Month: September 2006

Outline of the National “11th Five Year Plan” Period Cultural Development Plan

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Table of Contents


I, Guiding ideology, policy principles and development objectives

(1) Guiding ideology

(2) Policy principles

(3) Development objectives

II, Theoretical and ideological morality construction

(4) Strengthening Marxist theory research and theoretical innovation

(5) Flourishing and development of philosophy and social sciences

(6) Strengthening Socialist ideology moral construction

(7) Moving spiritual civilization construction activities forward

III, Public cultural services

(8) Perfecting public cultural services networks

(9) Strengthening rural culture construction

(10) Disseminating cultural knowledge

(11) Establishing and perfecting cultural support mechanisms

(12) Encouraging social forces to contribute and initiate public benefit-type cultural undertakings

IV, News undertakings

(13) Moving news media construction forward

(14) Expanding support strength for focal news media

(15) Organizing news web sites

(16) Developing burgeoning dissemination carriers

V, The cultural industry

(17) Developing focal cultural industries

(18) Optimizing cultural industries development and structure

(19) Transforming cultural industries’ growth method

(20) Fostering cultural market subjects

(21) Completing all sorts of cultural markets

(22) Developing modern cultural product circulation organization and circulation methods.

VI, Cultural innovation

(23) Flourishing development of literature and art

(24) Fostering cultural innovation communities and content providers

(25) Promoting cultural enterprises to be cultural innovation subjects

(26) Accelerating science and technology innovation

(27) Strengthening intellectual property rights protection

VII, National culture protection

(28) Compiling and publishing cultural canons

(29) Giving free rein to the vigorous function of major festivals and customs

(30) Attaching importance to China’s excellent traditional culture education and traditional scripture and artistry heritage

(31) Standardizing and protecting national and ethnic spoken and written languages

(32) Strengthening protection for important cultural heritage

(33) Rushing to save threatened cultural heritage

VIII, Foreign-related cultural exchange

(34) Expanding foreign-related cultural exchange and dissemination channels

(35) Fostering foreign-oriented backbone cultural enterprises

(36) Implementing the important “stepping out” project

IX, Talented troops

(37) Strengthening ideological and political calibre and skills construction

(38) Grasping high-level personnel training

(39) Organizing training work

(40) Strengthening higher education personnel training and study discipline construction

(41) Completing personnel promotion selection mechanisms

(42) Establishing systems for conferring honorary titles in the sphere of national culture and art

X, Guaranteeing steps and important policies

(43) Strengthening organizational guidance

(44) Completing macroeconomic regulation

(45) Deepening cultural structural reform

(46) Perfecting economic policies for cultural development

(47) Strengthening cultural legislation

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