State Council Opinions concerning Completely Strengthening Emergency Response Management Work

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GF No. (2006)24

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments, all State Council Ministries and Commissions, all directly subordinate organs:

Strengthening emergency response management, is a large matter relating to the overall picture national economic and social development, and the security of people’s lives and property, it is an important content in completely implementing the scientific development view, building Socialism and a harmonious society, and is an important reflection of all levels of government persisting in taking people at the core, governing for the people and completely implementing government functions. At present, our country’s modernization construction enters a new phase, reform and development is at a key juncture, increasingly many factors influence public security, all sorts of sudden public incidents happen from time to time. But, our country’s emergency response management work is basically still relatively weak, structures, mechanisms and the legal system are not yet perfect, prevention and management capacity of sudden public events remain to be raised. In order to deeply implement the “National Sudden Public Incident  General Emergency Response Preparation Plan” (hereafter simply named “National General Emergency Response Management Plan”), completely strengthen emergency response management work, the following opinions are put forward:

I, Clarifying guiding ideology and work objectives

(1) Guiding ideology. With Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thoughts as guidance, completely implement the scientific development view, persist in taking people at the core, giving first place to prevention, fully rely on the legal system, science, technology and the popular masses, take guaranteeing the security of the masses’ lives and property as the root, take implementing and perfecting the emergency response preparation plan as basis, take raising capacity to prevent and deal with sudden public incidents as the focus point, completely strengthen emergency response management work, reduce as much as possible sudden public incidents and resulting personal casualties and harm, safeguard national security and social stability, stimulate comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development in economy and society.

(2) Work objectives. During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, establish an emergency response advance planning structure covering all localities, all sectors and all work units; complete an emergency response management structure with categorized management, hierarchical responsibilities, horizontal and vertical integration and with localized management at the core, implement administrative leadership responsibility systems under the leadership of Party Committee, strengthen emergency response management organ and emergency response rescue team construction; build emergency response management mechanisms with uniform command, acute response, ordered coordination and high-efficiency operations; perfect emergency response management laws and regulations, construct sudden public incident forecast and information systems and emergency response management guarantee systems integrating specialization with socialization, shape emergency response management work structures with government in the lead, departmental coordination, integrating the army and localities, and joint participation from the entire society.

II, Strengthen emergency response management plan and system construction

(3) Formulating and implementing sudden public incident emergency response system construction plans. On the basis of the “11th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development” (hereafter simply named Five-Year Plan”), formulate, organize and implement the “National Sudden Public Incident Emergency Response System Construction Plan for the ’11th Five-Year’ Period” as soon as possible, optimize and integrate all sorts of resources, uniformly plan for programmes and infrastructure for sudden public incident prevention and advance warning, emergency response handling, recovery and rebuilding, and other areas, scientifically guide all emergency response system construction matters. All localities and all departments must, under the leadership of the National Sudden Public Incident Emergency Response System Construction Plan for the ’11th Five-Year’ Period”, work out sudden public incident emergency response system construction plans for their localities and their sectors, and bring them into economic and social development plans. Formulation of town and country construction and other relevant special planning must link up with emergency response system construction, focus construction plans must be reasonably deployed, comprehensively plan construction of infrastructure necessary to deal with sudden public incidents.

(4) Completing emergency response management laws and regulations. It is necessary to strengthen emergency response management legal system construction, progressively shape and standardize a legal structure for sudden public incident prevention and handling work. Grasp the completion of the legislative preparatory work and implementation work after promulgation of counter-laws for sudden public incidents, research and formulate complementary laws, regulations and policy measures. All State Council ministries and commissions must, on the basis of the requirements of preventing and handling natural disasters, accidents, calamities, public health incidents, social security incidents an all other kinds of sudden public incidents, grasp the completion of drafting work of relevant legal or regulatory drafts and revision drafts, as well as the revision work of relevant rules and standards. All localities must, on the basis of relevant laws and administrative regulations, integrate reality in formulating and perfecting localized emergency response management regulations and rules.

