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On 30 August 2006, the Beijing network media gathered in Zunyi, Guizhou, and convened the “Long March Spirit and Network Dissemination” Forum, the meeting passed the “Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration”, which stresses that the spirit of the Long March encourages them, and resolve to let the magnificent Long March spirit shine forever. On 10 September, the CCP Guizhou Provincial Committee, the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, and the Guizhou Provincial Military Region organized, and the CCP Guizhou Provincial Committee Propaganda Department, the CCP Guizhou Provincial Committee Party History Research Office, the Guizhou Province Military Region Political Department, the CCP Zunyi City Committee and the Zunyi City People’s Government co-organized the “Eternal Brilliance of the Zunyi Conference – Exhibition to Remember the 70th Anniversary of the Victorious Long March” which opened its doors in Beijing. The Beijing network media published the complete text of the “Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration”, in order to express congratulations and show determination.

Beijing Network Media Zunyi Declaration

30 August 2006

The 25000 li Long March of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army from 1934 to 1936 is a revolutionary and magnificent feat that is incomparable in the history of China and even the world, is a human miracle created by the Chinese Communist Party and the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army it led, and is a heroic epic of the Chinese nation that shook heaven and earth.

The Zunyi Conference that was organized during the Long March, concluded the domination of “Leftist” adventurism in the Party Centre and established the military command of comrade Mao Zedong and his leading position in the Red Army, shaped the beginnings of the consensus to unify the basic theories of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete reality of the Chinese revolution, is an important symbol of our Party’s march towards maturity in theory and politics, and is a magnificent turning point of the Chinese Communist Party and the undertaking of the Chinese revolution from setbacks to victory.

The magnificent Long March fostered the magnificent Long March spirit. The Long March spirit is the highest reflection of the national spirit of the Chinese nation to keep fighting in spite of all setbacks and continuous self-strengthening, is a strong spiritual force guaranteeing that our revolution and construction undertakings march from victory to victory, and is the most precious spiritual treasure of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people.

From the Seventies of the 20th Century, in order to build China into a modernized Socialist strong country, the Chinese people have begun a new Long March, again under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. In 28 years of reform and opening up, the people of all ethnicities in the entire country have held high the magnificent banner of Deng Xiaoping theory, practiced the important “Three Represents” thought and completely implemented the scientific development view, are completely united, do all to make the country strong, and have calmly met the tests of the constant change of international events and all sorts of difficulties and obstacles, Socialist economic construction, political construction and social construction have seen glorious achievements, the undertaking of Socialism with Chinese characteristics has seen new progress.

On this occasion of remembering 70th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army in the Long March, the Beijing Network Media have gathered in Zunyi, to cherish the memory of the glorious achievements of the Red Army, draw historical experience from the Long March, take up the torch of the older generations, carry forward the magnificent Long March spirit, and have embarked up a new journey to completely construct a relatively well-off society.

To realize this magnificent objective, tasks are heavy and the road far. To this end, we hereby declare the following:

I, Persisting in the correct public opinion guidance, serving the larger picture of State work

The development of the Beijing network media cannot be separated from the support of the Party and the Government. During the course of the new Long March, Beijing network media must persist in the leadership of the Party, persist in the correct political orientation and public opinion orientation, persist in the policy of giving first place to positive propaganda, persist in the principle of the truthfulness of news, and strive to raise the credibility and authoritativeness of network media. We must submit to and serve the larger picture of Party and State work throughout, persist in attaching the most important to the interests of the country and the nation throughout, propagate scientific theory, disseminate advanced culture, mould noble spirits, carry forward the correct social wind, inherit and carry forward the Long March spirit, incessantly consolidate the ideological foundation of the common and joint struggle of the people in the entire country, and enable them to become a strong force in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

II, Persisting in the purpose of running the web in a civilized manner, serving the interests of the social public

Firmly establishing the Socialist view of honour and disgrace with the “Eight Honours and Eight Disgraces” as the main content and letting the wind of network civilization rise up are important guarantees for the Beijing network media to serve the interests of the social public, and are and important cornerstone to seize victory in the new Long March. We must scrupulously abide by the commitment to run the web in a civilized manner, earnestly abide by State laws and regulations, vigorously initiate sector self-discipline, sincerely accept social supervision, and earnestly safeguard the public interest. Realistically achieve that harmful information and content is persistently not disseminated, that commercial activities violating laws and regulations are persistently curbed, and that information beneficial to society is forcefully carried forward, strive to create a healthy, civilized, vigorous and upward network culture environment.

