Propaganda Department is responsible for organizing the formulation of principles and policies guiding cultural product and service export work, and for comprehensively planning and coordinating major matters to promote cultural product and service export work. The Central Foreign Propaganda Office is responsible for leadership and coordination over foreign propaganda work in cultural product and service export. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for cultural product and service export management work on the basis of specialized management, and according to our country’s overall foreign relations principles, for further strengthening foreign cultural work leadership and support together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for coordinating relevant departments to strive for beneficial conditions for our cultural product and service export in multilateral negotiations on international trade in services, coordinating and resolving related trade disputes, work related to guiding cultural export brand construction, formulating cultural product and service export encouragement policies, and conducting accreditation of cultural enterprises’ foreign trade qualifications. The General Administration of Customs is responsible for providing clearance services to cultural product and service export programmes, and is uniformly responsible for attacking smuggling work. SARFT is responsible for radio, film and television “marching out” projects, and organizing the production and marketing of film and television works facing international markets. The General Administration of Press and Publications is responsible for publications “marching out” projects, and guiding the implementation of publishing and distribution of publications facing international markets. Our embassies and consulates abroad and Chinese cultural centres are responsible for regularly providing  investigation and research reports on the cultural market of their country of accreditation, collect the reactions of the masses of their country of accreditation concerning our cultural products and services, guiding our country’s excellent cultural products and services in entering cultural markets of their county of accreditation. The State Council Overseas Chinese Office must fully give rein to the special superiority of friendly forces such as patriotic overseas Chinese persons, communities, etc., vigorously assist our cultural products and services to infiltrate international markets. Finance, taxation and other departments must forcefully support cultural product and service export work, closely cooperate, and create conditions, making our more of our country’s cultural products and services enter into international markets, and raising the international influence and international market share of our country’s cultural products and services. In cultural product and service export work, all localities, all departments and all work units must stress researching of cultural product and service export rules, and strengthen the focalization and effectiveness of work. Striving to innovate work content and work methods, innovating production, business and management models with government guidance, market regulation, and with cultural enterprises at the core, vigorously exploring new paths for export work of cultural products and services with Chinese characteristics.




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