Letter of Response on Running the Internet in a Civilized Manner

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On 9 April, 14 Beijing websites, including Qianlong Net, etc., jointly issued a letter of proposal on running the Internet in a civilized manner to Internet circles, main Central news websites unanimously express strong agreement and Herculean support.

At present, our country has 700.000 Internet sites and more than 110 million online users. The Internet has become a basic tool for the information society, has become a mass medium with huge influence and the most potential, and has become collection and distribution centre for all sorts of information. The healthy development of the Internet concerns the stability and development of the State, concerns the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization, and concerns the healthy growing up of millions of minors. The “Letter of Proposal on Running the Internet in a Civilized Manner” put forward by the 14 Beijing web sites conforms to the aspirations of the broad netizens, complies with the requirements of the times, and indicates that a healthy and upward content orientation is the mainstream of all our country’s websites, the broad website workers have the awareness, the capacity and the consciousness to resist all sorts of unhealthy network information, and vigorously throw themselves into the magnificent practice of building a Socialist spiritual civilization.

During this year’s national “Two Sessions” period, General Secretary Hu Jintao gave an important speech concerning the Socialist view of honour and dishonour, which has given rise to strong reverberations nationwide. The socialist view of honour and dishonour with the “Eight Honours and Disgraces” as main content has concentratedly reflected the basic requirements of Socialist moral standards. We absolutely must implement the Socialist view of honour and dishonour into the entire process of spiritual civilization construction, express it in all aspects of social life, and make the Socialist view of honour and dishonour into a banner to lead social morality. Internet sites have an important responsibility in this regard.

The main Central news websites are a important news medium of our country, are a main channel for news information distribution online, are also a main source for other websites’ publishing news information, and are the main force to guide online public opinion. We unanimously agree and vigorously respond to the joint proposals of the 14 Beijing websites.

As main Central news web sites, we shall firmly keep our own mission in mind, persist in the correct political orientation and public opinion orientation, serve the larger picture, and forcefully propagate the Party line, principles and policies; we firmly establish the Socialist view of honour and dishonour with the “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces” put forward by General Secretary Hu Jintao as main content, consider running the web in a civilized manner as honourable, and running the web in an uncivilized manner disgraceful, we advocate running the web in a civilized manner and using the web in a civilized manner, cleaning up the network environment and resisting uncivilized acts; we have a model and leading function in carrying forward the main melody, observing discipline and abiding by the law, carrying forward the correct social wind and persisting in sector self-discipline, and in making the Internet truly become an important battlefield for propagating scientific theory, disseminating advanced culture, moulding noble spirits, carrying forward the correct social wind and correctly guiding public opinion, thereby giving rein to a vigorous function in promoting economic development, safeguarding social stability, raising the quality of the nation, stimulating the construction of a harmonious Socialist society and many other aspects.

Responders: Xinhua Net, People’s Net, China Net, CCTV International, China Daily Net, International Online, China Youth Net, China Economic Net, China News Net, China Radio Net, Guangming Net.









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