(5) Strengthen emergency response preparation structure construction and management. All localities and all departments must, on the basis of the National Plan, grasp the organization and revision of all sorts of preparatory plans in their regions, sectors and areas, and strengthen leadership, supervision and inspection of advance planning organization work. All grass-roots work units must, on the basis of their real situation, formulate and perfect preparatory plans for themselves, and clarify all kinds of prevention measures and handling procedures for sudden public incidents. Build a preparatory plan structure covering all localities, all sectors and all work units as soon as possible, and do all levels’ and all categories’ corresponding linkage work well. It is necessary to strengthen management over planning management, and to incessantly strengthen the focus and effectiveness of plans. Ruthlessly grasp plan implementation work, regularly launch plan exercises, especially where plans involve many regions and departments, It is necessary to stimulate all work units to cooperate, coordinate and implement their duties through methods such as launching joint exercises, etc.

(6) Strengthening emergency response management system and mechanism construction. The State Council is the highest leading administration organ for emergency response management work nationwide, all relevant State Council ministries and commissions are responsible for emergency response management work of corresponding categories of sudden public incidents on the basis of relevant laws and administrative regulations, and the responsibilities of each. All levels’ of local People’s governments are the administrative leading organs for emergency response management work in their administrative regions, and must, on the basis of the requirements of the National Plan and the needs of dealing with all sorts of sudden public incidents, and integrating reality, clarify the commanding organs, working bodies and their responsibilities in relation to emergency response management. All special emergency response command organs must further strengthen their duties, and fully give rein to their function in areas related to responding to sudden public incidents. Strengthen coordination and communication between all localities, all departments as well as all levels and kinds of emergency response management organs, vigorously move resource integration and information sharing forward. Accelerate the construction of advance warning, information reporting, emergency response handling, reconstruction, investigation, appraisal and other mechanisms concerning sudden public incidents. Research the establishment of insurance mechanisms, social donations and other methods to participate in, and support emergency response management work, fully give rein to their function in areas such as sudden public incident prevention, handling, etc.

III, Doing all sorts of sudden public incident guard work well

(7) Launching investigation, inspection and control over all sort of sudden public incident risks and hidden dangers. All localities and all relevant department must organize forces to earnestly  launch risk and hidden danger investigation work, completely grasp all sorts of risks and hidden dangers within their administrative areas, sectors and spheres, establish hierarchical and categorized management systems, implement comprehensive look-out and handling measures, implement dynamic management and supervision, strengthen coordination and cooperation between regions and departments. It is necessary to organize forces to deal with risks and hidden dangers that may trigger sudden public incidents within a limited time, and especially where high-risk enterprises within cities and densely populated areas are concerned,  where these do not conform to the requirement of safety arrangements and safety distances are not met, measures such as cessation of production, cessation of business, relocation, etc. must be adopted according to the law, and the hidden dangers eliminated as soon as possible. It is necessary to strengthen investigation and mediation of factors influencing social stability, and earnestly do advance warning reporting and rapid handling work well. Communities, villages, enterprises, schools and other grass-roots work units must regularly launch inspection of risks and hidden dangers, and timely resolve existing problems.

(8) Stimulating all sectors and all spheres to implement security protection measures. All local People’s Governments and relevant departments must further strengthen supervision and inspection over safety management in all work units, and all places in their administrative areas, strictly guard against all sorts of safety accidents; It is necessary to strengthen supervision, management and control team construction, provide the necessary personnel, and complete supervision and management methods. All relevant departments must  strengthen supervision and inspection over safety in systems, sectors and spheres, according to relevant laws and regulations, and the division of responsibilities, strictly implement all security licensing systems, regularly launch supervision and inspection, expand punishment strength according to the law; It is necessary to raise supervision and management efficiency, further clarify supervision and management responsibilities over sectors and spheres where many accidents occur, and implement joint law enforcement. Higher-level controlling departments and relevant supervision organs must make supervision of the risk and hidden danger  rectification situation into an important content to measure whether or not supervision organs have satisfactorily implemented their duties, expand supervision, inspection and appraisal strength. All enterprise and undertaking work units must realistically implement their primary safety management responsibilities, establish and complete safety management regulatory systems, expand safety input, and completely implement safety protection measures.

