Month: December 2006

Some Opinions Concerning Network Music Development and Management

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Ministry of Culture

In order to implement the “Outline of the National ’11th Five Year Plan’ Period Cultural Development Plan” issued by the Central Committee Secretariat and the State Council Secretariat, raise our country’s network music original creation levels, strengthen network music management, standardize network music import, and stimulate the healthy development of the network music industry, on the basis of the “State Council Decision on Administrative Examination and Approval Items that Need to be Preserved and Establishing Administrative Permits” (State Council Decree No. 412, hereafter simply named “Decision”) and the Ministry of Culture “Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations” (Ministry of Culture Decree No. 27, revised according to Ministry of Culture Decree No. 32, hereafter simply named “Regulations”, the following opinions are put forward: Read the rest of this entry »