Ministry of Construction Notice Concerning Conducting “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign” Deployment Work

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CSC No. (2006)51

All provincial and autonomous region construction offices, municipal construction committees, municipal administration management committees, municipal appearance committees:

According to the requirements of the “Notice Concerning Launching a Concentrated Campaign Attacking Pirated Audiovisual Products and Computer Software” of the national “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work small group office and ten other entities (SHDFO Joint no. (2006)26), as well as the spirit of the “2006 Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign Teleconference”, in order to standardize publications market order, expand intellectual property rights protection strength, from 15 July 2006 until 25 October, a concentrated campaign of a period of one hundred days to attack pirated audiovisual and computer software products (hereafter simply named “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign”) is launched nationwide. According to the uniform arrangements of the national “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work small group office, all localities’ law enforcement entities such as administrative construction management entities, all cities’ city construction supervision, city management supervision, comprehensive administrative city law enforcement, etc. (hereafter named city management law enforcement entities) launch the “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign” are hereby notified as follows:

I, All localities’ administrative construction management entities must from the height of safeguarding national economic and cultural security, implementing the scientific development view and constructing a harmonious society, further strengthen political consciousness, a sense of responsibility and consciousness of the larger picture, realistically strengthen city management work, vigorously and earnestly implement “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign” special administration tasks.

II, All localities’ administrative construction management entities, all cities’ city management law enforcement entities shall vigorously coordinate with corresponding entities, according to the division of tasks, implement their responsibilities, earnestly perform all phases’ concentrated administration work, guaranteeing that the “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign” achieves substantial results.

III, All localities’ administrative construction management entities shall vigorously assist administrative culture and copyright entities to post the “Announcement Concerning Launching the Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign” in all audiovisual product business venues and computer software business venues in their regions, strengthen corresponding policy and regulation propaganda. All city management law entities must adopt many methods to vigorously launch propaganda activities, and establish complaint letterboxes and reporting telephones, and announce them to society.

IV, All localities’ construction management entities must according to the uniform deployment of the local “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work leading small group, establish work coordination and information communication mechanisms with all relevant entities, scientifically plan, examine and approve the setup of newspaper kiosks, and strengthen guidance of city management law enforcement teams’ clean-up and rectification work.

V, All city management law enforcement entities must strengthen patrols and integrate the situation of the masses’ complaints and reports, timely clean up and ban peddlers and stalls unlawfully selling pirated products; according to the local “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work arrangement, conduct comprehensive administration, coordinate with related entities in establishing in-front-of-the-door management responsibility systems; must integrate launching the concentrated administration campaigns with strengthening daily law enforcement work.

VI, All administrative construction management entities and city management law enforcement entities must, at the time of closing the “Anti-Piracy Hundred Days Campaign”, earnestly make good summaries, and integrating reality, establish long-term management mechanisms, consolidate the achievements of the concentrated campaign, and raise city management capacity.

All provincial and autonomous region construction offices and all municipal construction committees, city administration and management committees and city appearance committees are requested to, before 20 October 2006, report the concentrated administration work summary of their region in written form to the Ministry of Construction City Construction Supervision Office.

Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China

19 July 2006




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