(9) Strengthening sudden public incident information reporting and early warning work. After especially major or major sudden public incidents occur, the provincial-level People’s Government of the location where the incident occurred and the relevant State Council department must timely and correctly report matters to the State Council according to regulations, and communicate with the relevant localities, departments and emergency response management organs. It is necessary to further establish and complete information reporting work systems, clarify information reporting responsibility bodies, and the responsibility for late reporting, incomplete reporting or even false reporting or mendacious reporting must be prosecuted according to the law. At the same time as strengthening information reporting work in all levels’ People’s Governments and relevant departments, incessantly expand information reporting channels through establishing social public reporting or informing reward systems, establishing grass-roots information personnel and other methods. Establish all sorts of sudden public incident early warning systems organized and coordinated by all level’s People’s Governments, and division of work and responsibilities of relevant departments, establish early warning information reporting and dissemination systems, fully utilize radio, television, the Internet, mobile short messages, telephone, propaganda vehicles and all other sorts of media and methods, to timely disseminate early warning information.

(10) Vigorously launching emergency response management training. All localities and all relevant departments must formulate emergency response management training plans and training schemes, clarify training content, standards and methods, fully utilize many kinds of methods and means, do emergency response management training work well, and strengthen training qualification management. Vigorously launch training for all levels’ leading cadres in localities and departments on emergency response guidance hand handling capacity, and bring it into training content for all levels’ Party schools and administrative academies. Strengthen training for all work units’ employees on training knowledge and operation processes, departments that are responsible for security supervision and management must strengthen training and assessment, work units not launching safety training according to requirements must be ordered to rectify within a limited time, management personnel and workers not meeting assessment requirements are not allowed to take up position without exception. All levels’ emergency response management organs must strengthen organization and guidance over emergency response management training work.

IV, Strengthen construction of capacity to deal with sudden public incidents

(11) Moving the construction of state emergency response platforms and systems forward. It is necessary to comprehensively plan and construct a State emergency response platform having functions such as monitoring and supervision, forecast and early warning, information reporting, assistance to policymaking, dispatching and command, and general assessment. Accelerate the construction of the State emergency response platform, perfect the function of corresponding specialist emergency response platforms, move the construction of comprehensive emergency response platforms of local People’s Governments forward, shape uniform and high-efficiency emergency response platforms and systems linking up all localities and all specialist emergency response command organs. Ext platform construction must integrate reality, rely on government systems to handle professional resource networks, standardize technological standards and fully integrate and use existing specialized system resources, realize interaction, communication and information sharing, avoid duplicate construction. Vigorously move urgent information reporting receipt platform integration forward, establish uniform work mechanisms to receive reports, and handle them in a hierarchical and categorized manner.

(12) Raise grass-roots emergency response management capacity. It is necessary to completely strengthen emergency response management work with communities, villages, schools, enterprises and other grass-roots work unit as focus points. Fully give rein to the function of grass-roots organization in emergency response management, further clarify the duties of administrative responsible persons, legal representatives, community or village-level organizations’ responsible persons in emergency response management, determine full (part) time work personnel or organs, strengthen grass-roots emergency response input, integrate reality to formulate all sorts of emergency response planning, strengthen capacities concerning primary prevention and handling of all sorts of sudden public incidents. Communities must target sudden public incidents that may occur in the life of the masses, formulate emergency response plans with a strong operational nature, regularly launch emergency response knowledge propaganda, achieving that this becomes a household word; villages must integrate the construction of a new Socialist countryside, and suiting measures to local conditions, must strengthen emergency response infrastructure construction, strive to raise masses’ self-help and mutual help capacity, and fully give rein to the radiating function of cities and towns’ emergency response and rescue forces; schools must, at the same time as strengthening campus safety work, vigorously launch education and dissemination of public security knowledge and emergency response prevention knowledge, strengthen the safety consciousness of teachers, students and the public; enterprises, and especially high-risk sector enterprises must realistically implement the legal representative responsibility system and safe production subject responsibilities, achieving that there are plans, there are rescue teams, there are  joint operating mechanisms and there are aftermath arrangements. All local level People’s Governments and relevant departments must strengthen guidance over and inspection of grass-roots emergency response management work, timely coordinate and resolve issues in areas such as human resources, materiel, finance, etc., and stimulate the complete rise of grass-roots emergency response management capacity.