III, Persist in disseminating advanced culture, serving the construction of a spiritual civilization

In the process of developing Socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization construction and the construction of a harmonious society, the Beijing network media bear an important historical responsibility. We must make the Long March spirit into an important driver to strengthen the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization, and make it into an important content to conduct ideal concept, ideological and moral education for the whole body of the people and especially the youth, vigorously help the broad netizens and especially the youth to establish a correct worldview, view of life and value system, let the Jinggang Mountain spirit, the Long March spirit the Yan’an spirit and other excellent revolutionary traditions be carried forward, and hand down the torch. We must incessantly raise the quality and level of network services, incessantly satisfy the spiritual cultural needs of millions of netizens, strive to make Internet sites into an important battlefield for the dissemination of advanced culture and a harmonious homeland for the virtual community.

IV, Persisting in the idea of contributing to society, serving the progress of social harmony

Beijing network media must closely link up their own development with the fate of the country and the nation, make contributing to society and stimulating the harmonious progress of the whole society into a business concept. The old revolutionary areas that once made enormous contributions and sacrifices for the Chinese revolution are still in a backward situation, the Beijing network media have the duty and have the responsibility to provide assistance for the development and informatization construction of the old revolutionary areas, and create conditions for even more people from the old regions to be able to enjoy the network, and enjoy the conveniences brought by information technology. Therefore, we call with a loud voice, the network media from developed regions must vigorously propagate the economic construction and undertaking development of old revolutionary areas, and vigorously participate in the Internet construction in the old revolutionary reasons and improving the conditions for the people to go online, enthusiastically support the public interest undertakings in old revolutionary regions, and contribute their forces to the flourishing and development of old revolutionary regions.

V, Persisting in expanding dissemination channels, serving China’s peaceful development

The present times are open times, links between all countries in the world are becoming ever close, the international public opinion environment’s strategic position in national development is becoming ever more prominent. During the new Long March, we must both carry forward the Long March spirit of working diligently in spite of difficulties and maintaining independence and initiative, and must learn to develop international public opinion that is beneficial to us under conditions of opening up to the outside world. Beijing network media must give rein to their superiority in crossing national boundaries and crossing cultural traditions, raise their skill in launching foreign-oriented propaganda, expand foreign-oriented dissemination channels, propagate our country’s policies and standpoints of holding high the banner of peace, development and cooperation, and persisting in marching the peaceful development path; propagate the desirable opportunities and huge markets that our country’s peaceful development brings to the development of all nations in the world, and vigorously contribute to stimulating world peace and stability; propagate the splendid and varied ideology and culture of the Chinese nation, and the spiritual bearing of the Chinese people in being industrious, wise, brave, and kind, strive to create a good international public opinion environment for our country’s reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization construction.

VI, Persist in expansion and innovation, serving China’s modernization

Having gone through more than a decade of development, the Beijing network media have obtained achievements that attract people’s attention, information technology with the Internet as representative have become important drivers of China’s economic and social development, and have become China’s most innovative and superior productive forces. But it must also be considered that, in comparison with Western developed countries, Beijing network media, regardless of whether in scale or power, still lag behind by relatively far, and their competitiveness globally is still insufficiently strong. The 16th Party Congress has determined the development strategy of “driving industrialization with informatization”. Realizing the healthy development of the Internet, constructing an innovative country, promoting modernization construction, requires that Beijing network media continue to take reform and innovation as driver, research and develop new technology, launch new business, create new models, and overtake advanced global level with a global outlook, a foresighted strategy, a pragmatic approach and the boldness and audacity of “hundred years old stores”.

The Long March is a declaration, the Long March is a propaganda team, the Long March is a seeder. The Beijing network media, encouraging themselves with the Long March spirit, are determined to let the magnificent Long March spirit shine forever.

Declaration by: Qianlong Net, Sina Net, Sohu Net, Netease, TOM, ChinaNet, Baidu, Beijing Youth Net, China Search, Yahoo China, Xici Hutong, Xilu Net, Hexun Net, Daqi Net, Qihoo, BlogNet, SouFang Net, Qianxiang Interactive, Phoenix Net, Sky Net


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