Notice Concerning Launching a Cultural Market Concentrated Law Enforcement Season Activity

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WMDZ No. [2006]12

In order to implement the “Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Management Rules” (Ministry of Culture Decree No. 36, hereafter simply named “Rules”), standardize cultural market law enforcement activities, raise the level of cultural market administration according to the law, resolve prominent problems existing in the cultural market, the Ministry of Culture schedules to launch a cultural market “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” activity at a nationwide scope from 1 July until 30 September 2006, hereby, the relevant matters are notified as followed:

I, Studying and implementing the “Rules”, raising law enforcement capacity

All levels’ administrative cultural departments and cultural market law enforcement organs must raise their understanding of the importance of studying and implementing the “Rules”, make implementing the “Rules” into an important basic work to grasp in cultural market law enforcement in the second half of 2006. All levels’ cultural market law enforcement organs must vigorously launch study and training of the “Rules”, and make law enforcement personnel proficiently grasp and utilize all law enforcement documents provided in the rules, understand and grasp the basic requirements of all law enforcement systems, and incessantly raise law enforcement capacity.

II, Prominent focus points, implementation responsibilities, grasping results

The theme of the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” is: “Inspecting Markets Daily, Standardizing Law Enforcement”

This cultural market “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” has dealing with Internet cafes and audiovisual markets as focus point. According to the characteristics of secondary and primary school summer holidays, focusing in investigating and prosecuting the problem of Internet cafés that admit minors in violation of regulations, strictly implement the provisions of document WSF No. [2005]10 concerning punishment standards and daily inspection regulations, persist in strict punishment. According to the requirements of the 1006 plan for audiovisual market governance, speedily launching the “Sunshine 2” operation, at the same time as dealing with lawful wholesale, retail and rental shops trading in infringing and pirating audiovisual products, vigorously coordinating with local industry and commerce, urban management and other departments, strictly attacking unlicensed traders and peddlers dealing in unlawful audiovisual products. We must expand the strength and frequency of cultural market operation work unit inspection, realistically achieve that markets are inspected every day, there are battle results every day, accelerate the speed at which cases are dealt with, shape a high-pressure situation of cultural market supervision.

All localities’ cultural market departments and administrative cultural market law enforcement organs must integrate the real situation of cultural market management in their locality, speedily formulate work plans, and before 50 June, complete all work matters (the provincial level reports to the Ministry of Culture for Filing). Achieving that assignments reach the people, the people fulfil their posts, supervision is present in markets, punishment meets standards, and no law enforcement blank spaces and dead angles are left.

III, Strengthening public opinion, propaganda and social supervision

All localities’ administrative culture departments must give full rein to the function of press media. The important law enforcement activity of the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” must be reported, and all sorts of investigated and prosecute unlawful business cases must be openly exposed, investigation and prosecution results must be timely announced to society, and supervision from the masses and all walks of society must be accepted. Cultural market departments will concentratedly open a special column to report the situation of the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” on the Chinese Cultural Market Website.

The “12318” cultural market unlawful activity reporting telephone line is the window of cultural market law enforcement work, and must be announced to society again, all categories of cultural business venues must put up “12318” reporting signs within a limited time. Localities meeting conditions must establish special lines. Mass reports and complaints must be timely accepted, earnestly examined, and the investigation and prosecution results timely fed back.

IV, Doing coordination and cooperation well, shaping joint law enforcement forces

All localities’ administrative culture departments and cultural market law enforcement organs must vigorously coordinate with public security, industry and commerce, urban management, overall regulation offices, IPR protection offices and other corresponding departments, give rein to the function of all professional departments, and launch all sorts of joint law enforcement activities. Establishing and perfecting law enforcement information communication mechanisms and major governance activity joint work conferences, and timely reporting major punishment decisions to corresponding departments.

V, Timely summarizing and perfecting system

During the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” period, higher-level administrative culture departments and, cultural market law enforcement organs must conduct guidance and inspections of lower-level implementation of law enforcement activities. The Ministry of Culture cultural market department will adopt methods integrating open inspection and undercover visits, to conduct inspection of the progress situation of all localities’ launching the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season”, reward those earnestly launching law enforcement work, and report those whose work is weak, and where market problems are relatively many. All levels’ administrative culture departments and administrative culture law enforcement organs must earnestly summarize this time’s “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” activity, check the “Rules”, further perfect all systems in detail, put forward methods and measures to strengthen system construction and team construction, and incessantly explore the establishment of long-term management mechanisms for cultural market law enforcement work. All provincial-level administrative culture departments and administrative cultural market law enforcement organs  are requested to timely report model cases in law enforcement, and summarize the launching of the “Concentrated Law Enforcement Season” in their locality and report it to the Ministry of Culture Cultural Market Department before 20 October.


It is hereby notified.

Ministry of Culture

8 June 2006





二、 突出重点,落实责任,抓出成效


这次文化市场“集中执法季”以网吧和音像市场整治为重点。根据中小学暑期放假的特点,重点查处网吧违规接纳未成年人问题,严格执行文市发[2005]10 号文件关于处罚标准和日常检查频度的规定,坚持严管重罚。按照2006年音像市场整治方案的要求,迅速开展“阳光2号”行动,在整治合法批发、零售、出租店铺经营侵权盗版音像制品的同时,积极协调当地工商、城管等部门,严厉打击无证经营违法音像制品的坐商和游商。要加大检查文化市场经营单位的力度和频率,切实做到天天查市场,日日有战果,加快案件处理速度,形成文化市场监管的高压态势。











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