(13) Strengthen emergency response and rescue team construction. Implement the focus projects of the Five-Year Plan concerning safe production, emergency response and rescue, national disaster emergency response and rescue system construction. Establish and fully give rein to the backbone function of public security, fire services, special police as well as the Armed Police, the Liberation Army and the reserve militia, all specialist emergency response and rescue teams all have their responsibility, and must mutually supplement each other, enterprise specialist rescue teams and social volunteers jointly participate in emergency response and rescue systems. Strengthen the construction of all sorts of quick-response emergency response and rescue teams, improve technological equipment, strengthen training and exercise, raise emergency response and rescue capacity. Establish emergency response and rescue expert teams, fully give rein to the specialities and technological superiority of experts. Progressively establish socialized emergency response and rescue mechanisms, large and mid-size enterprises and especially enterprises in high-risk sectors must establish specialized or part-time emergency response and rescue teams, and vigorously participate in social emergency response and rescue; research and formulate methods to mobilize and encourage volunteers to participate in emergency response and rescue, strengthen  recruitment, organization and training of volunteer teams.

(14) Strengthening management of all sorts of emergency response resources. Establish State, local and grass-roots work unit emergency response resource reserve systems, on the basis of all sorts of existing emergency response resource surveys and effective integration, comprehensively plan materials such as goods, equipment, communications tools, daily use articles, etc., needed in emergency response handling and emergency refuge venues, as well as transportation capacity, communications capacity, production capacity and relevant technological and information storage. Strengthen dynamic management over storage of materials, guarantee their timely replenishment and renewal. It is necessary to establish  national and local important material supervision networks and emergency response material production, storage, allocation and emergency response distribution structures , guaranteeing the needs of emergency response disposition, recovery and rebuilding work. Rationally plan and construct important State emergency response material warehouses, according to the principle of hierarchical responsibility, strengthen local emergency response warehouse construction. Fully give rein to the function of all areas of society in the production and storage of emergency response material, realize the organic integration of social storage and specialist storage. Strengthen basic emergency response management database construction, collection of and management over relevant technological data, historical data, etc., realize resource sharing, provide reliable basic data to appropriately respond to all sorts of sudden public incidents.

(15) Wholeheartedly doing emergency response disposition and aftermath work well. After sudden public incidents occur, the work unit where it happened and the work units directly affected by its influence must immediately adopt effective measures according to plan, speedily launch early management work and timely report it according to regulations. All local levels’ People’s Governments and relevant State Council departments must, according to advance plans, timely adopt corresponding emergency response measures. According to the principle of putting localized management first, the People’s Government of the locality of the incident is responsible to uniformly organize and lead emergency response handling work, and must vigorously muster relevant rescue teams and forces to launch rescue work, adopt necessary measures, prevent occurrence, re-occurrence and derivative occurrence of disasters and incidents, and take care of the basic life guarantees of the affected masses and appraisal work of the scene of the incident. After emergency response handling is concluded, it is necessary to timely organize the affected region to resume regular production, life and social order. Post-disaster recovery and rebuilding must be integrated with disaster prevention and reduction, persist in uniform leadership, scientific planning and accelerating implementation. Complete social donation, mutual assistance and other social mobilization mechanisms, mobilize social forces to participate in major disaster emergency response and rescue, and post-disaster recovery and rebuilding. All levels’ People’s Governments and relevant departments must timely launch accident investigation and prosecution work according to relevant laws and regulations, ascertain causes, and punish responsible persons according to the law and according to discipline, summarize lessons from accidents, formulate rectification measures and supervise their implementation.

