Letter of Proposal on Running the Internet in a Civilized Manner

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At present, the development of our country’s Internet undertaking is thriving. Beijing has gathered 130.000 Websites, 4.28 million netizens, and has become one of the national or even international Internet development centres, the influence of Beijing’s network culture construction is huge.

The rapid development of the Internet undertaking has adapted to the broad people’s masses daily enriching cultural life needs, and has become a burgeoning medium for people to obtain information, life entertainment, interact and exchange. Even so, at the same time as the rapid development of the Internet, problems gravely harming society, such as disseminating unhealthy information, publication of images with a vulgar style, the provision of uncivilized voicemail services and even the dissemination of “pornographic” content also exist in a few websites. Building a healthy and civilized network culture environment and eliminating unhealthy information have become the joint call of society, the strong requirement of household heads and an urgent need to guarantee minors’ healthy growing up. In order to promote the civilized running of the network by the Internet circles and build Internet sites into battlefields to disseminate advanced culture, a virtual community and a harmonious homeland, 14 web sites, Qianlong Net, Sina, Sohu, Netease, TOM Net, China Net, Baidu, Beiqing Net, China Sousuo Net, Xilu Net, Xici Hutong Net, Yahoo, Hexun Net and Daqi Net, jointly put forward the following proposals to the nationwide Internet world:

I, Forcefully propagate, implement and practice the Socialist view of honour and disgrace with the “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces” put forward by General Secretary Hu Jintao as the main content among Internet workers, considering the dissemination of content carrying forward a deep love of the motherland, serving the people, venerating science, industry and hard work, working in unison and helping one another, being honest and sincere, observing discipline and respecting the law, working diligently in spite of difficulties as honourable, persist in running the web in a civilized manner, make the Internet into a battlefield for propagating scientific theory, disseminating advanced culture, moulding noble spirits and carrying forward the correct social atmosphere. We must persist in singing the “main melody”, persist in disseminating information that is beneficial to raising the nation’s quality, and promoting economic and social development, striving to create a healthy, upwards, harmonious and civilized online public opinion atmosphere.

II, Firmly resist harmful information that deviates from social morals and the excellent traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, consciously resist vulgar tendencies online, clean up the network environment. Do not publish unhealthy text and images, do not link to unhealthy website, do not provide unhealthy content searches, do not send out unhealthy short (image) messages, do not set up unhealthy voicemail services, do not operate games with violent, murderous or sexual content, do not carry unhealthy advertising; do not issue or transmit discourse, image or audiovisual information that is unlawful, vulgar or with a low stile on website communities, forums, news trackers, chat rooms, blogs, etc., vigorously create a new civilized wind for networks.

III, Persist in self-restraint, implement sector self-discipline. Build and complete internal website management systems, standardize information production and dissemination procedures, strengthen supervision, management and punishment mechanisms; strengthen education on professional morals and online ethics for website employees, strengthen a sense of social responsibility, promote the healthy development of the Internet sector.

IV, Consciously accept management, welcome social supervision, set up reporting telephone lines and reporting mailboxes, establish all-weather reporting services, earnestly reform issues reflected by netizens, incessantly raise the social credibility of network media, let society have confidence, let household heads rest assured, let the broad netizens go online in a civilized manner.

Proposing websites: Qianlong Net, Sina, Sohu, Netease, TOM Net, China Net, Baidu, Beiqing Net, China Sousuo Net, Xilu Net, Xici Hutong Net, Yahoo, Hexun Net and Daqi Net.

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