(16) Strengthen appraisal and statistical analysis work. Establish and complete sudden public incident appraisal systems, research and formulate objective and scientific appraisal plans. All levels’ People’s Governments and relevant departments must, at the same time as investigating dealing with all sorts of sudden public incidents, conduct appraisal of the incident processing and corresponding prevention work, and conduct a complete appraisal of the annual emergency response management work situation. All localities and all relevant departments must strengthen emergency response management statistics analysis work, perfect categorized and hierarchical standards, clarify responsibilities of departments and personnel, timely, completely and correctly count the number of occurrences of all sorts of sudden public incidents, casualty numbers, economic damaged caused and other relevant matters, and bring this into economic and social development statistical indicator structures. A monthly, quarterly and annual report system is implemented for sudden public incident statistical information. It is necessary to research the establishment of post-sudden public incident statistical system rapid response mechanisms, timely survey and grasp the influence of sudden public incidents on national economic development and the life of urban and rural residents, and forecast development trends.

V, Formulating and perfecting complete policy measures to strengthen emergency response management

(17) Expand financial input strength into emergency response management. According to the provisions of the “National General Emergency Response Plan”, all levels’ financial departments must, according to the existing principle of dividing duties and responsibilities, and financial powers, bear hierarchical responsibility for government-borne expenses for public security work as well as prevention and handling of sudden public incidents, bring this into the financial budget calculations for that level, and complete emergency response appropriation systems. Give focus support to major construction programmes within the planned distribution. Support local emergency response management work, establish and perfect financial earmark transfer payment systems. Establish and complete emergency response guarantee funding input mechanisms uniting national, local, enterprise and society, suitable to the requirements to safeguard funding for construction and renewal of emergency response teams, equipment, communication, transportation, spare material and other aspects. Establish long-term input mechanisms for enterprise safe production mechanisms, strengthen high-risk sector safety guarantees and emergency response and relief capacity. Research the establishment of lawful requisitioning and compensation mechanisms for resources of society concerning meeting sudden public incidents.

(18) Forcefully developing public security technology and products. During moving industrial restructuring forward, it is necessary to list public security craft, technology and products with a relatively high technology content into the encouraged category of development programmes in the “National Industrial Structural Adjustment Guidance Catalogue”, and vigorously grant policy support. The government is to provide direct investment or investment subsidies, credit discount and other support to major public security or emergency response programmes and technological development or industrialization demonstration programmes. Adopt government procurement and other methods to promote the research, development and production of State public security and emergency response equipment sets and prevention appliances. Strengthen quality supervision and management of public security products, implement strict market access systems, guarantee product quality, safety and reliability.

(19) Establishing public security science and technology support systems. According to the requirements of the “State Middle and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan”, give high regard to using scientific and technological means to raise the capacity to deal with sudden public incidents, through State science and technology plans and scientific funding, etc., give support to sudden public incident response and management basic theoretical, applied and key technological research, and strengthen public security and emergency response management course and specialization construction in universities, colleges and research institutes, forcefully foster public security science and technology talents. Persist in integrating indigenous innovation and importing, digesting and absorbing, shaping public security science and technology innovation mechanisms and emergency response management technology support systems. Support a batch of focus enterprises in the public security sphere that have indigenous intellectual property rights and core technologies, realize a complete set of core technologies and breakthroughs in major equipment, strengthen security technology guarantee capacity.

VI, Strengthening leadership, coordination and cooperation, striving to shape joint forces with participation from the entire people

(20) Further strengthening leadership over emergency response management work. All local levels’ Peoples Governments must, under the leadership of the Party, establish and perfect sudden public incident emergency response processing work responsibility systems, and bring the implementation situation into the content of the cadre career achievement assessment, especially, the implementation of leading cadre responsibility in the two levels of city (district) and county (region) must be grasped. All localities and all departments must strengthen communication and coordination, smoothen relationships, clarify duties and responsibilities, and link up and coordinate the horizontal and the vertical. Establish and complete inter-departmental joint conference systems to deal with sudden public incidents, strengthen coordination and cooperation between departments, regularly research and resolve relevant problems. All levels’ leading cadres must incessantly strengthen their capacity to deal with sudden public incidents, deepen the lines and strengthen organizational leadership. It is necessary to establish and implement responsibility investigation systems, and where neglect of duty, dereliction of duty, misconduct or malpractice occur, responsibility must be investigated according to laws and regulations.

(21) Building emergency response management work structures with joint participation from the whole society. To completely strengthen emergency response management work, it is necessary to closely rely on the masses, integrate the military regions, and mobilize the forces from all sides of society to vigorously participate. It is necessary to realistically give rein to the functions of labour unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation and other people’s organizations in mobilizing the masses, propaganda and education, social supervision and other aspects, give high regard to fostering and developing social emergency response management intermediary organizations. Encourage citizens, legal persons and other social organizations to provide financial and material donations and technological support to meet with sudden public incidents. Vigorously launch grass-roots public security foundation activities, establish a batch of advanced emergency response management work models, award and commend work units and individuals having made great achievements, shape a picture with common participation from society, to make concerted efforts in performing emergency response management work.

(22) Vigorously propagating and disseminating public security and emergency response prevention knowledge. Strengthen emergency response management science popularization, propaganda and education work, raise the knowledge of the social masses to safeguard public security and its capacity to meet with sudden public incidents. Deeply propagate all sorts of emergency response preparation plants, completely disseminate prevention, risk avoidance, self-help, mutual-help, disaster relief and other knowledge and skills, progressively roll out emergency response recognition systems. As soon as possible bring public security and emergency response and prevention knowledge into school education content, compile education guidance outlines on public security education in secondary and primary schools and public security education textbooks adapted to the needs of all levels and all sort of education in the full-time system, arrange for corresponding courses or classes. It is necessary to progressively increase public security content in entry examinations and qualification assessment exams. Fully utilize all sorts of modern dissemination methods to expand emergency response management science popularization, propaganda and education work coverage. News media shall, without compensation, launch public interest propaganda on sudden public incident prevention and handling, self-help and mutual help knowledge, and support all walks of society to give rein to an emergency response management dissemination and propaganda function.

(23) Doing information distribution and public opinion guidance work well. It is necessary to give high regard to information distribution, public opinion guidance and public emotion analysis work, strengthen verification, inspection and management of corresponding information, create good public opinion environments in order to vigorously and appropriately deal with sudden public incidents. Persist in the principles of timeliness, correctness and active guidance, and the principle of giving first place to positive propaganda, perfect government information distribution systems and news spokesperson systems, establish and complete major sudden public incident news report rapid response systems, public opinion collection and analysis mechanisms, and grasp the correct public opinion orientation. Strengthen organizational coordination and specialized management over information distribution and news reporting work, carefully arrange and meticulously organize information dissemination structures, fully give rein to the public opinion guidance function of Central and provincial-level main news media. News work units must strictly abide by relevant State laws and regulations and news and propaganda discipline, incessantly raise news reporting levels, and consciously safeguard the larger picture of reform, development and stability.

(24) Launching international exchange and cooperation. Strengthen cooperation and communication between relevant national, local and international organizations in the emergency response area, participate in relevant international organizations and vigorously give rein to their functions, jointly meet with all sorts of transnational and global sudden public incidents. Forcefully propagate policy measures and successful measures of our country in meeting sudden public incidents and strengthening emergency response management, vigorously participate in international emergency response and rescue activities, display our good image to international society. Closely follow and research international emergency response management development trends and tendencies, participate in major international programme research and cooperation in the area of public security, study and learn from the beneficial experience of relevant countries in disaster prevention, urgent handling and emergency response system construction, etc., stimulate the rise of our country’s emergency response management work levels

State Council

15 June 2006



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